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Publication numberUS2175133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1939
Filing dateJul 7, 1938
Priority dateJul 7, 1938
Publication numberUS 2175133 A, US 2175133A, US-A-2175133, US2175133 A, US2175133A
InventorsSingleton Lucile
Original AssigneeSingleton Lucile
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Cosmetic packet
US 2175133 A
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Filed July 7, 1938 Patented Oct. 3, 1939 UNITED STATES PATIENT OFFICE 4 Claims.

This invention is a cosmetic packet intended to be used once, and possibly twice, and then thrown away.

The cosmetic package consists essentially of a a plurality of sheets, one or more of which is impregnated with or carries rouge, one or more of which is impregnated with or carries lip-.

stick, and one -or more of which carries or is impregnated with face powder. A sheet or two of cleansing tissue may be included in the packet, if desired.

The sheets in question are quite small and may conveniently be about two inches square, although the exact size is not important. The

18 several described sheets are contained in a small,

inexpensive envelope, or similar container, preferably made of Cellophane or the like. The transparency of the Cellophane enables the use of another sheet in the envelope with the other 20 sheets, on which may appear directions for use, the name of the manufacturer, the trade-mark, and the like.

The envelope is substantially waterproof, even if left unsealed; it may be sealed to make it fully waterproof.

One of these cosmetic packets has a total thickness of about six or eight sheets of tissue paper, so that the entire packet is very thin and takes up no perceptible amount of room in a ladys handbag or purse.

The rouge used is preferably of a paste type, a spot or film of rouge being placed in the middle of two facing sheets, the film of rouge acting as a mild adhesive for holding the sheets together. Another pair of facing sheets would carry between them a film of lipstick, such film serving as a mild adhesive for holding the sheets together. All the facing sheets, however, are very readily separable.

g Another pair of sheets, as has been mentioned, carries face powder. This powder may be pressed or squeezed between two contacting sheets, although the application of pressure is not essential. If a small amount of powder is put between two tissue sheets and spread evenly and the two sheets put in the envelope, no substantial amount of the powder will escape.

In the use of this packet, a sheet of cleansing tissue may be first extracted from the envelope and used and discarded, then a pair of rouge carrying sheets are withdrawn and the rouge applied and these sheets discarded, then a'palr of sheets carrying lipstick are used and discarded, then a pair of sheets carrying the powder withdrawn and the powder is applied and these sheets discarded, together with the original envelope.

The preferred form of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is an exploded perspective view of the 5 several sheets and the enclosing envelope; and

Figure 2 is an edge view of two of the sheets of Figure 1.

Referring now to the drawing, 2 and 2 represent sheets of tissue, corresponding central areas 10 4 of which are covered with a film of paste rouge and the two sheets then pressed or squeezed together, the rouge acting as a mild adhesive to hold the sheets together. One or both sheets could carry rouge as desired. 6 and 6' represent 15 similar tissue sheets having areas I and I impregnated or spread with a film or films of lipstick, these sheets being held together by the film of lipstick as a mild adhesive. Additional pairs of sheets containing rouge and lipstick go of a different shade may be included if desired.

8 and 8' represent sheets of tissue spread with face powder 9 and 9'.

With the described sheets may be one or more sheets of cleansing tissue Ill. 25

The described sheets, which are all of approximately the same size, are superposed and packaged in an envelope ll preferably made of some such material as Cellophane. The envelope may be provided wth a folder or flap I2. 0 The use of the Cellophane" envelope, as noted, enables the use of another square of paper l2 on which may be printed directions, trade-marks, the name of the maker, etc.

The envelope is substantially waterproof, even 5 if unsealed; it may be sealed to make it fully waterproof. This waterproof feature makes the packet particularly useful for sports, and it may even be carried when swimming.

The term paste cosmetic as used in the 40 claims is intended to cover paste rouge or lipstick.

There is thus provided a very small, inexpensive and waterproof cosmetic packet. The cleansing tissue sheet, the rouge and lipstick 45 sheets, and the powder sheets are used as necessary, all being successively discarded after use, and the envelope then discarded. A packet of this sort can be made in quantity at a very slight cost, so slight that in certain instances 5 they could be given away as advertisements. One, two or three of these packets would suffice a lady for an entire evening and yet would be much less bulky to carry than the ordinary vanity case. 55

While the invention has been described in some detail, it should be understood that the invention may be carried out in other ways.

I claim as my invention:

1. A cosmetic packet comprising in combination a flat envelope containing a plurality 0! pairs of detached sheets, a plurality of species or cosmetic preparations, each of said cosmetic vpreparations being retained while in the packet between substantially the central inner surfaces of one of said pairs of sheets.

2. A cosmetic packet comprising in combination a flat envelope containing a plurality of pairs of detached sheets, a plurality of species otcosmetic preparations, said preparations being mildly adhesive in nature, each of said preparations being retained between the adjacent sheets of one of said pairs of sheets.

3. A cosmetic packet comprising in combination a flat envelope containing a plurality of pairs 01' detached sheets, a plurality of species of cosmetic preparations, each of saidcosmetic preparations being retained while in the packet between substantially the central inner LUCIILE SINGLETON.

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International ClassificationA45D40/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D40/00, Y10S206/823
European ClassificationA45D40/00