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Publication numberUS2178898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1939
Filing dateJul 1, 1938
Priority dateJul 1, 1938
Publication numberUS 2178898 A, US 2178898A, US-A-2178898, US2178898 A, US2178898A
InventorsEarl J Housekeeper, Henry M Hunt, John C Schellin
Original AssigneeAkron Brass Mfg Company Inc
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Siphon pump construction
US 2178898 A
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Nov. 7, 1939. J. c. SCHELLIN ET Al.

SIPHON PUMP CONSTRUCTION Filed Julyl, 1938 m. lu NME II Patented Nov. 1?',V 1939 UNHEB STAFEES ori-ics SIPHGN PUMP CONSTRUCTEON Application .lluly 1, i938, Serial No. 218,954

l Claim.

The invention relates generally to Siphon pumps, and more particularly to improved means for adjusting the discharge tube of a Siphon pump with respect to its injector nozzle.

Siphon pumps are used with varying water pressures in the injector nozzle, and are required to lift water to varying heights, so that the discharge tube must be adjusted toward and away from the injector nozzle accordingto the particular operating conditions in order to obtain the highest emciency possible for each particular use.

In certain prior constructions adjustment of the discharge tube has necessitated access to ad- P justing means located within the housing, malring the adjusting operation slow and diiiicult to perform, especially when the pump is in operation.

Other prior constructions have included adjusting means laterally spaced from the discharge tube and operatively connected thereto, but with these constructions considerable effort is required to move the discharge tube and diiiculty is experienced in preventing the adjusting parts from binding or jamming, especially after they become corroded in use, because the adjusting means is onset from the discharge tube.

With both of the foregoing types of prior constructions, when the pump is placed in a sump from which water is to be pumped, the pump is very often entirely submerged and under such conditions it is difficult to locate and operate the adjusting means.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel and improved construction for quickly and easily adjusting the discharge tube of a Siphon pump under any and all operating conditions.

Another object is to provide an improved adjusting construction for the discharge tube of a siphon pump accessible from the exterior of the pump housing.

A further object is to provide an improved Siphon pump adjusting construction which operates without causing the parts to bind or jam even if they become corroded in use.

A still further object is to provide improved Siphon pump adjusting means which is easily accessible and easily located under all conditions.

Other objects include the provision of a simple and inexpensive -siphon pump construction having adjusting means which is exceptionally durable and easily operated.

These and ancillary objects are accomplished by the improvements comprising the present in- (Ci. S- 260) vention, a preferred embodiment of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawing and hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention may be stated in general terms as including a yoke member secured to the discharge tube having portions projecting through and movable longitudinally in the housing terminal surrounding the discharge tube, and an exterior adjusting sleeve mounted on said housing terminal for rotatable but not longitudinal movef ment, said sleeve being adjustably connected to or threadedly engaged with said yoke projecting portions for axially adjusting the discharge tube. Referring to the embodiment shown by way oi example in the drawing:

Figure l is a longitudinal sectional View of the improved siphon pump, certain of the adjusting parts being shown in elevation;

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional View as on line 2 2, Fig. l, with the more distant parts removed; Fig. 3 is a similar transverse sectional view as on line 3 5, Fig. l, and

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional View as on line 4-55, Fig. 1.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawing.

The Siphon pump, to which the improved adjusting means is applied as shown in the drawing, preferably includes a base 5 for supporting the pump, and a truste-conical Strainer t is mounted on said base. The lower terminal 'l of a bulged pump housing d is preferably screwed in the upper end or said strainer member 6, as shown. y

The housing terminal i may have a removable liner 9 having a flange l@ at its lower end extending under and secured to the lower end of terminal l. The upper end. of said liner 9 preferably serves as a Seat for a check valve ll of .usual construction hinged to the housing as at l2.

The injector tube i3 is preferably in the form of an inverted goose-neck as shown, and may be formed integral with the housing 8. The outer end of the goose-neck is preferably provided with a usual coupling connection ifi swiveled thereon, for connection to a standard hose coupling part on a hose for supplying fluid under pressuse to the goose-neck.

The inner end or nozzle i5 of the goose-neck injector is turned upwardly and is coaxial with the lower and upper terminals of the housing as shown, and may be provided with a remova bushing l@ if desired.

