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Publication numberUS2181347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1939
Filing dateDec 5, 1938
Priority dateDec 5, 1938
Publication numberUS 2181347 A, US 2181347A, US-A-2181347, US2181347 A, US2181347A
InventorsManjiro Shimada
Original AssigneeManjiro Shimada
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Multicolor pencil
US 2181347 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 28, 1939.

M. SHIMADA MULTICOLOR PENCIL Filed Dec. 5, 1936 v 2 R NADA uk/v TU MANJmo sm TTURA/EW Patented Nov. 28, 1939 UNITED STATES MULTICOLOR PENCIL Manjiro Shimada, Ichikawa, Ichikawashi, Chiba- Ken, Japan Application December 5, 1938, Serial No. 244,021

1 Claim.

- This invention relates generally to pencils and particularly to multicolor pencils.

The object of this invention is the provision of a lead pencil containing a plurality of variously i colored leads and including a means whereby any one of these leads may be brought to a writing position quickly and safely.

This object will become more apparent from the specification following, as illustrated in the 9 accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. l is a side elevation of the pencil showing portion thereof broken away in longitudinal sections.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal section showing a portion of the middle of the pencil.

Fig. 3 is a transverse section taken along the line 3-3 in Fig. 2.

Before entering into a description of this invention, it must be understood that (multicolor pencils have already been constructed in which a 'case is provided having along itssurface as many longitudinal guiding slots as the number of colors, on each of which travels a lead-holding rod by means of a small projection fitted through the slot 5 and pushing the rod of desired color against the spring provided in common for all rods, and at the end of the slot rotating the projection in order to establish a catch into an aperture provided on the side of the slot, thus the rod may be fixed in 0 the proper position. Such a device requires that when another color is wanted, the pencil tip in the writing position must be sent back to its original position by rotating the projection in the reverse direction, before the new color may be 5 brought into use. Without repeating the process carefully, one is apt to push down another color rod against the one projected for use and destroy the mechanism. Those who have no mechanical I knowledge will find some difliculty in handling 0 pencils of such construction.

This invention has certain advantages over these pencils through the removal of such defective points. Referring to the accompanying drawing:

5 a is the case along the surface of which are pierced a series of longitudinal slots I according to the number of desired colors, and at the vtheir relation with other parts.

And the upper end of each slot-3 is cut away into.

the form of indention 4 with lower slanting edge on the side opposite to the side where catching apertures are found. c1, 02, c3, 04, etc., are projecting pieces to which are fixed lead-holding rods d1, d2, d2, d4 (red, blue, yellow and black, for ex- I! ample), etc. And these rods and pieces combined travel through a passage formed by two corresponding slots of the case and of the tube, and push the point out into the writing position. e

is a springwithin the case a. Thisspring re- 1 acts against the slidable flanged ring or which can engage the shoulders e: on the various members (11 to di.

.Taking the pencil of above construction it will bev found that whenthe projecting pieces 01, 15 c2, c3, and 04 are left above, they are free to move across the space provided by the slot 3 of revolvable tube b and by the indention 4, where the pieces when unused are positioned. Push the desired projecting piece or of the lead against the pressure of the spring e down in the direction q .to the lowest end. It will travel with no hindrance, for the slot of the revolvable tube 17 allows a free passage of the rod aided by the corresponding slot of theoutside case. When the lead-point comes 'out of the case, rotate the piece a little, the catching aperture! will engage the piece and'the point can be held fast in the place. By the rotationof the projecting piece the revolvable tube will move at the same time in the direction 1; as illustrated in the drawing. Now, these projecting pieces ca, c3, 04, etc., which are left' above will move to the indenting portion 4 of the slots, when the piece 01 is pushed down and the revolving tube has been rotated in the direction 12 eifecting thereby no change whatever in Suppose a 'lead of other color (blue for example) is needed, then a change in position will result. When the piece 02 is pushed down a little in the direction q the 40 piece 02 will operate upon the slanting edge of the indention 4 found in the bottom of the respective slot of the revolvable tube b, and cause the tube torotate in the direction u, and at the same time the catch of the piece Q be released by the r'otating action. As soon as the piece 02 is pushed the catch by a simplerepetition' of the process,

Thus, the color lead that is desired will be brouglit to the right position simply by pushing down the projecting piece of that color, no further attention being required for the process.

I claim:

A multicolor pencil having in combination an outer casing terminating at one end in a point and provided with a plurality of longitudinal slots about the circumference thereof, said slots having latching notches at the ends nearest the pencil point, a similarly slotted revolvable tube disposed within said casing and held against longitudinal movement with relation thereto, a plurality of lead holders slidably disposed within said pointed casing end having their opposite ends provided with shoulders, a' spring urged ring slidably mounted in said casing between the pencilpoint and the shoulders on said holders, each of said holders having a projection attached thereto extending through the slots in said casing and tube, the slots in said revolvable tube bein identical with the slots in said casing except that the latching notch is omitted and the end of said tube slots opposite said latch notch having a sloping surface formed on one side thereof adapted to cause said tube to rotate a limited amount when its respective projection is moved against said sloping surface.


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