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Publication numberUS2176329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1939
Filing dateDec 1, 1937
Priority dateDec 1, 1937
Publication numberUS 2176329 A, US 2176329A, US-A-2176329, US2176329 A, US2176329A
InventorsChambers David A
Original AssigneeChambers David A
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Display apparatus
US 2176329 A
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Oct. 17,1939.

D A. CHAMBERS 2,176,329 DISPLAY APPARATUS Filed Dec. 1; 1937 4 INVENTOR .224 we 5595 M ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 17, 1939 UNITED STATES 2,l76,32li

PATENT orricr:

3 Claims.

This invention relates to display devices for goods that are shown behind glass such as a show window or within a glassed showcase, being particularly effective for small high class articles such as precious stones, set or unset.

The objects of this invention are to display oods of the character indicated to the best advantage. As it is well known that even an expert jeweler must look at a precious stone through a magnifier to tell much of anything about it, it is a further object of the invention to accord the same facility to a prospective customer.

A further object is a combination of elements that affords full play to a window dressers skill, in employing the device to show goods.

The foregoing and other objects that will be apparent to those skilled in the art of displaying goods, are the purpose of the present invention.

The invention resides in the combination of elements as hereinafter particularly pointed out in the claims.

The best form in which I now contemplate practice of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, though a number of variations will be immediately suggested by the drawing itself, and others as the invention is practiced.

In the drawing,

Fig. I is a side view of one form of the invention, used in displaying a jeweled ring through a plate glass window, the latter and some other parts to be explained being shown in section;

Fig. II is a View of that part of Fig. I indicated by the line II-II of Fig. I, only the immediate foreground being shown.

Fig. III is a projection of a part of Fig. I, taken from the position indicated by the line IIIIII of Fig. I; and

Fig. IV is a view of a differently formed apparatus, as applied to a glass-topped show-case.

Indicating characters are applied to the several views to more clearly connect them with the text of the descriptive matter to follow.

Describing Fig. I, numeral l indicates a vertical sheet of plate glass, in any portion of a show window. 2 is the well known rubber vacuum cup widely employed for attaching devices to glass or other smooth surfaces, by moistening the lips and expelling air in the cup portion by pressure against the surface. The vacuum cup 2 is provided with attaching means 3 to which is fastened a bent rod 4, which may be bent in a great variety of forms as may be desirable, except that it will have a straight portion 4a upon which is adjustably mounted a shelf member 5. The shelf member 5 may also take a variety of forms, that shown being illustrative only and the type of engaging means for the rod at 4a may be varied accordingly.

A mounting 6a is provided for the straight portion 4a of the rod 4 that is adapted to securely hold a magnifier 6. The magnifier shown is of the type nearly always found in jewelry stores and sold in large quantities, though it may be desired to use a rimless lens that is provided with a means for securing it in place.

It will be immediately apparent that the bent portion of the rod a may be shaped differently by the window dresser so that several displays may be made at different levels on the same window glass, while preserving a proper angle of vision to a viewer on the outside of the window.

As will be observed, the shelf 5 is adjustable with respect to the magnifier 6 so that proper focus is an easy matter. The shelf 5 may be made in variable widths so that it will require a fairly nice balance to place a valuable ring or unset jewel on display, so that a jar considerably less than would result from breakage of the glass will dislodge it and it will fall.

In Fig. IV another form of the invention, differing only in the type of bend in the rod 4, is shown employed in connection with a glass topped show-case, the glass top being indicated by the numeral Ill, otherwise a description of the figure would be merely repetition of that given for Fig. I and is therefore omitted.

Having disclosed my invention so that anyone skilled in the art to which it appertains may make and use it, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is,

1. Display apparatus for small merchandise comprising a frame member, a goods shelf slidably mounted on the frame, a magnifying lens attached to the frame in focal alignment with the goods shelf and vacuum cup means for attaching the frame to the inside of a vertical window glass in offset relationship to the goods shelf, said magnifying lens being so mounted that it will be between the window and the shelf.

2. Window display apparatus for small merchandise comprising a vacuum cup supported, a frame supported thereby to project inwardly from a window glass to which the vacuum cup is attaohed, a goods display shelf mounted on the frame in offset relationship to the vacuum cup and a magnifying lens attached to the frame in focal relationship to the shelf, between the shelf and the window upon which the apparatus is mounted.

3. Window display means for jewelry comprising a vacuum cup attachable to a vertical window glass, a recurved frame member having one end thereof attached to the cup and its median portion so formed that it presents a relatively straight portion at a substantial angle to the window upon which the cup is attached, a magnifying lens mounted on said straight portion and a movable goods shelf mounted on said straight portion in spaced relationship behind the lens.


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International ClassificationA47F7/02
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