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Publication numberUS2167622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1939
Filing dateJan 22, 1937
Priority dateJan 22, 1937
Publication numberUS 2167622 A, US 2167622A, US-A-2167622, US2167622 A, US2167622A
InventorsMarle Bentivoglio
Original AssigneeMarle Bentivoglio
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Pillow or the like
US 2167622 A
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Aug. 1,1939. M. BENTIVOGLIO 2,167,622

PILLOW OR THE LIKE Original Filed Jan. 22, 1937 lNVENTOR M arz'e Balm/0g [1'0 HER ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 1, 1939 PATENT OFFICE rmnow on ma mm Marie Bentivoglio, New York, N. Y.

Application January 22, 1937, Serial No. 121,764 Renewed December 14, 1938 4 Claims.

This invention relates to a physiological pillow or the like and refers particularly to the type having a pair of raised wing portions spaced apart by an intermediate lower *andgenerally 6 flat portion which rises at an inclination toward the rear and at the front edge is bounded by a' small roll of stuffed material.

The main object of my. invention is to provide. a pillow of the general character indicated which is primarily made to fit theupper portion of the w body of the user and will properly support the neck as well as the head and which will, in addition relieve all neck and' lshoulder strains and will allow good chin andithr'oat line to result m and also leave the shoulders clear.

is decidedly pleasing and attractive inappearance and which direEtly"contributes to the beauty, comfort and. health of the user.

A further object is to'produce a pillowof this type whichhas a clearance for the head-dress of the user in order to avoid 'disturbing the hair, and supports. the cheeks and sides of the head in such manner as to'prevent formation of crush wrinkles on the face, while reducing noise by obstructing accessmf thesa'me to the ears.

StilLother .obiects are to make the pillow so that it .will fit various sizes of heads and allow uentilationof .the top of the head without drafts and, free access of fresh air to the face, and will alsoallow a bed to be dressed or made up as usuaL. while being withal so practical and easy to manufacture asfto recommend itself to the majority of people as a very desirable article.

Other objects and'the various advantages ac-- cruing from the principles, form and nature of my invention, .will appear vmore fully as. this specification proceeds.

In the accompanying drawing forming part hereof, Fig. l is a plan view drawn slightly in perspective and illustrating a pillow embodying the invention in a practical form which exhibits the salient features and principles thereof. a Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same.

Fig. 3 is a section on line 3, I of Fig. 2. I Throughout the views, the same reference numorals indicate the same parts.

It is often the ,experience of people upon get- ..tlng up in the morning, of finding that the neck is uneasy and that the'mu'scles of both neck and shoulders may actually ache from strain caused by insufficient neck support during sleep; and also that perhaps a double chin and facial crush ayrinkles have begun to appeannot to mention Another object is to have such a pillow which.

that the hair is so sadly messed that the same' requires to be completely gone over and remade into a proper head dress. This is especially true of women who are at all particular about their personal appearance, while on the other hand, the matterof convenience, comfort and proper rest is always important to everyone lying abed.

Bearing these points in mind, and particularly with the foregoing objects in view,"'the invention" has been designed to provide a pleasant solution to several problems.

Hence, in the practice of, my invention, a pillow, generally indicated at i, is made with a pair of similar but opposite pillow wings in the form of more or less stuffed cushion portions which I are spaced apart by a generally flat, forwardly inclined lower head rest portion 4, which terminates rearwardly at the edge Hi. The pillow wing or portion 2 has a curved inner edge 5 of preferably varying height which forms the boundary along one side of the head rest portion, while the other portion 3 has. a similar opposite inner edge 6 bounding. the other side of the head rest portion. The curved edges 5 and 6 of the pillow wing portions are continued forwardly beyond the head rest portion in the form of. the forward curved-edges l8 and I9, respectively. P

The rear edges 9 and Ill of the pillow portions 2 and 3, while connecting with edge l6 to form the rear edge of the pillow as a whole, may be sloped slightly forward as said edges approach the exterior sides II and I! which form the ends of the pillow. These pillowends may also con,-

verge slightly toward the rear spas to'accentuate the pleasing effect of the curved portions of the 'pillow. However, the rear portion of the pillow, which is made up of rear edge portions 9,

I! and I6, is practically sheer and abrupt in form as shownat IS in Fig. 3.

