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Publication numberUS2179471 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1939
Filing dateApr 15, 1939
Priority dateApr 15, 1939
Publication numberUS 2179471 A, US 2179471A, US-A-2179471, US2179471 A, US2179471A
InventorsMartin L Lee
Original AssigneeMartin L Lee
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US 2179471 A
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Nov. 7, 1939.


Filed April 15, 1939 INVENTOR. WAR/71v X. [a


Patented Nov. 7, 1939 *NITED STATES PATENT GFFFCE 3 Claims.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in games, and relates more particu larly to an improved dart game provided with a non-stationary target.

One of the objects of the invention is the provision of a novel game combining the features of a card game with a game of skill, using pointed missives or darts.

Another object of the invention is the provision of an improved target structure wherein there is a stationary backing member and a circular rotatable target member upon the surface of which are printed, ligthographed or otherwise inscribed, a plurality of playing cards, such cards preferably constituting an entire poker deck arranged in any suitable fashion.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved target member having a removable face upon which the card representations are inscribed in order that when the target becomes worn through constant use, such face may be easily and quickly removed and another one inserted in its place.

To this end, the invention includes a square or substantially rectangular backing member made preferably from wood or other material which will receive a pointed dart in the event that such dart is not well aimed and misses the target member. The target is preferably circular and is pivotally mounted at the center thereof in the center of the backing member.

On the front of the target member is mounted a disc of cork or other similar material, such disc being co-extensive with the target member and having on its exposed face the representation of a plurality of cards. The missives may be of conventional construction with feathers or fins to make their flight more accurate.

In the drawing,

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the preferred embodiment of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation thereof;

Fig. 3 is a broken vertical section taken through pivot means for the revolving target, such means employing ball bearings;

Fig. 4 is a broken vertical section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1 and shows one preferred pivot means;

Fig. 5 is a broken section taken on line 55 of Fi i;

Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the complete device and an easel support therefor.

Referring now to the drawing in more detail, the preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a substantially square backing member Ill made from wood or other material which is capable of offering an approved resistance to a pointed dart when the same is thrown at the board from a distance.

A rotating target member I! is of less diameter than the Width of the board and such member is pivotally mounted at its center at substantially the center of the backing member Ill. Any suitable pivot member such as a shaft l2 (Fig. 2) may be employed and in Fig. 5 one preferred pivot structure is shown in detail.

A shaft I4 is provided with an enlarged, fiat base portion l5, which latter portion is embedded in'a recess H5 in the rear surface of the circular member I I and is secured thereto by means of screws I1. The shaft I4 is received in a bearing member l9 having a base portion 20 positioned in a recess 2| in the backing member Iii and secured therein by means of screws 22.

The shaft is secured against longitudinal movement in the bearing by means of a set screw 23 in the bearing which enters an annular recess 24 in the shaft.

A disc 26 of cork or other similar material is secured to the front surface of the target member l l by any suitable means. On the front surface of the disc the representation of a plurality of playing cards 2'! is positioned. These cards preferably constitute one entire poker deck and are arranged in any suitable manner around the periphery of the disc as well as in the central portion thereof. The representation of these cards may be lithographs printed or otherwise inscribed upon this surface, and it is preferred to show only the half card, as indicated in Fig. 1. There is also provided a space between each card as indicated at 28, and when the dart falls upon one of such spaces, no score is obtained by the player. In other words, the general arrangementof cards as shown suggests the arrangement of cards held in the hand with only the right hand portion thereof showing. The intermediate areas 28 may, of course, be eliminated if desired.

