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Publication numberUS2181448 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1939
Filing dateMay 15, 1939
Priority dateMay 15, 1939
Publication numberUS 2181448 A, US 2181448A, US-A-2181448, US2181448 A, US2181448A
InventorsBehr Siegfried
Original AssigneeBen Hur Products Inc
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Brush comb with curler
US 2181448 A
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Nov. 28, 1939. s. BEHR BRUSH COIB WITH CURL-BBS F iled llay 1-5, 1939 INVENTOR Patented Nov. 28, 1939 Q a v 2, 8 ,448 v mwsn MB wrrn enema v Siegfried Behr, Flushing, N. Y to Ben Hill Products, Inc-, New York. Y, a oorpora- UNITED s-ra'rss PATEN C f 7 Application a... 15, 1ssa,;seaai-xo. z A 1 claim!- (01. 132-19) This invention relates to devices for combing, tapering towards the right beyond the end tooth brushing and curling the hair and more-*partic- Hoof the comb asshown in Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 5 ulerly tothat type which are to be carried in a Against the front face of comb l0 leans abar lady's hand bag and ready for instant use. H which is provided on its lower face withbris- 5 It is an object of the invention to provide a tles' Ha to form a brush having a plurality of .5 j device of the above kind which combines a pocket rows of bristles, which bar is pivoted to the comb comb, a hair brush and a hair curlerin such by means of a pivot pin or eyelet "in the exform that the three implements may be carried tension Illa. To the rearside of comb I0 is pivin a hand bag and used simultaneously, at least oted by the same pivot It a curler bar M. The

some ofthem, and all of them successively. if brush bar It and curler bar ll areeach provided 10 desired. r with a cylindrical boss lib and Ila respec- 1 It is anoth r object of. this invention to pro-' Itively'which surround the'pivot l3 and'are both vide a device of this kind which is smalland lodged in a circular aperture of extension of Illa v light n ugh for the stated purpose, which can so that the eyelet 13 serves to hold the three is easily be handled and is alwa ys ready for instant parts together wh e the bosses lib and Ma form 15 use for any one, two or three functions to be, ajournal within the bearing formed by the comb performed therewith as desired. part Illa. With these and other objects in view the in- The extension Illa of the comb is also provention consists in the novel combination and vided on its front and rear faces, each, with two arrangement of partsto be hereinafter fully depin-head projections l5 on the center line of 20 scribed, claimed and illustrated in the accompathe extension which cooperate with small cirflying w n in Which cular recesses Ilia in the brush bar I2 and curler Fig. 1 isa top plan view of my new mb an bar II to stop the swinging brush and' curler brush curler showing the device arranged for bat in fully open nd fully c-losed'positions. Fi 2 is a fron V w f F 8- hand bag the three most necessary implements F 3 is a o t V ew sim l 0 F 2 S W B for dressing her'hair 'united in convenient form the curler opened and the brush closed. for instantaneous use and for simultaneous use e 4 is a p p en v w 0 e dev ce w n or the comb and brush. Aside from the conbrushing and combing the hair successively. This device permits a lady to carry in her 25 I closed to be carried in a hand bag. .venlence of the device, it is very simply construct- Fig. 5' is a front view of Fig. 4 showing the ed and may be manufactured and sold to the parts in position for combing and brushing the public for a very reasonable price. hair simultaneously. Changes in details of construction may be Fig. 6 is a section on an enlarged scale on the made without departing irom'the invention and' line-6-6 of Fig. 5. V Fig. '7 is an exploded sectional view, on an of the prior art and the appended claims. enlarged scale, on the same plane as Fig. 6. I claim:

Fig. 8 is a detail view on an enlarged scale on 1. A comb having adjacent one end pivotally the plane 8-8 of Fig. 7. attached thereto a bar extending longitudinally 0 Fig. 9 is a detail section on the line 9-! of of said comb and bristles on said bar forming a i m Fi brush parallel to the teeth of said comb and 7 Referring to the drawing, I0 is a comb,-prefon the opposite side of said comb beingpivoterably of moldable plastic material such as aceally held on a common pivot a curler bar ex-- tate, plastic or thelike. It consists of a' back tending. parallel to said brush, said brush and portion I00. which has a horizontally'inclined curler bar being mounted to be independently 45 top line and a lower horizontal longitudinalbotmovable from each other and each adapted to tom line so that the back portion Illa iswider be rotated into a position to extend longitudiat its right end than at its left'end, but its thicknally from the pivot end of said comb.

ness is the same throughout. From the lower 2. 'A' comb having at one end pivotally attached limit: line, a plurality of teeth II which are inthereto a bar extending longitudinally of said tegralwith theback lllaextend downwardly. co b and bristles on said bar forming a. brush parallel to each other and all the teeth areof parallel to the teeth of said comb and on theequal length so that their bottom line is parallel opposite side of said 3 co b being pivotally held to the top horizontal line. As shown in',Fig.- 2 on the same pivot a curler bar extending parthe back we of the comb extends a distance allel tosaidbrush, said brush and curler bar-be- 55 'I therefore desi e to be limited only by the state 35 lng mounted to be independently movable from in; said bar members-in either extended OI" c01- lapsed; position, including pairs of projections certain predetermined positions.

. A comb having teeth thereon, anextension at one end of said comb, a circular aperture in therewith 5. A comb having a back portion with teeth thereon, of said back portion, one on each side thereof and enormally parallel to the sides of 1 said comb and being adapted to form an extension of the body portion, bristles on one of said bars parallel to the teeth to form a brush, the other bar being adapted to. form a handle and being adapted to serve as a hair curler and means on said back portion to hold either one or both either normal or extended posi,

site sides of said comb.

4. In combination, a comb member, a bar hinged to one end of said comb and forming an

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U.S. Classification132/120, 132/122, D04/117
International ClassificationA45D24/18
Cooperative ClassificationA45D24/18
European ClassificationA45D24/18