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Publication numberUS2163107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1939
Filing dateJun 15, 1936
Priority dateJun 15, 1936
Publication numberUS 2163107 A, US 2163107A, US-A-2163107, US2163107 A, US2163107A
InventorsAdrienne Shatto, Albert Jardot
Original AssigneeAdrienne Shatto, Albert Jardot
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Abdominal reducer
US 2163107 A
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J 1939. A. SHATTO ET AL 0 ABDOMINAL REDUCER Filed June 15, 1936 NVENTOR ATTORNEYS Patented June 20, 1939 V UNITED STATES ATENT OFFIQE ABDOMINAL REDUCER Adrienne Shatto and Albert Jardot, New York, N. Y.

Application June 15, 1936, Serial No. 85,356

2 Claims. (Cl. 272-57) The present invention relates to a new and plying the same assumes a supine reclining posiimproved abdominal reducer. tion and the concaved portion of the reducer is The primary object of the invention is the placed on the abdomen. The constant applicaprovision of a simple apparatus that when ap tion of the reducer to the desired parts of the 5 plied to the abdomen will serve as a means for body, and the weight thereof, tends to reduce 5 reducing excess weight and also to strengthen excess weight and at the same time strengthen the muscular region surrounding the abdomen. the muscular regions surrounding the abdomen. The invention will be fully and comprehen- By grasping the handle 15, the reducer can be sively understood from a consideration of the readily moved to various positions, thereby effectfollowing detailed description when read in coning a reducing of excess weight around the com- 10 nection with the accompanying drawing which plete area of the abdomen.

forms part of the application. It is to be understood that this improvement In the drawing; is capable of extended application and is not Fig, 1 is a perspective view of the device. confined to the exact showing of the drawing Fig. 2 is a front elevational View; nor to the precise construction described and, 15

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the device illustherefore, such changes and modifications may trating the means for connecting the several be made therein as do not affect the spirit of parts; and the invention nor exceed the scope thereof as Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view on the line 44 expressed in the appended claims. of Fig. 3. What is claimed as new is: 20

Referring to the drawing for a more detailed 1 A reducing appliance t be pplied and des pt o thereof, the apparatus is indicated erated upon the abdominal region of the body e a y y the numeral 5 a comprises a of a person in a supine reclining position, said ducer Cons st o plurality of Weight appliance comprising a unitary articulate secs, each being detachable from h Othertional body element of substantial weight, said 25 purposes of illustration there are disclosed three element as combined n t, being concaved 1 sections 1 a respectively- It is 110 be gitudinally and transversely throughout its inner understood, however, that a greater or lesser Side hi h i made to supportingly contact the number of sec o s y be Provided to change adjacent underlying portion of the body of the the mass of the reducer without departing from user, and an attaching t, Secured t th oppo- 30 the spi it of the invention Each section is site ends of the said weighted body element and formed preferably of metal Similar material adapted to substantially encircle the adjacent and ay b Suitably finished to render an body portion of the user whereby to attach the tractive appearance. weighted element with freedom of positioning and The outer surface of each section is convexed manipulating movement 35 and the inner surface concaved so that, when 2. The herein described reducing appliance connected, the several sections will conform to comprising a unitary ti ul t tio l body e general Shape of the abdomen- The element of substantial weight, the sections of tions are connected by means of Dintle P 9 which are detachably joined by transverse hinged which extend t u hinge means formed In the connections adjacent their inner sides which sup- 40 concaved surface of each section, the pin passti l engage th adjacent underlying porins thr h interconnected p r rming the tions of the body of the user, said inner side hinge. portions of the sections being concaved in con- The means f attaching the reduced to the tinuity from end to end and transversely of said bo y includes looped members and H which weighted element as a unit and the unit being 45 extend from the Oute SeCtIOIlS 5 and 8, respecroundingly convexed on its outer side throughout tively, with a belt or other fastening means l2 t length and breadth t f, an adjustable engaged therein, Said. adapted '60 pass attaching strap ecured to the opposite end secaround the b of the Wearer- The belt is tions of said weighted body element and adapted justable, whereby the device is applicable for to substantially encircle the body of the user 50 persons of Various ts. whereby to attach the appliance with freedomv Additional loops I3 and I 4 are also provided of positioning and manipulating movement of on the upper portion of the outer sections 6 and said weighted element thereof, and handle means 8, to which is attached a handle and the on said weighted element for effecting the posi- P p thereof is Change he p0S t 0 0f the tioning adjustment and manipulative movement 55 reducer by grasping said handle and moving from of said element. one position to another on the abdomen. v ADRIENNE SHATTO.

In the use of the apparatus, the person ap- ALBERT JARDOT.

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U.S. Classification482/105, 601/23
International ClassificationA61F5/03, A61F5/01
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/03
European ClassificationA61F5/03