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Publication numberUS2171188 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1939
Filing dateSep 7, 1938
Priority dateSep 7, 1938
Publication numberUS 2171188 A, US 2171188A, US-A-2171188, US2171188 A, US2171188A
InventorsMorris Charles E
Original AssigneeMorris Charles E
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Binding device and pencil support
US 2171188 A
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Aug. 29, 1939. c. E. MORRIS BINDING DEVICE AND PENCIL SUPPORT Filed Sept. '7, 1938 MIN 6%arZes E Morris I I. wflm Patented Aug. 29, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

The invention relates to binding devices and pencil supports, particularly adapted for .use in connection with golf score cards, and has for its object to provide a pencil with a longitudinally extending channel, in which channel the folded portion of the score card may be longitudinally received and compressibly gripped between rigid channel jaws for maintaining the pencil and score card together when not in use, and maintaining the leaves of the score card in closed position.

A further object is to form the channel deeper or Wider at its bottom portion than at its outer portion so that the rigid gripping jaws will compressibly embed themselves in the fibrous card material for preventing lateral outward displacement of the pencil.

A further object is to extend the channel entirely through the pencil longitudinally and through the conical sharpened edge thereof so that the channel will form a flared card entrance receiving portion on the sharpened end of the pencil for guiding the card into the channel between the gripping jaws, no matter how often the pencil is. sharpened.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawing, described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a conventional form of folded score card, showing the pencil attached thereto.

Figure 2 is an enlarged detail perspective view of one end of the pencil and a corner of the card.

Figure 3 is an end view of the pencil showing the sharpened end thereof.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the pencil showing the flared channel entrance portion.

Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 2, but showing a round channel.

Figure 6 is a perspective View of a pencil showing a round channel therein.

Figure 7 is a perspective View of one corner of a card and a portion of a pencil showing a channel of uniform width.

Referring to the drawing, the numeral I designates a conventional form of folded score card or other device to be maintained closed. Although the device is described in connection with a score card, it is to be understood it may be used in connection with other manifold devices.

The device is particularly adapted for use in connection with a score card of the type shown 5 in my application, Serial No. 202,985, filed April 19, 1938.

It is necessary for golfers to carry a score card and a pencil for making entries thereon. Golfers are usually limited in the number of 10 pockets, hence short pencils are used. When the player has to make an entry he has to search from pocket to pocket for a pencil, and to obviate this difficulty the pencil isprovided with means whereby it can be easily attached to the edge of 15 the score card and will also maintain the leaves of the card in closed position, when the card is in the pocket.

The score card I is formed from a single sheet of material, bent upon itself at 2 to form leaves 20 3. In this condition it is generally carried in the pocket of the player, and entries are made on the various sides thereof from time to time. The leaf gripping pencil 4, on one side thereof, is provided with a longitudinally extending dove- 25 tailed shaped channel 5, which extends the full length of the pencil and through one side of the conically shaped sharpened end 6. It will be noted that the channel 5, being wider at its bot tom side, will form a flared entrance portion '1 where it passes through the sharpened conical end 6, therefore it will be seen that the corner of the score card when placed in the. flared portion I will be guided so that its folded edge 2 will pass between the spaced gripping flanges 8, and 35 a further movement of the card longitudinally will cause the flanges 8 to compressibly grip the leaves 3 and hold the pencil on the card, and the card in, folded position.

Referring to Figures 2, 3 and 5 it will be noted 40 that the gripping flanges 8 are rigid and when the pencil is on the edge of the card they are partially embedded in the compressible fibrous material, consequently the pencil can not be laterally moved outwardly from its position. 45 When it is desired to remove the pencil and use the score card, it is only necessary for the operator to grip the card and pencil and move the pencil longitudinally from its position on the card. 50

Referring to Figures 5 and 6, it will be seen that the channel 5| is round in cross section, however its mode of operation is the same as: in the other form.

Referring to Figure 7 wherein a further modi- 55 fication is shown, the side of the pencil provided with a channel 9 of uniform width. In this form the pencil is frictionally held on the card edge.

From the above it will be seen that a folder holding device is provided in the form of a score card, which score card is rigidly gripped between spaced rigid jaws formed by a channel in the side of a pencil.

By forming the channel dove-tailed or round, no matter how often the pencil is sharpened, a flared entrance I is maintained at all times.

The invention having been set forth what is claimed as new and useful is:

1. An article of manufacture comprising a pencil having a dove-tail shaped channel extending longitudinally through one side thereof.

2. An article of manufacture comprising a pencil having a sharpened conical end and a 5 leaf receiving channel in one side thereof and extending into the conical end thereof.

3. An article of manufacture comprising a pencil having a. channel extending longitudinally through one side thereof, the mouth of said channel being restricted in width relative to the widths of intermediate sections. of the channel.


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