The upper terminal ll of the housing 8 is: coaxial with the lower terminal 'l and is provided at its upper end with exterior screw threads I8 for connection with a hose fitting for coupling a discharge hose to said terminal I1 surrounding the upper end of the discharge tube I9. The discharge tube I9 is mounted within and concentric or coaxial with the housing terminal I1, and its lower end 20 is adapted to be aligned with and spaced from the nozzle end I of the injector goose-neck. 'I'he bore of discharge tube I9 may be ared or outwardly tapered at the ends of said tube, as indicated at 2| and 22, in accordance with usual practice.

Preferably, the discharge tube I9 is axially slidably mounted in spaced partition walls 23 in the housing terminal I1 and plates 24 secured thereto, packings 25 being held between the plates 24 and partition walls 23 for providing seals around the discharge tube. The parts of the siphon pump thus far described are well known, and per se form no part of the present invention.

The improved means for adjusting the discharge tube longitudinally or axially of the housing terminal and toward and away from the injector nozzle preferably includes a. collar or yoke 26 secured to the discharge tube I9 as by set screw 21. For the purpose of assembly, the housing terminal I1 is provided with a side opening 28 large enough to permit insertion of the yoke 26.

The yoke 26 is provided with radially outwardly projecting portions or ears 29 which project slidably through vertical or longitudinal guide slots 30 in the housing terminal I1, so that the ears 29 can move up and down longitudinally or axially of the housing a distance determined by the length of the slots. Preferably, the yoke 26 is provided with two diametrically opposite ears 29 movable in diametrically opposite slots 30, although the number and disposition of the slots and ears may be varied as desired, without departing from the scope of the invention.

Means for moving the yoke 26 longitudinally of the housing terminal and thereby adjusting the discharge tube toward and away from the injector nozzle preferably includes a sleeve 32 surrounding the housing terminal I1 and covering the slots 30 and the side opening 28 therein. The sleeve 32 is preferably adjustably connected to the ears 29 by providing interior screw threads 33 on the sleeve engaging exterior threads on the ears 29.

Means for rotatably mounting or swivelling the sleeve on the housing terminal preferably includes a plurality of rollers 34 located in an annular channel or raceway formed by an annular groove 35 in the sleeve and a registering annular groove 36 in the housing terminal I1. 'I'hus the rollers 34 provide anti-friction means for rotatably mounting or swivelling the sleeve on the housing terminal and engage the registering grooves 35 ,and 36 to prevent longitudinal movement of the sleeve on the housing terminal.

Preferably the sleeve 32 is provided with circumferentially arranged ribs or corrugations 31 for aiding in turning the same, and -a hole 38 is provided through the sleeve at the groove 35 for inserting the rollers 34, said hole being normally closed by a screw 39.

In the operation of the improved adjusting means, rotation of the sleeve 32 will move the yoke and discharge tube longitudinally, the ears 29 sliding up or down in the slots 39, thereby adjusting the lower end 2B of the discharge tube toward and away from the injector nozzle I5 to meet various conditions.

Since the operator can take a firm grip on the adjusting sleeve 32 with both hands, any desired adjustment is quickly and easily made. The adjusting sleeve is located on the exterior of the pump housing where it is easily accessible under all conditions and the sleeve engages opposite sides of the yoke to adjust the discharge tube, so that the sleeve moves easily and there are no parts to bind or jam even if they become corroded in use.

Since the adjusting sleeve is exterior of and concentric with the housing terminal I1 of the pump, it is easily located and operated even though hidden from view, as by being submerged in the water to be pumped.

The adjusting parts are simple and inexpensive to make, and easily assembled and after being assembled the adjusting sleeve 32 covers all other adjusting parts and openings so as to present a trim and pleasing appearance.

We claim:

In a siphon pump having a housing terminal and a discharge tube axially movable within said housing terminal, a yoke secured on said discharge tube, ears on said yoke projecting through said housing terminal and movable axially thereof, said housing terminal havinga side opening therein for inserting said yoke for assembly, a sleeve swiveled on the discharge end of said housing terminal screwed onto said projecting ears and covering said housing terminal side opening, and means rotatably mounting said sleeve on said housing terminal.


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