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Publication numberUS2177188 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1939
Filing dateFeb 27, 1937
Priority dateFeb 27, 1937
Publication numberUS 2177188 A, US 2177188A, US-A-2177188, US2177188 A, US2177188A
InventorsLewis Pengilly
Original AssigneeLewis Pengilly
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Cigarette lighter
US 2177188 A
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Oct. 24, 1939. PENGILLY 2,177,188"

CIGARETTE HOLDER Filed Feb. 27, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR ATTORN EY Oct. 24, 1939. 1.. PENGILLY CIGARETTE HOLPER Filed Feb. 27, 1937 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Oct. 2 4, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

This invention relates generally to a cigarette dispenser and lighter and in particular relates to a device of this character especially designed for use on automobiles, airplanes, motor boats and the like.

The principal object of my invention is to provide a cigarette dispenser and lighter which may be effectively operated with one hand as by the operator of an automobile, the device inluding a unitary and removable cigarette holder and lighter whereby to effect ease of lighting of a cigarette and delivery of the same to the smokers mouth.

Another object of my invention is to provide a cigarette dispenser and lighter in which is included an agitator to prevent jamming oi the cigarette in the supply container, the agitator functioning with the actuation of the cigarette delivery pull rod.

A further object of the invention is to produce a simple and inexpensive device and yet one which will be exceedingly effective for the purpose for which it is designed.

These objects I accomplish by means of such structure and relative arrangement of parts as will fully appear by a perusal of the following specification and claims.

In the drawings similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several views:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved cigarette dispenser and lighter.

Figure 2 is a front elevation half in section in substantially the plane of line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the unitary removable cigarette holder and lighter as removed and engaging a cigarette.

Figure 4 is a sectional elevation of the device illustrating the position of the parts when not in use.

Figure 5 is a sectional elevation illustrating the position of the parts when the cigarette delivery pull rod is pulled outward.

Referring now more particularly to the characters of reference on the drawings, the device comprises a cigarette container 1, preferably of hopper shape, the container having outwardly and oppositely projecting flanges 2 formed along its upper side edges, and which extend some distance beyond the container at the back. These flanges 2 removably and slidably engage in channels 3 formed along corresponding edges of a top or supporting plate 4 which is secured in horizontal position to a vehicle dash board 5 or the like by means of a securing clamp 6.

A downturned flange I may be provided along the back edge of top plate 4 to prevent the container from sliding back beyond said edge.

To reload the container, it is merely pulled forward sufficiently to enable the cigarettes to be conveniently placed therein, which can be done, owing to the extended flanges 2, without actually removing the container from its support. However if desired, the container can be completely withdrawn.

The bottom of the container l, which is substantially the same length as a cigarette, is formed with a horizontal trough 8 extending lengthwise of the container and of a size to receive only one cigarette at a time therefrom. The trough along its rear portion is formed with a longitudinal slot 9 in the bottom, said slot being of less width than the diameter of a cigarette. The front wall 10 of the container extends some distance below the trough, as shown in Fig. 2, and a cigarette delivery pull rod H slidably projects through said wall below the trough. This rod is formed exteriorly of the wall with a trigger-like finger element [2, and extends at an upward slope interiorly, through slot 9 and to a termination in an upstanding cigarette engaging element 13 which slides in trough B. A compression spring l4 secured to rod il serves to maintain the rod in retracted position as shown in Fig. 4.

The forward end of trough 8 is open through front wall I!) whereby when the rod is pulled outward, a cigarette in the trough will be partially projected beyond the wall and into the unitary and removable cigarette holder and lighter hereinafter described.

The device is provided with an agitator for the cigarettes in the container and which agitator comprises two transversely spaced arms 15 pivoted at their rear ends, as at It, to the rear wall of the case for swinging movement alongside the trough 8. Front and rear cross members I! and I8 respectively maintain the arms in rigid connection. An upstanding agitator blade I9 is formed on the forward end of each arm IS, the blades being disposed to the sides of the trough and. projecting into the container through transversely spaced slots 20. When the cigarette delivery rod is advanced, cross member I'l rides up the sloping portion of the rod until the agitator blades 19 extend into the container as shown in Fig. 5. With the retraction of the rod II, the blades I9 and connected arms i5 tend to drop to an inoperative position as shown in Fig. 4. However, if

gravity does not fully return the arms and blades to such position, the rear and upper end of the rod will strike cross-member 18, which is slightly downturned as shown, and will thus effect a return of the connected parts.

