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Publication numberUS2167178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1939
Filing dateOct 10, 1938
Priority dateOct 10, 1938
Publication numberUS 2167178 A, US 2167178A, US-A-2167178, US2167178 A, US2167178A
InventorsKohlstadt Marie M
Original AssigneeKohlstadt Marie M
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Cushion support
US 2167178 A
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July 25, 1939. M. M KoHLsTADT 2,167,178

CUSHION SUPPORT Filed oct. 1o, 19:58

' MAR-IE- M. KQHLJTA1T A vento! (Xttorneg Parenteelv July 2s, 1939 UNITED STATES; vmi EN-T oFFicE cUsmoN surron'r Marie M. neustadt, Spokane, wash. l Alip'licauoa october. 1o, 193s, serial Ne; 234,199

1 Claim. The present invention relates to a tushionv support 'for use'in a bath tub 4for providing a head rest attachable to the walls ofthe bath tub and,

` in turn, supporting a cushion mat, together with I5 means for uniting` the head rest `and the mat,

or for dissociating the two members when it is desirable to use the mat as a foot mat instead of^a body support connected'to the head rest.

' An object'of the invention is to provide a head l' support or head rest attachable to the smooth surface of the-foot of .a bath tub to the end that a person pr patient desiring to remain in the Awater for somelength of time may lie prone in the tubin comfort with proper head support l and witha proper cushion under the'shoulders and spine. y

' A further .object'"of the invention resides-in a cushion support wherein the head 4rest may be.

dissociated .from the cushion mat and whereby it" may serve either with or without the head rest attached as a mat having the characteristics of a non-slip mat with respect to the tub and to the'fpeison `usingit. It is a well known fact that many of the ac.

cidents in the home take place in the bath tub.

Many broken limbs and othersevere injuries are time, to provide in-the same unit, means for comf rtable bathing and-especially in the case of the ck and ill .who must take baths over a long 'across until the bead has entirely entered theV 'period of time at frequent intervals.

, All ofthe -foregoing and still further objects 3i! of the invention will become apparent from a,

study of the/'following speciiication, taken in co'nnection with the accompanying drawing` wherein like characters or reference numbers designate l corresponding parts throughout the several views l0 jand wherein: f

Figure 1 is a perspective view ofthe cushion support, disclosing an embodiment of the inven tion;

' 2 isa cross sectional view-taken on the lines 21 of Figure 1 and showing but a mentary portion of the cushion mat; and` y A Figure 3A is a fragmentary section illustrating an alternative manner forsecuring the cushion mat to' the headrest.A 1

I0 Referring now to the drawing in detail, the numeral I0 represents, as-a whole, a cushioned head rest with the mat II detachablysecured thereto.- 4The head rest. is preferably formed'of resilient material 'as rubber having an interior stuiilng orjcushion I 2 of cellular construction,

ther assists in maintainingth mat against slip-A is occupying the bath in a prone position.

f 'I'his cushion is covered with a surface cover'- v5 ing as I3 o f a waterproof material having resilient qualities. and preferably beingmade as one unit with the interior cushion I2. It also contemplated that such head restjmay be made of rubber or some preferred resilient materiali() and inflated to accomplish similar results. The head rest as e. whole is a longitudinal body of sunlcient size for proper use as described, hav-` ing ears or tabs I '4 on the two ends of the body structure and preferably a tab as I54- ntrally 115 of the upper edge of the head rest, all if thesetabs lying in a planecoincid'ent with the 'bottom v line of the headjest. 'Each of the tabsis-provided with-a resilient aperture I6 through which,

the button head I1 may be inserted to'h'old the .20 suction cups I8 to the tabs. .Th head rest fis further provided along its`^1o`wer edge at I9 with Ia longitudinal groove forming' a locking or retaining means for a cushion 'mat II lwhich may `be secured thereto,- by forming inthe upper edge gl;l

of the mat, a longitudinal bead corresponding in size and shape 'to the groove I9.' said groove hav`` ing any open slot ZI-along the lower bottom edge of the head rest to permit reception ofthe neck yzz lcarrying the bead-2n of the met. when tso tachzg the mat tothe head rest the bead is inserted. at one end ofthe groove, I9 and drawn verse operation is perfomed and the mat may 40j be used asa'nindependent article and may become, if desired, a yfoot mat during the latter part of the bath and to prevent'V slipping; The

cushioned mat II is made in a similar manner to that of the head rest`,'in that it yhas an in- 4,5 Iterior, cellular' cushion structure and anfimperviy, ous outer surface to render it watertight.-

' In addition thereto the, mat' is provided with a, corrugated or ribbed surfac'eias 23 which furpage with, the surface upon which it is supported, such as the bottom of lthe tub or the floor, linoleum, or tile adjacent thereto.

. As an alternative methodof securing the head rest and the cushion mat, I have utilized the 551 ,mais

cups which may"be pressed against the tub surface to holdfthe rest in desired adjustment and 2 y v same general slot and bead construction,v but have reinforced the same, preferably with the metal sections as 24 and 2i, the first metallic section forming the groove element which need not be i continuous, butprcferably should be in short units tp permit flexibility and shaping of thc'head l rest to the contourof the foot portion or slope. of the tub. likewise, the bead member as 25' is formed in unit short sections and may heksem curedbyarivetas or-bybeingdinectlyvul# canized into the upper edge of the cushion mat. A

I have provided in a simplified structure a cush- ,I ion support designed for patients and Y (for those people who prefer to remain some time in the water and desire lobe' comfortably sup-r ported in a. tub during that time, in which the rted-by a proper cushion by suction wherein the cushion may be either attached thexeto to supportthe upper'portions of the body or.

may be. detached and used independent thereof asa cushionandasabathmat. v

It is believed .that the many advantages of this cushion support in accordance with the present invention will be readily 1mderstood. and although preferred embodiments of the device are illustraced and described, u is to be understood .that further changes in the deteil and construction may be resorted to which fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.

Having una muy described my invention, what- I claim as new and desire to' secure by Letters Patent is: i

In combination, Aa. head adapted 'to be i Y secured to a bam tub, said head rest having an inner cushion'of resilient cellular formation and having an outer impervious surface, .'tabs extending outwardly from the head rest and support-A ing suction cups therein, a channel groove inthe lower bottom edge of the head rest, a cushion'mat having aninner cushion of resilient cellular stmoture and an impervious surface, aibead along one in the lowerbottorn edge of the head] rest whereby the head'rest and the mat may be detachablyA Fono E, Sin-rn.

edge of themat e in the channel formed I securedtoeachother. gh j.


-` Witntomarkz.

' VEvlLYltDsm..

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U.S. Classification4/575.1, 297/391
International ClassificationA47K3/12
Cooperative ClassificationA47K3/125
European ClassificationA47K3/12B