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Publication numberUS2159681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1939
Filing dateSep 27, 1937
Priority dateMar 9, 1937
Publication numberUS 2159681 A, US 2159681A, US-A-2159681, US2159681 A, US2159681A
InventorsOtho Wisman Lauren
Original AssigneeBullard Co
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US 2159681 A
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' 1.. o. WISMAN HAT May 23, 1939.

Original Filed March 9. 1957 INVENTOR LHUPEN 07w W/fiMH/V BY M J 52.1%

HIS ATTORNEY Patented May 23, 1939 PATENT OFFICE" HAT Lauren Otho Wisman, Walnut Creek, CaliL, assignor to E. D. Bullard Company, San Francisco, Califl, a. corporation of California 9 Original application March 9, 1937, Serial No. a 129,853. Divided and this application September 27, 1937, Serial No. 165,841

3 Claims.

tion of my invention. It is to be understood that I do not limit myself to this disclosure of species of my invention, as I may adopt variant embodimerits thereof within the scope of the claims.

Referring to the drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a hat embodying the improvements of my invention; and

Figure 2 is a bottom View of the same.

Figure 3 is a sectional view showing details of the sweat band and head strap mounting.

In terms of broad inclusion, the safety hat of my invention comprises a one-piece crown and brim of hard compacted fibrous material. The crown is of dome shape, and the integrally formed brim extends outwardly from the lower portions of the crown. A sweat band is provided in the hat, and pivoted supporting tabs are provided for fastening the band to the crown. Head straps are also arranged in the crown, and are connected to the supporting tabs.

In greater detail, and referring to the drawing, the hat of my invention comprises a dome shaped crown 2 and an integrally formed brim 3, pressed from a single blank of hard compacted sheet material. The sheet used is preferably a densely compacted fibrous material, such as vulcanized fiber; this material being of light weight while at the same time having great strength and rigidity. This type of sheet material has been used in the past for making safety hats of sectional construction, sewn or otherwise secured together. These sectional hats are weaker mechanically, and are bulkier and heavier than a one-piece hat would be. The sectional construction has been generally employed however, because of the difficulty experienced in forming the hat from one piece.

I have succeeded however in making a hat from a single blank of hard compacted sheet material, by the method disclosed in my copending application, Serial No. 129,853, filed March 9, 1937. Such a one-piece hat, as shown in Figure has a dome shaped crown 2,

bounded along its lower portions by an outwardly projecting annular brim 3 extending around the entire hat. The crown is preferably provided with ventilating openings 4. These openings are formed by cutting slits in the crown and pressing the dome portions above the crown surface to open the slits. After the hat is formed it is painted, or otherwise treated, for waterproofing.

A sweat band 6 and head straps l are provided in the hat. As shown in Figures 2 and 3 the head straps l and sweat band 6 are fastened to the upper and lower ends respectively of a plurality of supporting tabs 8. The latter are preferably of a relatively stiff material, such as celluloid, and are pivotally connected intermediate their ends to the crown by suitable rivets 9. Sweat band 6 is also preferably of a relatively stiff flexible material, adapted to shape itself to the head of the wearer. A b and of Celluloid has been employed with good results, and is preferably used.

The sweat band is detachably connected to the lower ends of supporting tabs 8 by snap fasteners l I, so that a new band may be snapped in at any time. One of the fasteners is preferably located adjacent the ends of the band, so that the rivet for the fastener also functions to secure the end portions of the band together. Another feature of these fasteners is that they provide a pivot connection between the sweat band and supporting tabs. As a result of the sweat band and tabs both being pivoted, the tabs are free to swing from side to side to fit the particular shape of the wearers head. This flexibility of the sweat band and its mounting adds materially to the comfort of the wearer.

Head straps are fastened through slots l2 provided at the upper widened ends of tabs 8, and are held by beads l3 lying back of the tabs.

These beads are conveniently formed by fold-g ing over the end portions of the straps. In assembling the straps, the tabs 8 with the sweat band removed may be turned end for end about their pivots to position slots l2 below the lower portions of the crown. The straps may then be inserted, and the tabs turned back into position. The upper ends of the straps are then connected by a tie cord l6 passing through suitable loops formed by folding back portions of the ends of the straps.

I claim:

1. A hat comprising a crown, a sweat band, a supporting tab for the band pivotally connected to the crown at a point above said band, and

a head strap fastened to the tab above the pivot connection.

2. A hat comprising a crown, a tab pivotally connected intermediate its ends to the crown, a sweat band fastened to the lower end of the tab, and a head strap fastened to the upper end of the tab. I

3. A hat comprising a crown, a tab fastened intermediate its ends to the crown so that the ends of the tab extend freely in opposite directions from the fastening, a sweat band fastened to one free end of the tab, and a head strap fas- 5 tened to the other free end of said tab.


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