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Publication numberUS2175045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1939
Filing dateAug 20, 1936
Priority dateAug 20, 1936
Publication numberUS 2175045 A, US 2175045A, US-A-2175045, US2175045 A, US2175045A
InventorsVogel Rudolf
Original AssigneeVogel Rudolf
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Coiled material
US 2175045 A
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Oct. 3, 1939. VOGEL 2,175,045


The present invention relates to an improvement in coiled material, an object being to provide a coil of material which will be retained against unwinding, except when the material is 5 drawn to be used.

To this end it is proposed to provide easily breakable adhesive means between the windings of the coiled material, such means being applied in the form of an adhesive coating upon the material as it is wound, the adhesive being dried after winding of the material so that when the material is drawn from the spool the adhesive will be dry and will therefore not interfere with the normal use of the material. It has been known heretofore to provide coiled material with an adhesive but this adhesive either remained moist for use as an adhesive when removed from the coil as in the case of friction tape, or was moistened, after unwinding for use as an adhesive as in the case of paper sealing tape. In the present case the adhesive is not intended or adapted for use as an adhesive after unwinding of the material.

With the above and other objects in View embodiments of the invention are shown in the aa- 5 companying drawing, and these embodiments will be hereinafter more fully described with reference thereto, and the invention will be finally pointed out in the claim.

In the drawing:

Fig 1 is a side elevation of a spool of coiled material, according to the invention, in which the adhesive is applied to the side surfaces of the coiled material.

Fig. 2 is an end elevation thereof, partially in 5 section.

Similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several figures of the drawing.

Referring to the drawing, the material I0,

which may be flat metal strip, paper or fabric tape, or the like is wound as a' coil upon the spool ii in a series of windings overlaid upon each other, the windings being secured against premature unwinding by adhesive i2 applied to the side surfaces of the coil. The adhesive is preferably a quick drying adhesive such as glue, lacquer, cellulose-acetate, or the like, which while securing the windings together with sufficient force to prevent unintentional unwinding will readily break I as the material is withdrawn from the spool. The adhesive will be present upon the edge to such a slight degree as to in no way impair or otherwise affect the normal use of the material.

I have illustrated and described preferred and satisfactory embodiments of the invention, but it will be understood that changes may be made therein, within the spirit and scope thereof as defined in the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

Coiled material for use by unwinding, comprising a single length of ribbon like material having inherent resiliency and wound into a single coil whereby the transverse width of the material extends continuously and unbroken, between the end surfaces of the coil, said end surfaces being in spaced parallel planes and easily breakable adhesive means applied to both of the end surfaces of the wound coil and retaining the material in wound relation to a degree sufficient to resist the inherent tendency of the wound material to uncoil of itself, but insuflicient to resist extraneous unwinding force thereon, the contacting surface of the material between said end surfaces of the coil I being unsecured whereby the material is free to unwind upon simultaneous breaking of the adhesive at both of the end surfaces.


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