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Publication numberUS2181892 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1939
Filing dateNov 14, 1938
Priority dateNov 14, 1938
Publication numberUS 2181892 A, US 2181892A, US-A-2181892, US2181892 A, US2181892A
InventorsWilliam H Head
Original AssigneeWilliam H Head
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Combination baby and parcel carrier
US 2181892 A
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Dec. 5.-1939. w, HEAD 2,181,892

COMBINATION BABY AND PARCEL CARRIER Filed Nov. 14, 1938 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 3AYr A 27 1 10 16 W a; "in, h.

W. H. HEAD Dec. 5, 1939.

COMBINATION BABY AND PARCEL CARRIER v 2 Sheeta-Sheat 2 Filed Nov. 14, 1938 l I I I I W: 4 nI IM F J O Patented Dec. 5, 1939 I 2,181,892 COMBINATION BABY AND PARCEL CARRIER William H. Head, Venice, Calif.

Application November 14, 1938, Serial No. 240,314

6 Claims.

My invention relates moreparticularly to a combination baby carrier, on wheels, which can be readily converted into a parcel or package carrier, the body or basket part thereof being 5 converted from an open front baby holder, to a closed front barrel-like container to receive packages for its full length.

Among the salient objects of my invention are:

To provide such an article having a body with open front and a seat to receive a baby therein in the usual manner with its littlefeet out in front on a suitable foot-rest, but having a plural member seat folded together which can be raised to close the front of the body and thus form a package receiving container for its full length,

when the baby is removed from the carrier.

To provide a carrier of the character referred to in which a folding seat is provided, which when folded to seat position, occupies a position m above the bottom of the body, thus providing a package-receiving space under the seat, with closure therefor, so that articles can be placed therein even while baby is seated in the carrier.

To provide a device of the character referred L5 to which has a foldable support at its rear adapted to be let down to a position which will support the body in an inclined position, as when the baby may be asleep.

Other objects and advantages of my invention 0 will appear from the following more detailed description of one practical embodiment thereof, taken with the accompanying drawings illustrating the same.

In order to fully explain my invention, I have 5 illustrated it on the accompanying two sheets of drawings, which Iwill now describe:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a carrier embodying my invention, showing the seat members opened up to form a front wall for the body or o basket;

Figure 2 is a rear elevation thereof;

Figure 315 a cross sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1;

Figure 4 is a sectional view showing the foot 5 rest, taken on line 4-4, of Fig. 1;

Figure 5 is a vertical sectional view taken on line H of Fig. 1;

Figure 6 is an enlarged detailed view of a foldable brace;

J Figure '7 is a sectional view on line 1-1 of F18.

6, showing details of construction; and

Figure 8 is a fragmentary side elevation showing the carrier in tilted position, with parts in section to show the plural seat "members in foldgedposition.

Referring now in detail to the embodiment of my invention as illustrated on the drawings, the body or basket i0, may be of any suitable or desired construction, but is shown of woven reeds or basket work, of barrel-like form, having its front side open with post members, I I, II, forming the edges of the opposite sides, and with a cross rod I I I2 secured thereto. At the back is an elongated U-shaped member [3, forming an arched handle i3 whose sides extend to the bottom of the body, 10 which is provided with a floor H, the front of which extends, in its middle portion, outwardly and is provided with two spaced short legs, as IS,

IS, while at the rear of said floor is an axle rod l6, provided at its outer ends with two carrier wheels, I], ll. Thus with the two wheels at opposite sides at the rear, and the two short legs at the front, said carrier will stand upright, in the'manner illustrated.

Hingedly connected to the front part of said no body, at the top of a lower closed member l8, is a seat member is, to the rear edge of whichis hingedly connected another seat board 20, so that said seat members fold together or collapse, as indicated clearly in Fig. 8, the rear' edge of which is supported on two brackets, as 2 i whereby said seat members are supported in position to be used as a seat. above the bottom floor I4, providing a space under said seat to receive packages and access to which is had at the rear, where door 22 is hinged at one side as at 23, and held by a clasp 24, at the other side, making it convenient to place and remove small parcels even while baby is seated in the carrier. I

In the front of the solid front member I 8 is a foot rest in the form of a cross rod ben rearwardly and thence downwardly through two eyelets 25, 25, and having its lower ends bent to short angles to be inserted in holes 26, 26 in said solid ,front member l8, so that it can' be adjusted up 0 and down to suit the convenience of the child. Said foot rest as a whole is designated 21.