The disc 26 may be cemented or otherwise secured to the rotatable target, as indicated in Fig. 2, or it may be removably positioned therein and normally secured in place on the member H by means of an annular ring 29, having an inwardly turned flange portion 30, which flange engages the front surface of the disc around the edge thereof, as shown in Fig. 4. Thus, when the disc becomes worn from constant use, it may be removed by removing the annular ring 29 and a new one put in its place. Likewise, the front surface of the backing member it! may be provided with a sheet of cork or other such material, as indicated at 33 in Fig. 2. It is not necessary that such material cover the entire backing member, but only such portion as is not covered by the rotatable target H. On the front surface of the cork 33 any suitable rings such as 3 4 may be provided, which rings may, if desired, be colored to suggest a bulls-eye. The lower end of the backing member is provided with a horizontal portion 36 and a rail 37 is secured along the lower surface thereof adjacent the front edge. Through the portions 36 and N are formed a plurality of vertically spaced apertures 38 which are adapted to support the lower end of the darts 39, such darts being provided with a plurality of longitudinally disposed feathers ii]. If it is desired to cause the dial to rotate more freely, the ball bearing structure illustrated in Fig. 3 may be provided. In this instance, the shaft 43 is also formed with a base portion l -l secured to the targetby means of screws $5. The shaft is formed with a reduced portion it which carries a bearing collar which is engaged around its periphery by means of the ball bearings 48. The bearing member 58 is likewise provided with a bearing collar 5! and a base portion 52 secured to the backing member it by means of screws 53. A nut 54 prevents the shaft 43 from being removed from the bearing structure.

Fig. 6 shows a side elevation of the completed structure, in this instance the backing member being mounted on an easel support ill. In the event that the easel support is not desired, the backing member may be hung upon the wall by means of a ring 58 secured at the upper end of the backing member.

The preferred card arrangement is illustrated in Fig. 1 wherein a plurality of cards of lower values are arranged around the periphery of the target and a second group of higher valued cards are arranged in an annular fashion in a second circle adjacent to the center. A card of less value is placed at the center. It is obviouslymore difficult to hit one of the cards of higher value in the inner concentric circle and there is a strong likelihood of hitting the low center card. The cards adjacent to the edge of the disc are easier to hit because of the larger area and in order to make the game more interesting, a few high value cards, such as a few jokers, are placed player has had five throws, he may discard or disclaim any given card or cards up to three and then throw again for such cards.

It will be appreciated that any desired card game may be played with the present device and if desired the representation of a deck different from the conventional bridge or poker deck may be inscribed on the rotating target. Also, representations other than cards may be inscribed on the rotating target, such as a plurality of dice.

It is obvious that many modifications in the device herein described and illustrated may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention. For example, some prime mover such as a spring motor may be employed to revolve the target.

I claim: I

l. A dart gam comprising a circular rotatable target member, a supporting member for the target member, pivotal means betwe n the supporting member and the target member to permit the latter to rotate while pivotaliy supported by the former, removable target face covering the entire front surface of the target member, such target face being provided wtl: playing card indicia thereon, and means for supporting the former on the latter, such means comprising an annular ring carried on the periphery of the target member, a portion of such ring engaging the edges of the'target face.

2. A dart game comprising a substantially circular target member, a backing member of greater dimensions than the target member, pivotal means for mounting the target member on the backing member to permit the former to rotate, a target face made from cork or the like, such target face being co-extensive with the surface of the circular target member and means for removably mounting the former on the latter, such means comprising an annular ring adapted to be frictionally secured around the periphery of the target member, such ring having an annular flange adapted to engage the target face and secure the same to the member during rotation of the latter.

3. A dart game comprising a circular target member, a substantially rectangular backing member of greater dimensions than the target member, pivotal means between the backing member and the target member to permit the latter to rotate while pivotally supported by the former, a target face made from resilient material, such target face being substantially co -extensive with the circular target member and means for removably positioning the former on the latter, such means comprising an annular ring adapted to be secured on the periphery of the target member, such ring having an inwardly turned annular flange adapted to engage the target face and secure the same to the member during rotation of the latter.


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International ClassificationF41J3/02
Cooperative ClassificationF41J3/0023, F41J3/02, F41J3/0019
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