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Publication numberUS2176535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1939
Filing dateNov 29, 1937
Priority dateNov 29, 1937
Publication numberUS 2176535 A, US 2176535A, US-A-2176535, US2176535 A, US2176535A
InventorsTheodore Markoff
Original AssigneeParamount Line Inc
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Greeting card
US 2176535 A
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Oct. 17, 1939. MARKOFF 2,176,535

GREETING CARD Filed Nov. 29, 1957 a WMMLZk ATTORNEY Patented Got. 17, 1939 UNITED: STATES GREETING CARD Theodore Markoff, Providence, R. I., assignor to The Paramount Line, Inc., a corporation of Rhode Island Application November 29, 1937, Serial No. 177,011

1 Claim.

My present invention relates to greeting cards, such as Christmas and birthday cards, and has particular reference to a novel ornamentation therefor.

The principal object of my invention is to provide an ornamental attachment for a greeting card or the like, which will enhance the attractiveness and value of the card to the recipient.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a device for rendering a greeting card more personal.

Another object of my invention is to provide a simple attachment for a greeting card which may be removed from the greeting card and may be separately used as a personal reminder.

An additional object of my invention is to provide an attachment for a card which is adapted to receive a photograph such as a personal portrait, the parts being so arranged as to produce a three dimensional lifelike erect.

With the above and other objects and advantageous features in View, my invention consists of a novel arrangement of parts more fully disclosed in the detailed description following, and more specifically defined in the claim appended thereto.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a greeting card comprising the novel invention;

Fig. 2 is a detail showing the appearance of the attachment as purchased, ready to receive an inserted photograph;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged central horizontal section through the attachment and the associated greeting card parts;

Fig, 4. is a perspective view showing the back of the portrait frame;

Fig. 5 is a perspective View of the magnifying lens.

It has been found desirable to provide a greeting card with an attached frame in which a photograph such as a portrait of the sender may be inserted, the frame including a magnifying lens which is positioned directly over the portrait so as to add depth to the picture and thus render the portrait more lifelike. The parts are preferably so arranged that the portrait holding 5o attachment may be removed from the greeting card and may have inserted therein a replacement back of any desired form, so that it may be preserved independently of the greeting card if desired. To this end I have provided a simple 55 arrangement of parts which may be readily detached from the greeting card, as hereinafter described.

In the drawing, the geeting card II], which may be of any desired shape and may have any desired ornamentation and greetings thereon, 5 has a portrait holder H mounted thereon at any place desired, this portrait holder consisting of a portrait frame l2, see Fig. 4, which as shown is preferably stamped from sheet metal and is generally box-like in form and open at the back, 10 the sides and bottom l3 forming an enclosure When mounted on the greeting card, and the top being open to permit insertion of a portrait, as hereinafter described.

An opening M of any desired shape, but pref- 15 erably of circular form, is formed in the frame [2, and the sides 13 of the frame are provided with a plurality of prongs l5 in order to lock the frame securely to the greeting card. Before locking the frame to the greeting card, a mag- 20 nifying lens 16 is preferably positioned so as to extend outwardly from the opening Hi, the lens I6 being of greater diameter than the opening so that the locking of the frame to the greeting card will securely lock the lens against removal, 25 while at the same time leaving a thin space directly in back of the lens for receiving the portrait. The prongs l5 securely clamp the frame to the greeting card; additional prongs such as Hla being utilized if desired, to positively lock the 30 lens in place. As shown in Fig. 3, the prongs are pushed through the card I0 and then bent over to effectively lock the frame to the card.

The greeting card thus contains ornamentation and printed or engraved greetings, and in 5 addition contains a picture frame in which a personal portrait may be inserted, the use of the magnifying lens producing an illusion of depth and simulating a lifelike effect. After the greeting card has been received, it may be kept with 40 the picture frame mounted thereon, or the picture frame may be removed from the greeting card and a replacement back inserted, the prongs I5 being opened to first permit removal from the greeting card and then bent to lock the back in place. The frame may be provided with a conventional back and an easel so that it can be set up on a table, bureau or the like.

The preferred frame is made of metal, for ready attachment to the greeting card; but the 60 frame may be formed of the material of the card itself, as by stamping of the like, the magnifying lens being mounted in place so as to permit the insertion of a photograph in back thereof.

card having a portrait frame fixed thereto, said frame having sides, a bottom, and an open top, said frame having an opening, a magnifying lens in said opening, said lens being spaced from said card to permit insertion of a photograph adjacent the lens, and a plurality of prongs integral with the sides and bottom of said frame for looking said frame to said card.


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International ClassificationB42D15/04, B42D15/02
Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/045, B42D15/02
European ClassificationB42D15/04C, B42D15/02