Pivotally connected to the back is an adjustable brace support for supporting the carrier in a backwardly inclined position, as indicated in Fig. 5 8. This is shown as composed of two U-shaped members 28 and 29. Member 28 is pivotally consnected to the sides of the handle member, designated [3, as at 28', while the member 29, which is longer, is pivotally connected, as at 29', whereby they can be folded up close to the back, as seen in Fig. 5, or let down, as indicated in Fig. 8. Said short member 28 is provided at its cross portion with. a rod 30, the opposite ends of which overlie the edges of the member 2|, which is pro- 5 vided in its upper edge with holding notches, as 29, 29, clearly shown in Fig. 8.

In order to hold the operating end of the member 2e and the cross rod 30 in sliding connection with the opposite sides of the member 29, a guard \clip or member 3| is provided at each end of said rod 30, and looped over the top edge and under the bottom edge of said member 29, as will be clear from Fig. '7.

As one means of holding said folding brace in its up position, I provide two spring clips, as 32, at opposite sides of the short member 28, adapted, when said brace is in its up position to yieldingly engage the two side members I3, l3, as clearly seen in Figs. 5, 6 and 7.

When it is desired to use the carrier wholly as a carrier for packages, the seat members l9 and 20 are opened up, as indicated in Figs. 1 and 5, and held' in place by the hook-and-eye means 20.

It will be understood, of course, that while I have shown and described in detail one practical embodiment of my invention, that there are many changes in the details of construction and arrangement which can be made without departing from the spirit of the invention, and I' do not, therefore, limit my invention to the details and arrangements shown, except as I may be limited by the hereto appended claims.

I claim: Y

1. An article of the character shown and described including a barrel-like body having an open front and a closed bottom, and means therein for supporting a seat above said bottom with its front edge hinged in said open front, a seat composed of two sections hinged together at the back and adapted to be opened up to a vertical position to form a closing wall for the open front of said body, whereby to convert it into a package carrier, open to its bottom, and a handle for handling said carrier.

2. An article of the character shown and described including a barrel-like body having an open front and means therein for supporting a seat with its edge in said open front, a seat composed of two hinged sections adapted to fold together fiatwise on said supporting means, said seat being adapted to be opened up to form the front wall for the open front of said body, wheels.

for said carrier, a handle extended above the body, and a foldable supporting brace at the rear for supporting said body in a rearwardly inclined position, for the purpose described.

3. A combination baby and parcel carrier comprising a barrel-like body having a closed bottom and an open front, a U-shaped handle member the sides of which are in the back wall of said body with the arched portion extended above the top of said body at the back, two seat members hinged together at the back, with the front edge of the lower member hingedlyconnected in the open front, above the bottom, and adapted to be raised to a vertical plane to form a wall for said open front, means for securing said seat members in their wall-forming position, a door in the rear wall, between the side members of the handle member to give access to the bottom of said body, under the seat when said seat members are folded down to horizontal position, carrier wheels and supporting feet at the bottom of said body to support it in vertical upright position.

4. A combination baby and parcel carrier including a barrel-like body having a bottom, a seat supported therein above the bottom to provide a storage space under the seat, said barrellike body being open in front down to the seat level, an opening through the body wall below the seat, with closure, to said storage space, said seat being'adapted to be raised to close the open front of said body and open the storage space below said seat into the main body to convert said carrier into a parcel carrier, and wheels for supporting and moving said carrier.

5. A combination baby and parcel carrier consisting of a barrel-like body having a closed bottom and a seat supported therein above said bottom to provide a storage space thereunder, a

door and opening through the bottom wall into said storage space, the front of said body being open above the seat level to receive a baby therein upon said seat, said seat being adjustable to close said open front and uncover said storage space, whereby to convert said carrier into a parcel carrier, carrier wheels thereunder, and a loop handle extended above said body to be placed over the shoulder of a person for carrying said carrier on the shoulder.

6. A combination baby and parcel carrier, convertible from one to the other, and consisting of a barrel-like body having a bottom and having a seat supported therein above the bottom to provide storage space under said seat, a door in the wall of said body below the seat to afiord access to said storage space, said seat being in two parts and movable to a vertical plane, said barrel-like body being open in front above said seat, and adapted to be closed by said seat parts to convert said baby carrier intoa parcel carrier open to the bottom thereof, carrier wheels for-

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