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Publication numberUS2163355 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1939
Filing dateApr 26, 1938
Priority dateApr 26, 1938
Publication numberUS 2163355 A, US 2163355A, US-A-2163355, US2163355 A, US2163355A
InventorsSechrist Paul A
Original AssigneeCarroll H Gerry Dr
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Lipstick holder
US 2163355 A
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June 20, 1939.

Filed April 26, 1938 IIIIIIII'I/IA S flaZA, 5667a? ATTO R N EYS Patented June 20, 1939 PATENT. OFFICE LIPSTICK HOLDER Paul A. Seclirist, Shrewsbnry, Pa., assignor of onehalf to Dr. Carroll 11. Gerry, Shrewsbury, Pa. 1

Application April 26, 1938, Serial No. 204,427

1 Claim. (01. 132-79) This invention relates to lip stick holders and has for an object to provide a device of this 1 character which may be eflectively used for drawing thin lines to portray the form of the lips in the shape of a cupids bow, or to give shape to the eye brows by substituting an eye brow stick for the lip stick.

A further object is to provide a device of this character which will employ a double convex wheel formed of felt and having a sharp edge to pick up a small quantity of the lip stick on the edge so that economy in the use of the lip stick will be promoted as well as acuracy in the application thereof to the lips.

A further object is to provide a lip stick holder which will be formedof a few strong simple and durable parts, which will be inexpensive to manufacture, and which will not easily get out of order.

With the above and other objects in view the invention consists of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, it being understood that various modifications may be resorted to within the scope of the appended claim without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

In the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification,

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the lip stick 1 3g holder constructed in accordance with the in:


Figure 2 is an enlarged'longitudinal section of the lip stick holder with the cap removed to ex-- pose the applying wheel.

l Figure 3 is a fragmentary cross sectional view be telescopically received into the casing l i until the projection reaches the inner end of the slot l2. A rib It is struck from the casing l0 and forms a support for a lip stick l5 which is fed to the dispensing wheel it when the casing iii is moved longitudinally of the casing ii.

The dispensing wheel it is formed of felt and is of double convex contour having a sharp edge H. The dispensing wheel is provided with a hollow shaft i8 formed of metal or other material which is tightly mounted upon a shaft E9, the

5| ends-of which are journaled at diametrically opposite points in the end of the casing i I, as shown in Figure 3. One end of the shaft I9 projects through the casing II and is equipped with a knurled button 20 by means of which the shaft and the dispensing wheel may be rotated as a unit.

Disposedon the inner wall of the casing H are oppositely disposed substantially triangular wipers 2| which engage the opposite sides of the dispensing wheel from a point at the hollow shaft iii to a point near the sharp edge of the wheel and wipe excess lip stick from the wheel when the lip stick is moved into contact with the dispensing wheel;

A cover cap 22 is telescopically engaged with the casing Ii to house the dispensing wheel i6 when the device is not in use.

- In operation the lip stick material picked up by the sharp edge ll of the dispensing wheel may be applied as a thin line to shape the contour of the cupids bow drawn on the lips. Moreover, the lip stick material adhering tothe sides of the wheel near the sharp edge may .be used to spread the material quickly and economically upon the lips.

when an eye brow stick is substituted for the lip stiekeye brows may be pencilled in through the medium of the sharp edge l! of the dispensing wheel.

From the above description it is thought that the construction-and operation of the invention will be fully understood without further explana: tion. 7

What is claimed is:

A device of the class described comprising of a pair of casings forming a holder, each casing having an open end telescopically assembled with the open end of the other casing, a lip stick in one of the casings, oppositely disposed substantially triangular wipers in the open end of the last named casing adjacent the lip stick, a shaft disposed transversely of the open end of the first named casing and having one end projecting through the casing for providing a grip through the medium of which the shaft may be rotated axially, and a double convex applicator wheel fixed to the shaft, said wheel having a. sharp peripheral edge adapted to pick up a thin line of material from the lip stick, the convex side faces of the wheel having wiping contact with the wipers from a point adjacent the shaft to a point adjacent the sharp edge of the wheel for remov- 'ing excess material from the wheel.

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