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Publication numberUS2170060 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1939
Filing dateFeb 3, 1938
Priority dateFeb 3, 1938
Publication numberUS 2170060 A, US 2170060A, US-A-2170060, US2170060 A, US2170060A
InventorsMeyer David
Original AssigneeHygienol Co Inc
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Receptacle or box
US 2170060 A
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Aug. 22, 1939. MEYER I 2,170,060

RECEPTAGLE OR BOX Filed Feb. 3, 1938 INVENTOR. BY w 7/ ATTORNEY! Patented Aug. 1939 UNITED STATES RECEPTACLE R BOX David Meyer, New Rochelle, N. Y., assignor to The Hygienol Co. Inc., New Rochelle, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application February 3, 1938, Serial No. 188,493

3 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in receptacles or boxes, and more particularly to transparent receptacles or boxes.

A particular object of the invention is the provision of an improved box of Cellophane or like material, used as containers for articles of 'commerce, to which containers color effects for the borders or edges thereof may be added with the minimum expense.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an improved container of transparent material in which the edges of the container are given a colored or mottled efiect, and in which the color material can be added to the container after the blanks from which the containers are made are already cut.

Further objects of the invention will be apparent from the specification and drawing, in which- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of my invention, showing a box and cover having the top and bottom edges reinforced with a material of contrasting colors.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view along the lines 2--2 25 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the body side wall, shown partially broken away to illustrate the construction of the beads.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the blank con- 30 stituting the base of the box, va similar blank forming the horizontal portion of the cover.

Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the ornamental rope used in providing the color effects to the box shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

Boxes of the type illustrated in Fig. 1 are manufactured from Cellophane or like material in sheet form, the body of the box being formed from a rectangular blank, the ends of which are joined. or seamed together so as to form a 40- cylinder.

Aiter this cylinder is formed, the opposite edges are provided with beads ID as shown in Fig. 3,

the operation of beading not being here illustrated as this may be performed in any well known manner.

After the beads are formed upon the body of the box; an ornamental cord or rope I2 is inserted into said bead to provide the eflect shown in Fig. 2 and it should be noted that only one of the beads of the body in the illustration given is provided with an ornamental cord l2 such as is shown in Fig. 5. V V

A cord of suflicient length togencircle the bead 55 is taken and inserted into said bead the ends of the cord meeting preferably at the point where the edges of the body are seamed together.

After one of the beads of the body has been provided with a cord, the base blank 13 shown in Fig. 4 is then cemented to the edge of the bead 5 over the cord and this blank then becomes the bottom of the box. The cover of the box is, formed by a similar operation but it should be noted is provided with only one bead into which is inserted a cord similar to that inserted in the 10 bead on the body of the box.

After the cord I2 is inserted in the bead of the cover portion, a blank l3 such as is shown in Fig. 4 is cemented to the cover body under the bead and cord.

The edge of the cover fitting over the body of the box is unprovided with a bead.

.In this way there is produced at a minimum of expense, a container of Cellophane or similar material with apleasing ornamental border on the 20 top and bottom thereof, the cord which is used for the border having not only an ornamental function but serving to reinforce the cover and body of the box.

It will be apparent also that in cementing the blank iii to form the base'or to form the top of the cover, the edges of the blank are naturally contiguous to the bead and any of the cement used in connecting the horizontal base or top to the cylindrical members to which they are attached, will also diffuse through and over the head so that the adhesion of the base and top to the respective cylinders is strengthened by the use of additional transparent cement for this purpose.

A very much stronger container will be provided by a reinforcing action of the cord imbedded in the bead.

It is apparent that changes may be made in the structure of the box and in the form of the ornamental bore provided, without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A box having a body of transparenkmaterial, the peripheral edges of said body being beaded and a" cord situated in the .bead formed in the lower edge of said body, and a cover having a bead formed on the circumference "thereof; and a cordsituated in said bead. 2. A box as claimed in claim 1 in which the beads formed in the body and cover extend inwardly. Y I

' 3. A container or boxmade'of Cellophane or like material comprising a body portion and a Y cover portion of transparent material, the periphformed on the upper peripheral edge thereof, a cord of contrasting colors situated in said bead, and a blank situated in said cover portion and abutting said bead, said blank forming the top wall of the container.


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International ClassificationB65D3/18
Cooperative ClassificationB65D11/20, Y10S229/922
European ClassificationB65D11/20