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Publication numberUS2163324 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1939
Filing dateFeb 23, 1938
Priority dateFeb 23, 1938
Publication numberUS 2163324 A, US 2163324A, US-A-2163324, US2163324 A, US2163324A
InventorsArno Reinhold
Original AssigneeArno Reinhold
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Vegetable bag
US 2163324 A
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June 20, 1939. A. REINHOLD VEGETABLE BAG Filed Feb. 25, ,1358

/V Vf/V TOR H6. ,4R/vo Ffm/H040 @QM @www Arron-w96 Patented June 20, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims.

My invention relates to vegetable bags, and particularly to devices of this character designed to preserve the freshness of vegetables utilized for salads and substantially to prevent dilution and impairing of salad dressings.

The annexed drawing and the following description set forth in detail certain means illustrating my improved vegetable bag, such means constituting, however, only a few of the various forms in which the principle of the invention may be embodied.

In said annexed drawing:

Figure l is an elevation of my improved vegetable bag;

Figure 2 is a plan section, taken in the plane indicated by the line 2 2, Figure l; and

Figure 3 is an elevation of the bag filled with freshly Washed vegetables and supported in a suitable position for draining the wash water.

Referring to the annexed drawing in which the same parts are indicated by the same respective numbers in the several views, my improved vegetable bag comprises a body member I of suitable bag formation and made from suitable flexible air-proof and moisture-proof material such as oil silk. The body member I comprises a side wall 5, preferably of generally elliptical crosssection, such as shown in Figure 2, together with an mperforate top 2 and a bottom 3. Within the bottom 3 are incorporated a plurality of eyelets 4 forming drainage holes as hereinafter fully explained. Edge portions 6 and 'I of the wall 5 upon one side, overlap, as shown in Figure 2, and are not secured together, except at the top and bottom, whereby the flexible material, of which the body member I is comprised, can be pushed inwardly of the bag chamber and thus provide an opening through which vegetables can be placed within the bag and removed therefrom. The adjacent edges of the side wall 5 and top 2 are secured together by a hem binding 8 and the adjacent edges of the side wall 5 and bottom 3 are secured together by a hem binding 9. The edges of the overlapping portions 6 and l are also provided with hem bindings I0 and II, respectively, which are secured at their ends to the top and bottom bindings 8 and 9.

Preferably, the eyelets 4 are secured to the bottom 3 adjacent one side of the bottom of the wall 5, and adjacent the other side of the wall 5 and to the top binding 3 is secured a suitable supporting member for the bag I, such as a fabric loop I2.

When using my improved bag, the lettuce, parsley, celery, or any salad green which it is desired to be used, is separated or pulled apart and Washed. Then the vegetables are placed within the bag I and the latter hung by the loop I2 in any suitable position for convenient drainage, such as upon the handle I4 of a spigot 5 I3, as shown in Figure 3, whereby the water may drain from the vegetables and discharge into a sink through the drainage eyelets 4. The suspended bag with its contained load naturally hangs from the loop I2 in substantially the posi- 10 tion shown in Figure 3, and substantially complete drainage from the lowermost corner of the bag is effected through the eyelets 4. After suitable drainage has been eifected, the bag I with its contents may be stored in the icebox whereby l5 the contents will be rendered crisp and kept in perfect condition for the making of salad or any other desired serving.

One particular advantage of my improved bag when the contents are used for salad is that the effective drainage to which the contents have been subjected will obviate the presence of water in the salad dressing.

My improved bag I is made not only of flexible material but of material which is air-proof and moisture-proof. Furthermore, the bag I is substantially air-proof when containing contents and lying on the edge portions 6 and 1; at least to the extent 0f substantially preventing any tainting of 'the bag contents by other contents of the icebox.

The construction of the bag is such that the above-mentioned advantages are effected by its use, and the drainage which results in these advantages is effected very conveniently and without loss of time, inasmuch as the bag can be hung to drain and the drainage water disposed of in a position which is available in every kitchen, the drainage being effected without further attention and the bag with its drained contents removed for storage in the icebox when found convenient.

What I claim is:

l. A vegetable bag comprising a body member of exible air-proof and moisture-proof material having an elongated side opening through which the bag contents may be inserted and removed, a flexible closure for said opening comprising overlapping edge portions of the body having hem bindings, the ends of the body member' being provided with peripheral bindings to which the ends of said closure bindings are secured, a supporting loop secured to one end of the bag adjacent a side wall thereof, and a plurality of drainage eyelets mounted in the opposite end of the bag and adjacent the opposite side wall thereof.

2. A vegetable bag comprising a body member of flexible air-proof and moisture-prooi material having elongated overlapping closely adjacent side edgeportions forming an opening through which the bag contents may be inserted and removed, means for retaining said side edge portions in substantial overlapping position by securing said edge portions together at their ends across substantially the full width thereof, and means secured to one bag end adjacent one side thereof for supporting the bag, the opposite bag end being formed with drainage vents adjacent 5 the opposite side thereof.


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