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Publication numberUS2166616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1939
Filing dateJun 12, 1937
Priority dateJun 12, 1937
Publication numberUS 2166616 A, US 2166616A, US-A-2166616, US2166616 A, US2166616A
InventorsWillis Wallace Sophie
Original AssigneeWillis Wallace Sophie
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Paint box palette
US 2166616 A
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Filed June 12, 1937 v aZZa/e,

Patented July s, 1939 v I UNITED ST B PATENT oFFIca PAINT ox ramm Sophie wmn Wallace, s. c. h Application June 12, 1931. Serial No. 141,951

scams. ,(01. 41-5) To that end the invention contemplates a novel construction including a body in the general form of a tray including a mixing panel and paint containing receptacles provided with individual covers which may be disposed above the surface of the mixing panel according to one form of the invention or disposed substantially flush t erewith in accordance .with the modified form. further object of the invention is to provide a palette having paint or pigment receiving receptacles which are surrounded by an upstanding flange, collar or the like which serves as a brushscraping edge and also prevents the spilling or migration of color from one receptacle to another.

With the above and other objects in view which will more readily appear as the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel con- 30 struction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, illustrated and claimed.- v

In the drawing: l

Figure 1 is a plan view of the present invention.

Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view..

Figure 3 is a detail view of one of the paint receptacles showing the use of the collar or flange as a scraping edge. f

Figure 4 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view illustrating a modified arrangement of the sealing caps of covers of the receptacles;

Figure 5 is a detailperspective view of one of the covers or seals for the individual receptacles showninFigure4. V

According to the embodiment of the invention shown in the drawing, the same includes in its organization a body designated generally as I which may be made of metal or any other suitable material such, for" example, as any of the .well known moldable plastics suitable for the purpose. The body I may be provided witha marginal flange 2 so that the body, as a whole, takesthe form of an open tray having no 'c'over'in its entirety.

The body I is provided with a mixing surface or panel 3 and also carries therewith at suitable locations a plurality ofpaint or pigment-receiv- 5 ing receptacles 4. For example, in Figures land 2 certain of the receptacles may be arranged in a group wherein the .receptacles are spaced apart and disposed in longitudinal and transverse rows, said group being arranged at oneside of m the mixing panel 3. Additional receptacles may be located substantially at opposite corners of the body or tray as shown in the drawing. In use,

the group of receptacles at one side of the mixing panel may contain pigments or paints of different 15 colors while the relatively isolated receptacles in the opposite corners of the tray may contain black and white pigments or colors.

The receptacles preferably extend below the bodyof the device and may be an integral part 20 of the body, or they maybe separately inserted in suitable openings formed in the body and held in place by frictional engagement with the openings or by soldering, or otherwise suitably fastening or securing the separate receptacles to the I body. In other words, any mechanical expedient well known to the art may be used for securing the receptacles, if made separate, to the body, so that the ultimate effect in actual use is to have all'of the receptacles carried by or with the body for convenient handling. Obviously, the receptacles or cups may be of any desired shape or configuration. A distinctive feature of the invention aside from combining a plurality of receptacles with a palette surface is to provide each .receptacle with a cover or lid such, for example, as the screw top 5 shown in Figures 1 and 2. In this embodiment of the invention'the covers, caps or lids 5 are preferably internally screw-threaded and fit over 40 an upstanding flange or collar 6 which surrounds the open end or mouth of the receptacles, the said flange or collar being exteriorly threaded 'to meet with the threads on the cover. It will, of course, be understoodthat the covers 5 maybe 5 held onthe flanges orcollars 6 by other means than threadssuch, for example, as by a frictional .fit, a bayonet slot arrangement or any :well

tive receptacles or containers. That is to say,

. when the artist scrapes or drags his brush over the edge of the flange or column 6, the excess paint or pigment from the brush will tend to structions to any material which may be'placed within the tray. For example, the construction shown in Figure 4 may be utilized not only for storing the paints in transportation or when not in use but may be used as a holder for artists material as, for example, when a student finishes one class and desires to put accessories in his particular tray.

