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Publication numberUS2167761 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1939
Filing dateFeb 3, 1939
Priority dateFeb 3, 1939
Publication numberUS 2167761 A, US 2167761A, US-A-2167761, US2167761 A, US2167761A
InventorsIsidore Fleischmann, Levin Bessie M
Original AssigneeIsidore Fleischmann, Levin Bessie M
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Tooth brush
US 2167761 A
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A 1 1939. B M. LE ET AL 2,1 1,761

TOOTH BRUSH Filed Feb. 3, 1939 villi/11:?-

LNVENTOR. Q 1/ Bessre M. Levm I I3 BY Cljldor Flelgwmolfm ATTORNEY.

Patented Aug. 1 19391 a STATES 7 2,167,761 'roo'rn n'nusn "Bessie Mk Levin; New York, endowments. I

nann BronmN Y. 2 ,Aprlicationrebruar 3, l 939,-SerialNoQ254,350;

1- Dlaim." (cars-+135).

vention is tooth? and is;

' f Particularly 9 a r ath b -wher in t dentifrice,- either in the f orm or pasteor powder,

' a a to b 'eqma eed with stub e a h- 5 ably mounted upon the handle of theti th brush.

I In the preferred form ofthe invention, thetooth brush handle is madestraight and oilarcuate cross section to provide inwardly concave walls along its llateral edges, iorming'between them an elonlated receptacle open at both ends and at its top. Into thiselongated;receptacle a similarly shapedcollapsibletubeottooth paste is adapted to be longitudinally introduced and finally rotated, so. as to bring an outlet orifice at the 15 forward end of the tube into juxtaposition with an opening in the stock of .the brush: When the tube is in cooperative relation with the brush, and housed within the handle in the manner stated, the orifice of the tube will register with the 20 opening in the brush stock, so that pressure, ap' plied to the tube through the open top of the receptacle, will cause thepaste' to be exuded between the bristles oi the brush and into a position to be conveniently applied to the teeth.

25 The invention also provides forthense of powder to be contained in a tube which need not necessarily be collapsible, but which is adapted to be housed in the receptacle oi the handle and to be removed when it is desired to dust powder 30' from thetube on to the bristles of the brush.

In practice, the brush handle and stock may conveniently be molded from maetrial with some elasticity, such as a suitable plastic, so that the walls oi. the receptacle will be placed under slight tension'when the tube is inserted in order to set up enough friction with the wall of the tube to hold the latter ilrmly in position.

Features 01 the invention, otherthan those adverted to, will be apparent irom'the hereinafter 40 detailed description and claim, when -read in conjunction with the accompanying drawing.

r The accompanying drawing illustrates diflerent practical embodiments of the invention, but the constructions therein shown are to be understood 45 as illustrative, only, and not as defining the limits of the'invention.

. Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a tooth brush embodying the present invention and adapted for the employment of tooth paste 50 Figu e 2 is a section on the line 2- -20! Figure 1.

Figure 3 'isa longitudinal sectionthrougb the brush, but showing the tube iii-elevation. 7

Figure 4 is a section similar to Figure 3, but

showing a tooth powder container in place in lieu 55 oia bollapsible" tube for paste.

Figures are thewtooth were: mama emoved irom'the brush and with a closure can re moved from the container; z

The brushvofi the present invention .embodies a stoclriv carrying-appropriatebristles 2 and from 5 the stock extends a straight h'andle3, in alinement with the stock. The :handle projects laterally from the stools: and is of arcuate cross section, as best shown in'Figure2, so as to provide relatively thin upstandng upwardly and inwardly: curved 0 walls t, ,iorming between them an elongated re;- ceptacle open .at' its top'and at bothten'da In practice the stock and handiemay be readily molded in a-plastic,so that the walls! are more or less resilient in? a radial direction, while the cross axial curvature thereof renders the handle longitudinally rigid. I

In the receptacle formed in the handle is adapted to be received a container 5, shown in Figures 1-3 as a collapsible tube provided at its forward end with a tapering shank 6 terminating in anoutlet mouth "I to be received into or to register with an opening! through the brush stock between the bristles. The tube may be introduced into the receptacle oi the handle from the rear end thereof by pushing the tube longitudinally into the receptacle while the outlet end 5 thereof is in the inverted position shown in dotted lines in Figure 3 and thereupon the tube may be rotated to bring the outlet opening I into registration with the opening 8 of the stock. .lBy reversing, these opertions, the tube may be re- ;moved. This'tube may initially be provided with a cork disk or plug in its discharge end, so as to seal the tube and to keep the contents thereof sanitaryuntil initial use, but when the tube is, first used, the cork is ejected and-thereafter the contents of the tube'ma'y be readily dispensed.

The tube, when in the position of Figures 1 3,

is adapted to be pressed to exude its contents 40 between the bristles oi the brush by exerting pressure upon the tube through the open top of the receptacle whilethe latter is firmly held in the resilient grip of the walls 4. After the desired 1 amount of paste has been forced out of the tube the stock end oi handle is not unduly bulky 56- and the tapered shank of the tube fits so closely to the back of the stock that its presence is not noticeablewhen brushing the teeth.

In the constructions of Figures 4 and 5, we have shown the manner in which powder may be used with a brush of this kind. In these figures the brush and handle are made as hereinbefore described, although the opening 8 in the stock may be omitted if desired and instead of employing a tube of tooth paste, we utilize a container for powdered dentifrice.- This container is in the form of an elongated tube 9, which may bQ Pcollapsible or not as desired, but is shaped to be received in the receptacle of the handle and gripped by the walls 4 to hold it against falling out. It

has at its rear end a flange l0 adapted to be gripped by the fingers to facilitate its insertion into and removal from the receptacle of the brush handle, and at its forward end it is provided with a reduced extension I I, perforated as shown at' l2, and adapted to'be normally covered by acap l3 when it is desired to use the powder in the conin the parts are so shaped and associated that the brush.

is not materially larger than the conventional tooth brush. The tube of tooth paste is replenished from time to time by'providing appropriate refills adapted to fit the brush and designed for cooperation therewith.

The foregoing detailed description sets forth the invention in its preferred practical form, but

the invention is to be understood as fully commensurate with the appended claim.

Having thus fully described the invention. what we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A tooth brush having a relatively thin substantially straight cylindrical tubular handle open at both ends and provided with a narrow longitudi-- nal slot along its top for its full length to provide' therein a receptacle, a fiat brush stock integral with and projecting from the base of the cylindrical handle in straight line relation therewith and having bristles on its under side with a hole through the bristle portion of the stock, and a tube of tooth paste within the receptacle of the handle and projecting through and beyond both ends thereof and having at its forward end an integral, ofiset tapering shank extending to and terminating in the hole in the stock, said cylindrical handle being transversely resilient to frictionally grip and hold the tube in the cylindrical handle. I0


ISIDOR r'rmscmumn.

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