The front or near edge I! of the central portion of the pillow is preferably curved inward, while at this edge. a roll or miniaturebolster 1 forms the threshold or forward boundary of the head rest portion, and is designed to give direct support to the neck of a person when the head is laid back upon the head rest. The rear space 8 between the raised portions 2 and 3 will allow ventilation of the head while the sides 5 and 6 will steady the head and allow the same to be 20 is in comfortable position between the side portions of the pillow, the neck indicated at 22 will rest upon the front supporting roll 1, while the shoulders indicated at 23 and 24 will nicely clear the curved forward edges 18 and IQ of said side portions. The result is that the head is allowed to recline rearwardly without bending the neck forwardly, the neck supported so as to remove muscular strain and consequent fatigue, and the head dress allowed suflicient clearance rearwardly of the pillow, while the front part of the face is similarly afforded clearance to allow the head dress and entire face to maintain an undisturbed and desirable freshness and smoothness in appearance. this type of neck support and head rest is to provide a position of good poise of the head on the shoulders, in other words, substantially the same position and poise assumed by a person in a good standing position.

The underside or bottom 25 of the pillow is preferably fiat or convex as in the case of an ordinary bed pillow so that when the same is turned bottom up, the bed may be dressed as usual, leaving a central space which may be used for pajamas or night dresses. The pillow as a whole is stuffed at 26 with down, feathers or any other filling material desired, and, of course, the differences between the height and form of the head rest portion 4, the side wings or portions 2 and 3 and the front roll I are in a measure due to differences in the amount of stufling each contains. The side edges of the head rest may be stitched down to hold the latter down to the intended form and thickness, while being also stitched down at various points and also immediately behind the roll "I to render the head rest quite compact and provide for the shape of said roll after being properly filled.

The two side wings and the head rest between may be separately filled, if preferred, but in any event, said side wings are intended to be softer and more yielding than the head rest.

The curved sides 5, I8 and 6, I9, as well as the head rest portion 4, the roll 1, side portions 2 and 3 and the underside 25, may allbe made of a varying number of separate pieces of fabric according to the convenience or judgment of the manufacturer and these pieces properly stitched to form the various outlines of the parts, these details being readily accomplished by any person skilled in handling fabrics and textiles generally.

In order to increase the utility of the cushion in logical manner, I also propose to have a pocket indicated at IS in the wing portion 3 opening at the side I 2 and preferably closed by a length of hookless fastener l3 controlled by the finger piece I 4. A similar pocket may also be provided The purpose of pocket of the present pillow, drawing the finger piece I I forward to close the same, and it will be easy to find again the some objects in known location upon rising.

Other means than the type of fastener mentioned may be used for closing the pocket or pouch l5, for example, a draw cord passed through loops on the edges of the pocket, or buttons and corresponding button holes, etc., may be used, these means being well known expedients familiar to anyone skilled in the art.

If so desired, the opening of the pocket may be located on the upper portion of the wing 3, a few inches within the end l2, for the pocket. would still be accessible from said end.

On the other hand, the present pillow will, of course, be provided with a slip, in the usual manner, but this slip may, with equal effectiveness, contain the pocket instead of the pillow.

From the foregoing description, it is apparent that the head does not lie on the wings although these may function as normal pillows. These wings may therefore be decorated in a variety of ways and somewhat modified upon the surfaces and external edges thereof to give pleasing optical effects.

Manifestly, variations may be resorted to, and certain features used without others.

Having now fully described my invention, I claim: v

1. A pillow or the like, comprising the combination of a substantially continuous underside forming a substantially flat foundation coextensive with the entire pillow, upon the upper side a pair of raised pillow wing portions spaced apart and forming the two ends of the pillow, inner opposite edges upon said wing portions converging toward the rear edge of the pillow in order to accommodate heads of different breadth, the spaced relation of the wing portions providing between them a generally flat depressed intermediate portion between said two wing portions terminating at the rear edge of the pillow, and a raised roll bounding said depressed portion at the front edge of the same, said pillow being stuffed throughout its entire extent.

2. A pillow according to claim 1, wherein the raised roll at the intermediate portion of the front edge of said pillow is intermediately curved inwardly toward the rear edge of said pillow to narrow the section of the pillow through the center.

3. A pillow according to claim 1, wherein the curved inner opposite edges of the pillow wing portions are continued forwardly in divergent curved manner toward the front outer corners of said pillow.

4. A pillow according to claim 1, wherein the generally fiat depressed intermediate portion is inclined upwardly toward the rear of the pillow from :3. lowest point behind the raised roll at the front edge.


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