The lids or covers 1 shown in Figures 4 and 5 I are preferably provided with the external threads 8 for engaging with mating threads formed in the receptacles 4a and the tops of the covers or lids may be provided with the finger gripping rib 8 to facilitate manipulation.

Obviously, the general shape of the entire box palette may be rectangular, round or oval and because of the distribution of the receptacis, particularly at the corners of thebod'y or tray it will be possible for the entire tray to be supported at an even level on any suitable surface such as a desk or table. Moreover, while the arrangement or grouping of the receptacles may be varied to meet various requirements, nevertheless, a practical arrangement and grouping is shown in the drawing which enables the artist or the manufacturer to place the pigments in certain of the receptacles and even to leave some of them empty for the mixing of other colors.

In any event the box palette comprises a plurality of individually covered receptacles or cups for holding paint or pigments in connection with a mixing space while the whole palette is surrounded by anupstanding rim to prevent spilling of the paint and also to allow the paletteas a whole to serve as a receptacle or holder for receiving any desired article, material, or substance.

The present device may be used by a manufacturerin selling paints or pigments since each individual paint or pigment may be covered or sealed, while the purchaser obtains a device which may be used as a palette and also enables him to readily store and protect the paints when not in use so that they may be preserved for furtherwork. Thus, the invention eliminates the necessity of the artist being inconvenienced by a multiplicity of jars or tubes in which paints or pigments are usually sold and enables him to have all of his material readily available in compact and convenient form.'

arcane Without further description it is thought that the features and advantages of the invention will be readily apparent to those skilled in theart and it will, of course be understood that changes from the details of construction may be resorted to within the scope of: the appended claims.

I claim:

1..As an article of manufacture a device to be useda's a palette including a body having 'a plurality of openings and a surface constituting a mixing panel, a plurality of wide mouth individual rigid receptacles for holding paint fitted'into said openings of the body, and a removable cover for each receptacle.

2. An article of manufacture serving 'as a paint box for the saleand storage of pigments and as a palette when in use, comprising, a tray including a mixing panel, a plurality of individual noncommunicating rigid receptacles fitted to the panel and projecting below the plane of the bottom thereof to provide supports for the panel, and

'removable'closure caps for said receptacles to seal the same when not in ues.

3. An article of manufacture serving as a paint box for the storage and sale of pigments and as a palette when in use, comprising, a tray including a mixing panel having a plurality of openings, a plurality of separate rigid receptacles fitted into said openings, an upstanding flange on each receptacle adapted to be disposed above the face of the mixing panel to serve as a brush scraping edge and to prevent the migration of color from one receptacle to another, and a closure cap for each upstanding flange for sealing each separate receptacle. I

4. As an article of manufacture serving as a paint box for .the sale and storage of pigments and as a palette when in use, comprising, a tray,

a mixing panel on the surface of the tray a plurality .of rigid receptacles fitted to the panel and projecting below the bottom of the tray to provide supports for the tray and removable closure caps for said receptacles fiush with the panel to seal the same when not in use.

. 5. An article of manufacture, serving as a palette or a combined paint box and palette for transporting and mixing paint, comprising a tray including a mixing panel; and a plurality of individual, non-communicating, wide mouth receptacles mounted on a portion of said mixing panel,

said receptacles projecting above and below the plane of the mixing panel,-the bottom of the receptacles providing a substantial base upon which the palette rests and the tops of the receptacles providing upstanding rims against which a' brush may be scraped to remove excess paint'which will drop back into the receptacle, thereby completely isolating any paint contained therein, andremovable caps engaging the topsof said receptacles to make each receptacle air tight when closed and allowing the removal from-and replacement of paint in the receptacle when the top is removed.


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International ClassificationB44D3/02
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