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Publication numberUS216676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1879
Filing dateFeb 21, 1879
Publication numberUS 216676 A, US 216676A, US-A-216676, US216676 A, US216676A
InventorsChables F. Hill
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Improvement in school-desks
US 216676 A
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G. F. HILL. School-Desk.

No. 216,676.v Patented June 17, I879.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 216,676, dated June 17, 1879; application filed February 21, 1879.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, CHARLES F. HILL, of Hazleton, in the county of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in School-Desks; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification.

Figure l is a perspective view. Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section of the desk unfolded. Fig. 3 is a similar view of the desk folded; and Fig. 4 is a detail View, in perspective, of the mechanism for supporting the top of the desk.

Corresponding parts in the several figures are denoted by like letters of reference.

This invention relates to folding schooldesks; and it consists in certain improvements in the construction of the same, which will be hereinafter fully described, and particuarly pointed out in the claim.

The side pieces, A A, which are made, preferably, of cast-iron, are provided with flanges a a, upon which the permanent desk-top B and the back 0 of the seat are secured by screws, or in some other suitable manner.

The seat D is hinged to brackets E, projecting from the castings A in such a manner as to be capable of being folded against the back, as shown in Fig. 3.

F is a shelf, secured between castings A A, and another shelf, G, is secured above shelf F, between it and the top B.

A bracket, H, is hinged to the upper rear corner of each casting A, and the folding desktop I is secured upon said brackets.

It will be observed that the top I, when folded, reaches the shelf F, in which a lock may be arranged for the purpose of securing top I in a folded position.

The top I is retained in an open or unfolded position by a shelf, J, which is hinged between castings A A at the edge of shelf G.

.or raise said shelf until the top I is fully opened. Theshelf J then drops down upon the flanges K, behind the catches L, against which its corners abut, thus supportingthe brackets and retaining the top I in an open position ready for use.

To close the desk it is only necessary to slightly raise the outer edge of shelf J, bringin g its corners out of contact with the catches L L. The shelf J and top I will then drop down to the closed position. (Shown in Fig.3 of the drawings.)

y t s construction, which has the advanv tages of cheapness, simplicity, and durability, I avoid the use of bolts, springs, or other mechanism for sum'iorting the'iblding desktop, this being very desirable in view of the liability of suclrmechanism to become disarranged, or to break down under the rough usage to which school-desks are frequently subjected.

Havingthus described my invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States- The combination, with the hinged brackets H H, supporting the folding top I, and having flanges K and catches L, of the hinged shelf J, substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereunto aflixed my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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