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Publication numberUS2182164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1939
Filing dateJun 17, 1938
Priority dateJun 17, 1938
Publication numberUS 2182164 A, US 2182164A, US-A-2182164, US2182164 A, US2182164A
InventorsRosenberg Max B
Original AssigneeRosenberg Max B
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Bottle holder
US 2182164 A
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\ Dec. 5, 1939. M. B. ROSENBERG 2,132,154

BOTTLE HOLDER Filed June 17, 1938 supporting members to any fixed object.

Patented Dec. 5, 1939 UNITED STATES rn'rlazlwtr OFFICE BOTTLE HOLDER Max B. Rosenberg, Los Angeles, Calif.v

Application June 17,

Q 3 Claims.

This invention pertains to a holder for nursing bottles,- which holders may be readily'cleaned, are non-metallic, and therefore incapable of injuring the-infant, are readily adjustableand positively hold the bottle in a suitable feeding position.v Furthermore, the device may be employed in hospitals and sanitaria.

. Generally stated, the invention relates to a holder ior nursing bottles and the like made from a flexible; non-metallic material such as cloth, the

device including a holder provided with a closed end and an open end, the closed end being provided with a perforation through which anipple or tube may extend whereas the open end is provided with a releasable closure. This holder is provided with substantially triangular supporting members also made from a flexible, limp material, said supporting members being bifurcated at their ends so as to facilitate attachment of the The supporting members and the holder are so related that the bottle Within the holder is maintained at a predetermined desired angle of inclination.

An object of the invention, therefore, is to provide a holder for nursing bottles and the like, the holder being provided with supporting members which maintain the bottle within the holder at a desired inclination or angle.

A further object is to provide a holder for nursing bottles and the like which is made from cloth and is free from metallic elements or parts, thereby facilitating laundering.

A still further object is to provide a nursing 5 bottle holder which is inexpensive and simple to manufacture and operate.

These and other objects, uses, advantages and modifications of the invention Will become ap' parent to those skilled in the art fromthe following detailed description of a-preferred form. In order to facilitate understanding, recourse will be had to the appended drawing wherein-- Fig. 1 is a perspective of the device installed in a crib.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the elements in extended form.

Fig. 3 is a front elevation. partly in section, showing the means whereby the elements are assembled.

As shown in Fig. 1, the device comprises a holder l0 provided with two substantially triangular supporting members H and I2. The entire device is preferably made from some flexible, substantially limp, non-metallic material such as cloth, flannel or other fabric. The holder I0 is 1938, Serial No. 214,215

(Cl. 248-l-04)- adapted to receive any suitable bottle and it is to be noted from Fig. 1 that the holder l0 and the bottle contained therein is' held at an'angle to the horizontal so that the contentsof the bottle may be readily withdrawn through the projecting nipple I3. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the ends of the members I I and [2 are bifurcated and are capable of being tied around the rails l4 and I6 of the crib,gen erally indicated at IT. The ready adjustability of the device will be apparent.

The holder [Dis preferably made from a single piece of cloth which may be rectangular in shape, as shown at I0 (Fig. 2). The front or downwardly directed end of the holder I0 is provided with a closure and such closure may take the form of the incomplete annulus of material, indicated at I8. The rear or upper end of the holder l0 may be left open or it may be provided with a draw string or elastic. In order to provide the necessary fullness and thereby permit the draw string to close the upper end of the holder"), the blank I0 is preferably provided with the rearward extension indicated at 20.

The supporting members II and 12 in extended form may be made as shown at H and I2 respectively. These supporting members are also made of some limp, non-metallic material such as a fabric. When fabrics are employed, the run of the material should be substantially parallel to the long sides 22 of the triangular blanks such as H. The short side 23 of the triangular member is preferably equal to the length of the bottle to be retained within the holder. The longest sides 2| and 22 of the triangular members II and I2 make angles of less than with the short sides 23, as illustrated in Figure 2. The sides of the triangle opposite the longest sides 2| and 22 make angles greater than 90 with'the short sides 23, thus the triangular members II and [2' are secured at their shortest sides 23 to the holder I0 so that they project generally rearwardly or upwardly as illustrated in "-Figure 2 so that when the holder l0 contains the bottle, the bottle is held in forwardly inclined position to permit the contents of the bottle to drain forwardly toward the nipple l3;

The end of the triangular member H may be bifurcated so as to form the ties 24 and 25.

