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Publication numberUS2159872 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1939
Filing dateMay 27, 1938
Priority dateMay 27, 1938
Publication numberUS 2159872 A, US 2159872A, US-A-2159872, US2159872 A, US2159872A
InventorsYounghusband James L
Original AssigneeYounghusband James L
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Lipstick device
US 2159872 A
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May 23, 1939. I 1.. )YOUN'GHUSBAND 2,159,872

LIPSTICK DEVICE Filed May 27, 1938 5- 5 13 I null.

ig 24 I6 12 5 Fi Fl 4- INVENTOR. fanvcs L..Y0un husband Patented M 23, 1939 UNITED s rAT LIPSTICK DEVICE I James L. Younghusband, Chicago; Ill. Application May 2'1, 1938, Serial No. 210,385

3 Claims.

My invention relates to a case for holding lipstick and making the same available for application by a user. 1

Among the objectsof my invention is to create 5 an attractive case for holding a large supply of lipstick in a normal sized case, said case having means for elevating the lipstick at the discretion of the user so that substantially all of the lipstick may be used; the reverse use of said means operating to return the lipstick within the case for storage until its next use; to supply a simplified construction for the extension and retraction of the lipstick with relation to the case by convenient manual operation of the user and such other objects, advantages and capabilities as will later more fully appear and which are inherently possessed by my invention.

Referring to the drawing, Fig. l is a side elevation of one embodiment of my lipstick device; Figs. 2, 3 and 4 are perspective views of different forms of my body member; Fig. 5 is a side view, partly broken away showing the interior of my lipstick device; Fig: 6 is a plan view of the form of the lipstick device shown in Fig. l with the cap removed;Fig. '7 is a detailed view of my lipstick cup and collar member and Fig. 8 is a detailed view of my spiral spindle.

We 1 have shown in the accompanying. drawing preferred embodiments of my invention, yet I wish it understood that the same are susceptible of modification and change without departing from the spirit of my invention.

The embodiment selected to illustrate my invention comprises a hollow body member Ill having side walls ii, a closed bottom l2 and an open top l3. Preferably adjacent one of the corners between the side walls H is positioned a spindle it with its bottom end It: rotatably supported preferably within a depression IS in the bottom it of the body member ill. The upper end if of the spindle M is rotatably held within a bearing member 13 attached to the side walls ii adjacent their top portions. Said spindle it has a continuous spiral groove l9 from adjacent its bottom 15 to a jacent its top H.

A cup 26 of a size sufilcient-to move within the hollow interior of the body member Ill has a lateral extension 2! having an opening 22 so as to form a collar around the spindle It; The inner portion of the collar?! has a spiral groove 33 adapted for engagement with the spiral groove it ofthe spindle M. I

Adjacent the bottom of said body member i0 is a cut out portion 23 extending transverse to the spindle Hi to permit a wheel 28 having a substantially central hole 25 to fit around a flat .portion 26 adjacent the bottom of said spindle. The flat portion 26 is so constructed that the wheel when moved will turn the spindle.

In use, asthe wheel is turned in one direction the spindle I4 is turned in onedirection causing the cup 20 to move upwardly on the spindle so that a lipstick 21 or the like held in said cup will be positioned above the top l3 of the body member ID for application by the user. As the lipstick is'used the cup is moved higher on the spindle for applications until substantially all the lipstick is used. When the wheel 24 is turned in the'opposite direction the cup 20 moves downwardly within the body member for storage during nonuse. A cap 28 may fit over the top of the body member by friction grip or other suitable means.

The bottom end H of the spindle It may terminate within the hole 25 of the wheel 24.

The spindle i4 is positioned adjacent one of the side walls H, and where the body member in has walls at an angle to other walls the spindle is preferably positioned in the corner between two of said walls. This construction prevents the spindle from direct contact with the cup 20 or the lipstick 27. I prefer to form the body member It so that an additional interior channel 29 is provided adjacent to and communicating with the main hollow interior of the body member.

In this channel 29 is positioned the spindle M.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

1. A lipstick device comprising a symmetrical body member having a hollow interior rectangular in cross section, a round lipstick cup centrally positioned in said hollow interior so as to leave vacant corners between said cup and the inner walls of said body member, a spiral spindle positioned in one of said corners, said cup and the lipstick carried thereby being unaffected in contour by said spindle, said cup having a collar substantially surrounding said spindle, said collar having a spiral groove adapted to mate with the spiral threads of said spindle, and means for manually rotating said spindle so as to move said cup with its lipstick to substantially the top of said body member and back within said body member.

2. A lipstick device comprising a symmetrical body member having side walls, a closed bottom and an open top, forming a hollow portion rectanguluar in cross section, a round cup adapted to hold a lipstick positioned within said hollow portion so as to leave vacant corners between said cup and the inner walls of said body member,

a spindle having a continuous spiral positioned in one of said corners, said cup having an extension forming a collar, said collar mounted on said spindle, said collar having a spiral groove adapted to cooperate with the spiral on said spindle, said body member having a transverse cut out portion adjacent its bottom and across said channel, a wheel positioned in said transverse cut out portion, said wheel attached to the lower end of said spindle, said lower end of the spindle so constructed that when said wheel is turned the wheel will turn said spindle, said wheel manually operable from the outer side of said body membet to rotate said spindle and move said collar upwardly on said spindle to project the lipstick above the open top of said body member for application and in reverse direction to move said collar downwardly on said spindle to retract the lipstick within the hollow portion of the body member for storage during nonuse.

3. A lipstick device comprising a symmetrical body member having a hollowinterior polyangular in cross section, a round lipstick holder positioned in said hollow interior so as to leave vacant spaces between said holder and the inner to substantially the top of said 15

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U.S. Classification401/78, D28/85
International ClassificationA45D40/02, A45D40/04
Cooperative ClassificationA45D40/04
European ClassificationA45D40/04