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Publication numberUS2173818 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1939
Filing dateSep 30, 1937
Priority dateSep 30, 1937
Publication numberUS 2173818 A, US 2173818A, US-A-2173818, US2173818 A, US2173818A
InventorsBaumer Martin
Original AssigneeBaumer Martin
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Vest and collar holder
US 2173818 A
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Sept. 26, 1939. M. BAUMER 2,173,818

VEST AND COLLAR HOLDER Filed Sept. 30, 1937 INVEN OR Patented Sept. 26, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE VEST AND COLLAR HOLDER Martin Baumer, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Application September 30, 1937, Serial No. 166,559

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a vest and collar holder, and the primary object thereof is to provide a holder of the character described, which is intended to be attached to the neck edge margin of the vest for holding the latter snugly and neatly against the collar, and for maintaining the lower edge and tip portions of a turned-down type of collar in their proper relative positions with respect to and against the inner side of the neck edge margin of the vest.

Further objects of the invention are to provide a device of the class stated, which is simple in its construction and arrangement, durable and efiicient in its use, conveniently attached in po- 1 sition or removed therefrom, adjustable, attractive in appearance, and comparatively inexpensive to manufacture.

To the accomplishment of these and such other objects as may hereinafter appear, the

20 invention consists of the novel, construction, combination and arrangement of parts herein specifically described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, but it is to be understood that changes in the form, proportions and details of 25 construction may be resorted to that come within the scope of the claim hereunto appended.

In the drawing wherein like numerals of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views:

30 Figure 1 is a greatly enlarged front view, partly in cross section, of a vest and collar holder constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the connecting sleeve embodied in the present invention.

Figures 3 and 4 are, respectively, side elevational and inner end views of the adjusting clips.

Referring in detail to the drawing l denotes an oblong, rectangularly-shaped connecting sleeve, constructed of any suitable material, and

40 having open ends.

The top 2 and the bottom 3, of the connecting sleeve I, are each provided with a pair of oblong, longitudinally aligned slots 4, having closed ends, and with a plurality of indents 5. The lat 45 ter open into respective slots 4, and extend at right angles relatively to the longitudinal disposition of the latter. The indents 5 are disposed in transversely aligned pairs at respective sides of the slots 4, and the pairs of indents 50 at each of said slots are regularly and uniformly spaced from each other. The slots and indents in the top 2 are disposed exactly parallel to respective indents and slots in the bottom 3.

My improved holder embodies a pair of flexible 55 members, preferably in the form of chains 6. The

outer end of each of the chains is connected to, a resilient attaching element 7, and. the inner end of each of said chains is joined to an adjusting clip 8. The adjusting clips are inserted in the connecting sleeve I, through respective open 5 ends thereof, and are adjustably secured in said connecting sleeve adjacent to respective ends of the latter.

The adjusting clips 8 are preferably constructed of resilient wire, and each is shaped to form a 10 pair of inwardly projecting legs 9 having free inner ends and a joined outer end H], to which latter the inner ends of respective chains 6 are connected. Each of the legs is shaped to form a compression bow II. The bows of each pair of legs are disposed in opposite directions relatively to each other, the bow in one of said legs projecting upwardly and the bow in the other of said legs projecting downwardly. The free end portions, of the legs 9, are flattened to form relatively wide feet I2, which latter are likewise disposed in opposite directions with respect to each other, the foot of one of said legs projecting upwardly and the foot of the other of said legs projecting downwardly.

The adjusting clips 8 are disposed vertically edgewise in the connecting sleeve I and extend horizontally in the latter. The clips are secured in the connecting sleeve by the engagement of the feet 12 thereof in respective indents 5 in the top 2 and bottom 3 of the connecting sleeve. The bows llv normally project through respective slots 4 and the compression of the former will cause the feet to clear the indents 5, whereby the clip may be adjusted longitudinally in the connecting sleeve to engage any associated pairs of indents to provide the required holder length. The normal resiliency of the clips will maintain the secured connection of the feet I2 in the engaged indents.

My improved vest and collar holder is secured in position by extending same horizontally across the open front of a turned-down type of collar, rearwardly of the neck-tie, and by connecting the attaching elements I at opposed points to the neck edge margin of the vest. When in the attached position, the holder is sufliciently tensed to properly maintain the neck edge margin of the vest in proper engagement with the collar, and to prevent the tip portions of the latter from 5 curling upwardly free from the engaging neck edge margin of the vest.

The present invention provides a most attractive and durable device of its kind, which may be readily employed for effectively maintaining the pairs and opening into respective slots, and a pair of resilient wire adjusting clips mounted in respective ends of said sleeve, each of said clips including a pair of inwardly projecting legs, said pair of legs having oppositely disposed bows projecting through respective vertically aligned slots, the free ends of said pair of legs having oppositely disposed flattened feet normally engaging in respective vertically aligned pairs of indents,

the compression of said bows disengaging said 10 feet from the engaged indents.


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U.S. Classification24/578.11, 24/625, 24/DIG.470, 24/626, 24/335
International ClassificationA41B3/12
Cooperative ClassificationY10S24/47, A41B3/12
European ClassificationA41B3/12