The longitudinal edges of the rectangular member If! and the short sides of the triangular supporting members H and I2 may then be joined together in a single seam, as indicated at 2B in Fig. 3. The circular outer edge of the annular member I8 is attached to one edge of the member HI and'the open" ends 21' are stitched together.

Preferably. the annular. member r 18 is attached to. the *member ID *before the rectangular supporting t-membersi arei attached so .that theseam 26 may include the joining ofthe edges 21. of the annular member.

it is to be understood that various forms vof trimming, decoration; edge.binding;s.etc.';may be employed. Those skilled in the art will observe :that'the entire. device: is washable and limp so thatthe infant can not be injured'or: scratched many manner. .Furthermore, theannular memn ber 18 forming the. closed lower endof the .holder l retains theznipple of thebottle and prevents the infant. from :withdrawing' or removing :the

. nipple. The drawstring, elastic or other'releasable closure at the upper or'rear. end of th6..hO1der Ill prevents thebottle: from being. dislodged exce'ptuintentionally. "Since the holder. I0 is maintained in a downwardly inclined .direction at all times; the zinfantvmayzhaverecourse to the. nipple atwill.

: Another advantageous. *feature of .the. holder of this'invention lies in that it is capable of maintaining the contents. of bottles-placed in the" holder at. a desired temperature, particularly when the holder is madelirom a fabric. such: as


. It is. further. tobeznoted that the holder: is

extremely simple-and may be readily and cheaply.


Although; in. thepreferred form shown the triangular supporting members have been shown -with bifurcatedends, it is to be understood that theouter :ends' of. said supporting members may be provided with various and :sundry means and devices for attaching the'same to rails. or.:other fixed points of attachment.

I claim:

1. A .holder"for...nursing'bottles and the like 1 comprising aflexibleysubstantially limp 'nonmetallic bottle-receiving..member. provided with a closed 'end'iand an open end, theclosedend having an aperture therein, the 'open' end being provided with closing means; a pair of .flat supporting members of approximately triangular shape" having theirsidesofiunegual length at- 22.. A holder fornursing bottles and the-like 3 comprising .a" flexible: non-metallic holding i membertprovided with a closed end and an open end, the closed end having: an aperture therein, the open end being provided-.with a: releasable closure; apair oflfabric supporting members of approximately triangular' shape having their sides ofunequal length and attached by their shortest sides to said 'holding'member along a seam ex- "itending longitudinally ofthe holding. member between the ends thereof; both longer sides of each supporting :member extending? .rearwardly from the closed end of the holding member, the

"free outer ends of :saidsupporting members being I bifurcated to form ties adapted to be used in attaching the holding member to' supports to suspendthe'holding member in an angular position "withhthe closed end directed downwardly.

3. A holder-.for' nursing bottles, including a substantially cylindrical holding member and having a pair of fabric supporting members approximately triangular shapedthe sides of .said" triangular supporting-members being of unequal length" and the triangular'holding members being attached atztheir. shortest. sides to the said holdingmember along a seam. extending longixt'udinally of the holding. member between the endsthereof, the triangular supporting members havingtheir longest-sides joining the shortest sides; at an angle less than" 90 and their sides of intermediate length joining the shortest side at an angle greater than 90 wherebythe outwardly extending supportingmembers are adapted tomaintain the holding member in an'inclined position from the horizontal when the said triangular supporting members are .attached to spaced fixed supports.


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U.S. Classification248/104, 248/102
International ClassificationA61J9/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61J2009/0661, A61J9/06, A61J2009/0638
European ClassificationA61J9/06