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Publication numberUS2183246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1939
Filing dateSep 15, 1938
Priority dateSep 15, 1938
Publication numberUS 2183246 A, US 2183246A, US-A-2183246, US2183246 A, US2183246A
InventorsAnna Pikulik
Original AssigneeAnna Pikulik
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Ice creeper
US 2183246 A
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`A. PlKuLlK Dec. 12, 1939.

10E GREEPER Filed sept'. 15, .193s

Paseos lvENToR.

raremesngeefiz, 1939@ Y f faisant 'aisazei o l ICE OREEPER'QQ. Anna' Pikvulikk, ohicaganl. Application september 15, 193s, seiiaiNo. 229,991 i Claim; (o1. srs-62)' The present inventionrelates to ice Creepers `configuration. integrally formed vat each end anolhas for its main object the provision ofr an antlslippingdevice consisting of an oblong yplate to frictionallyengagethe shoesole for preventing vthe displacement "or shifting movementv of the plate on horizontal plane.`

-Astill further object of the present'invention is 'the provision of an ice creeper of the character indicated land which ymay be provided with shoe sole engaging means, whereby theuse of uneV I' l with the shoe, saidplate 'ID is adaptedto-be posightly 'straps maybe entirely eliminated.,

'A still further object ofv the present invention is the provision of an ice Creeper of the character v indicated which may be veryfsirnple in 'construc-A tion, andvvhich couldbe made byA one or two simple machine operations, and the manufacture of which could becoimparatively` inexpensive. n

With the abovejgeneral vobjects in View and others thatvvill appear-as the invention is better understood, the same (consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of` parts Ahereinafter more l)fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and :pointed out in ther appended claim. y

In the drawing vforming a part .of this application' and in which like designating characters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views,

Fig. l1 is a perspective bottom view oflthe shoe,l

indicated by'dottedl lines with the ice creeper in operative position therewith, the

shown inl full lines; Fig. 2 v'is a fror'itlelevationa'l` with thev ice Creeper shownin a position'irnmediately prior to the attachmentthereof with ther Figa f3 is attached to the shoe, the dottedlinesof the ice ACreeper indicating an intermediary position durwith afragrnentary cross-sectional Viewl of a shoe l with thel icecreeper in attachment therewith.y f

Referring in .detail to the pr'esentdrawing there is shown 'an ice creeperconsisting of an oblong plate I whichy may be ofk any rdesired vshape and I3' defining the vletter S on Vertical as is' clearlyseenin Fig. `6.

ice Creeper beingy lView of the s hoe y' 'a similar viewwith thevice Creeperv disposed body portion I2 immediately projecting from plate I0, andan inwardly disposed hook portion" I3, said body portion I2 and hook portion v cross-section Struck out in plate vi Eland projecting outwardly therefrom is a plurality of teeth'or spurs I 4.' In' 'the proximity v,of eachendof plate` l0 vand adja-v cent yextension II is an inwardly'projectingspur or tooth |54; l

In the operative association of the ice Creeper sitioned transversely of the shoe sole It or shoe Il, `with teeth 'I5 irictio'nally engaging the lateral -marginal portions ,of the sole I6 for preventing slidingor .creeping movement'of plate Iilon a plane ccextensive with shoe sole I6, as is seen in positioning within recesses defined by the mar-v ginal edge of shoe solerIB and the body portion of the shoe.- When said hooks' I3 remain within said recesses defined bythe soleand body portion ofthe vshoe asV seen in'Figs. 3 and ,6,`the diseny gagement of the icey creeper on transverse plane through the shoe will be entirely prevented.

Plate I0 andV particularly extensions II are made of springy resilient metallic material so as to causevhooks I3 to spring within the said recesses whenthe ice creeper is applied to the shoe in the positionvs'een in Fig. 3. Fig. l2 illustrates the mode of applyingllfie` ice Creeper to the shoe, and shows the ice Creeper in'a` preliminary adjusted positionwith the shoe, showing one tooth` l5 and the adjacent hook .i3 engagingone lateral edge ofthe shoesole, with the `opposite tooth I5 and its adjacent hook I3 in aprelirninary position prior to engagement of the latter with theshoe sole.;` ',To engage the latter hook I3 with the ad `vjacent vmarginal. portion ci? the shoe sole, the

adjacentv hook ,i3I is manually sprung outwardly.' the positionillustratedrby dottedlines yin. Fig. 3, so that v.said vhookylfi may clear the' outer edge fof the marginal portionrof the lshoe sole in order vto bring the adjacent hook I3 Within the recess Vdelined' by the shoe sole I6 andthe body ofthe shoe il, the position4 shown in full lines in Fig. S.

- Fromthehereinabove, description it will be seen *that the device herein disclosed is, simple in con-v struction, which may be very f inexpensive to manufacture, and which is capable of efficient engagement with the shoe, without the .employment of cumbersome and unsightly straps, and which may therefore quickly be applied to the shoe in the event of necessity to use the same upon the shoe.

While there is. described herein a preferred embodiment of the present invention, it is nevertheless to be'understood that minor vchanges may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim as new is:

An ice Creeper comprising an elongated plate of springy sheet metal adapted for positioning upon the face of a shoe sole transversely of the latter, upwardly projecting extensions integral with the ends of said plate and having terminal hooks, said hooks being curved inwardly and then upwardly and outwardly for engagement over the shoe sole at opposite sides of the latter by mere upward pressure on the ends of said plate to retain the ice Creeper on the shoe, a plurality of spurs struck downwardly from the body of said plate, and a plurality of spurs struck upwardly from the body of said plate and adapted to bite into the shoe sole when the ice Creeper is applied to the shoe for preventing forward or rearward shifting movement of said plate relative to the shoe sole.


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