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Publication numberUS2180199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1939
Filing dateMar 10, 1939
Priority dateMar 10, 1939
Publication numberUS 2180199 A, US 2180199A, US-A-2180199, US2180199 A, US2180199A
InventorsLoibl Jr Robert B
Original AssigneeLoibl Jr Robert B
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Insecticide dispenser
US 2180199 A
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N 14, 19.39- R. B. LOlB L, JR 2,180,199

INSECTICIDE DISPENSER Filed March 10, 1939 905.597 5 A 0/51 JP.

l\'\ 'EN'I'OR.

Patented Nov. 14, 1939 INS-ECTIICIDE DISPENSER Qitobert B. Loibl, Jr., Los' Angeles, Calif.

ApplicationMarch 10," 1939, Serial No. 261,037

g 3' Claims.

'.' My 1 invention relates to devices f or dispensing a'liquidinsecticide. I

- It isan important object ofthe invention to improve upon theart particularly relating to the control of Argentine and sweet eating ants, and

in the furtherance-of th-is purpose additional objects reside in the improvement of such devices wherein a more up-to-date feeding means is effected; the improvement relating to the prevention of the delivery of the poisonous feed to the creatures previous to the device being put to use; the improved vent means for controlling the feed and the improved means for positioning the feeding means making the latter more accessible, whereby the ants are enticed to their destructive end.

A more specific object of the invention is to provide an improved porous plug arrangement for Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the lid, gasket,

and sealing cap in extended relation, and,

Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the dispensing end.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the container 5 shown therein desirably consists of a bottle or small glass jar, the body portion of which is of an approximately rectangular character having a width greater than its thickness. This body is shown furnished at one end with a protruding neck portion 6 having around its inner or basal portion a circumferential bead 1 and farther out with a spirally inclined bead 8. With the latter bead cooperates the internal spiral grooves or screw threads 9 of the attaching flange I of a sheet-metal closure cap ll when said cap is screwed into place.

Said cap ii] is furnished near its periphery with an outwardly directed annular lip or flange l3 which surrounds a liquid delivery opening which is partially obstructed by a plug l4, said plug being sufficiently porous to permit the liquid poison to gradually ooze through it from the interior of the container. The screw-threaded connecting means between the cap and bottle neck is so arranged as to cause complete screwing down of the jacent to mid-Width portion of one of the fiat sides of the container so that, when such side is placed upon a supporting surface the poison delivery orifice will be near the lower side of the container where it will be attractive to ants crawling 5- oversuch. supporting surface. When the cap is screwed down its delivery aperture is slightly spaced awayfrom the inner edge of an annular gasket l5 positioned within the peripheral portion I of the cap as shown in Fig. 1.

In order to guard against any escape-of the con tents of the container: through the porous plug l4 before the article is to be used, a circular sealing disk I6 is provided to fit between the annular gasket i5 and the mouth of the container, said disk having a radially extending peripheral finger I! to facilitate its manual removal or replacement.

The portion of the cap H which is uppermost when the device is in its operative position is furnished with a radially extending out-pressed ridge or bead l9, thus providing underneath this outpressed part a groove 20 to prevent an internal vacuum from occurring and arresting the liquid contents 2| from oozing out through the porous plug I4 when the device is-positioned for use. Said out-pressed ridge not only extends across a face portion of the cap bordering ,upon its periphery, but a part 22 of this ridge extends down along the flange Ill of the capasufficient distance to insure that an air passage is afforded back of a brim bead-23 which surrounds the mouth of the neck portion 6 of the container.

When the device is to be put into use, the cover is removed and then the user by manually grasping the finger ll of the sealing disk I6 removes said disk. Then the cover is again screwed on and, owing to the absence of said sealing disk, air can readily enter by the inlet 20 to facilitate the gradual fio'w of the liquid poison through the porous plug l4. 40

The container is then positioned upon the ground or other supporting surface in a position wherein it rests upon that one of its two flat sides which is adjacent to the plugged outlet it. Thus positioned, the sweetened poison is brought close to the surface over which will crawl the ants or other insects to be destroyed. Hence, such insects are effectively attracted to, and caused to partake of the insecticide.

It should be understood that the present disclosure is for the purpose of illustration only and that this invention includes all modifications and equivalents which fall within the scope of the sub- 'ject matter claimed.

1. In an article of the kind described, a container having a filling opening surrounded by an externally screw-threaded neck, a cap having a flange capable of being screwed down upon said neck until its body portion abuts against the end thereof, said cap having a partially obstructed liquid delivery opening through its body portion in an adjacent, spaced relation to its periphery,

an annular gasket interposed between the end of the neck of said container and the body portion of said cap, said gasket being sufiiciently narrow to avoid overlying said liquid delivery opening when the cap is applied, and a disk shaped gasket at such time interposed between said annular gasket and the end of the neck of the container, the latter gasket having a radial finger to facilitate its manual insertion and removal.

2. As an article of manufacture, a sheet-metal cap for poison dispensing receptacles, said cap having a delivery opening through its body portion near its periphery and having an attaching flange of a screw-threaded nature for securing it to the neck portion of a container, said cap having also an outpressed bead which extends radially over the part of its peripheral portion which is opposite to said delivery opening, said head being continued across a portion of the width of the attaching flange of said cap.

3. In an article of the kind described, a container having a filling opening surrounded by a neck which is externally screw threaded, said neck having an outwardly directed external bead around the extremity of its mouth portion; and a sheet-metal cap for said neck portion provided with a flange having screw elements adapted to screw onto the threaded portion of said neckto form a closure for said container, said cap having a delivery opening located near one side of the periphery of its body portion and having a bead extending radially across the marginal part of its opposite peripheral portion, said head being continued across a part of the flange of said cover thereby affording an air relief passage, one end of which communicates with the space circumscribed by the neck portion of the container and the other end portionof which extends behind the aforementioned bead and by means of the threaded portion of the neck of the container communicates with the external atmosphere when the cover is applied to the receptacle.


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