By employing an agitator, as above described, the cigarettes in the container cannot jam and one will always be deposited in the trough. The rod H, agitator mechanism and trough portion of the container are enclosed by means of a removable shell 21 held in place by any suitable means.

A metallic socket member 22 projects from the face of the container, the socket being concentric with and in communication with the forward and open end of the trough. This socket member 22 is lined with dielectric material 23 such as Bakelite. A combination cigarette holder and lighter removably engages with the socket member and comprises a head 24 and a projecting, sleeve-like cigarette holder 25. The holder 25 is mounted on the head in insulated relation thereto, the insulation being shown at 26.

An electrical resistance element 21 is mounted in the holder 25 adjacent the bottom thereof, one lead of the resistance element being connected to the holder and the other to a contact element 28 mounted in the head and insulated from both the head and holder. A push button 29 is arranged to make contact between the ead and the resistance element. The forward end of the sleeve-like holder 25 is reduced in internal diameter, as at 30, in order to firmly engage a cigarette indicated at C. Spring fingers 3| also serve to maintain a cigarette in the holder and with one end thereof in contact with resistance element 21.

An opening 32 of sui'licient size to receive one end of a cigarette or cigar, is formed in the holder adjacent the element. This enables the user to light a cigarette held in the mouth and not taken from the container, by heating the element by pressing button 29, withdrawing the holder, and contacting the heated element with the end of said cigarette inserted through opening 22.

The forward end of the holder is formed with a circumferential groove 33 into which a spring contact strip 36 engages when the holder is disposed in the socket member 22. This strip is mounted on the under side of trough 8 in insulated relation thereto and projects through an opening in wall I!) in clearance relation. A current supply wire 35 is connected to the strip and projects through the back of shell 2|.

When the cigarette holder 25 is disposed in the socket, the metallic head contacts the socket member as at 36 and contact strip 34 engages in groove 33. Thus, when push button 29 engages contact element 28, the circuit (of the usual one-wire type used in motor vehicles) is closed and the resistance element heats ready to ignite a cigarette which has first been drawn from the trough into the holder by pulling on finger piece l2 on the outer end of rod ll.

As soon as the element is hot, the smoker grasps head 24 and withdraws holder 25 (and the cigarette therein) from the socket. The free end of the cigarette is then placed in the mouth and With a few suctional draws thereon, the end in contact with the element becomes ignited. The holder is then withdrawn from the cigarette and replaced in the socket. Thus, the dispensing, igniting and delivery to the smoker-s mouth is accomplished readily with one hand.

The device may, if desired, be mounted on the steering post of a motor vehicle or may be mounted in an opening in the dashboard rather than suspended below the dashboard as shown.

From the foregoing description it Will be readily seen that I have produced such a device as substantially fulfills the objects of the invention as set forth herein.

While this specification sets forth in detail the present and preferred construction of the device, still in practice such deviations from such detail be resorted to as do not form a departure from the spirit of the invention, as defined by the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and useful and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A cigarette holder and igniter unit comprising a portable cigarette holder including a metallic sleeve, an electric cigarette igniting element disposed in the sleeve adjacent one end and in insulated relation thereto, one terminal of the igniting element being connected to said sleeve, a relatively fixed metallic supporting member having a socket therein for the reception of the sleeve, said socket having a dielectric lining, a contact element in and insulated from the socket adapted to engage the sleeve, and means in which a portion of the holder forms a part to place the other terminal of the igniting element in circuit with the supporting member when the sleeve of the holder is disposed in the socket.

2. A device as in claim 1 in which said portion of the holder comprises an enlarged metallic head mounted on the sleeve and insulated therefrom, said head making electrical contact with the outer end of the supporting member when the sleeve is inserted into the socket and the contact element is in engagement with the sleeve.

3. A device as in claim 1 in which said last named means comprises an enlarged metallic head mounted on the sleeve and insulated therefrom, said head making electrical contact with the outer end of the supporting member When the sleeve is inserted into the socket and the contact element is in engagement with the sleeve; the head including a push button switch disposed in circuit between the head and said other terminal of the igniting element.


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