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Publication numberUS2184823 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1939
Filing dateNov 11, 1937
Priority dateNov 11, 1937
Publication numberUS 2184823 A, US 2184823A, US-A-2184823, US2184823 A, US2184823A
InventorsMurray Vernon
Original AssigneeMurray Vernon
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Loose-leaf book and pencil holder
US 2184823 A
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Dec. 26, 1939. M. VERNON LOOSE-LEAF BOOK AND PENCIL HOLDER Filed Nov. 11, 1957 I INVENTOR MURRAY VERNON BY W4 TTORNEY Patented Dec. 26, 1939 lTED STATE e'rlvr oFricE 2 Claims.

' book, and when placed interiorly of the loose leaf book would interfere with the use and paging of such book.

It is, therefore, among the objects of the present invention to provide a loose leaf book and pencil holder combination in which the pencil holder may be compactly and unobtrusively combined with the loose leaf book without projection,

upon the outside and without interference with the insertion, removal or turning of pages in the loose leaf book. 1

Another object is to provide an inexpensive, readily operated durable combination of a pencil holder with a loose leaf book. which may be utilized for long periods of time with considerable handling, without damage or injury, and which will insure the availability of the pencil in connection with the utilization of a loose leaf book without such pencil being positioned in such a manner as to interfere with handling or utilization of the book.

Other objects will be obvious or will appear during the course of the following specification. In accomplishing the above objects, it has been found most satisfactory to apply a pencil holder to the steel back or frame, carrying the separable rings of the loose leaf book or binder in such a manner that the pencil will be positioned at the center line of the rings when closed.

The holder should preferably be separated cenrally between the half sections of the ringsin such a manner that it will not be affected by the opening or closing of the rings or by the operation of the snap mechanism.

The accompanying drawing shows one preferred embodiment of the present invention to which, however, the present invention is by no means restricted since many changes and modifications may be made therein;

Figure 1 is a top view of an end of a ring carrier frame with the ring halves separatedand with the pencil carrier in position.

Figure 2 is a side View upon the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a cross section upon the line 3--3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a top perspective View of the pencil carrier removed from or before attachment to the ring carrier.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of an opened loose leaf book including the ring carrier -and, 5 showing the pencil carrier and pencil in place therein.

Referring to Figures 1 to '5, the metal carrier A is designed to be attached to the back B of a book C. The resilient cover plate of the carrier carries the snap elements D to which are attached the separable rings E.

The pencil holder F to which the present invention is most particularly directed is supported by the carrier A. 15

The carrier A preferably has a curved face portion It! provided with the end flange 'H and the inturned side flanges I2. The end flange ll, carries an inturned flange l3, the corners of which project upwardly at M to overlie the side flanges 2. The openings I6 and l! in the top portion Ill and the inturned flange 13 receive a fastener which may extend into the back B of the book C. I

The snap plate elements l8 are carried be- 25 tween the curved face Ill and the inturned flanges ii! of the resilient cover plate and they press at their outer edges against the inside of the bends l9.

The halves 20 of the rings having the 00- operating corrugated edges 2 l v are carried at their lower ends by the plate H3. The sides of the face It and the flanges l2 are recessed, as indicated at 22, so that the split ring sections 20-20 may be moved outwardly or inwardly as the case 35 may be.

Loose leaves may be readily placed in said rings E when opened even with the pencil P in position as shown in Figure 5.

The pencil holder F to which thepresent invention is particularly directed, as shown in the embodiment of Figures 1 to 5, is made of two symmetrical sheet metal elements 39, having the cover portions 31 with the inturned edge flanges 32 to grip the frame element Hi and its side flanges l2, as best shown in Figure 3.

The pencil holder is provided with upstanding contacting portions 33 which are spot welded together, as indicated at 35. The continuation of the upstanding verticalportions 33 is turned outwardly, as indicated at 35 with out-turned edges as indicated at 36 and 31. The opening 39 between the elements 35 is slightly smaller than the pencil P so that the curved walls 35 will-be pressed apart and will resiliently grip the pencil r section- 35. and tear.

and prevent its displacement when in the position indicated in Figure 5.

In the construction as shown in Figures 1 to 5, the pencil P may be readily inserted and removed from the loose leaf book and the loose leaves may be turned without interfering with the pencil holder F and without conflict with either the pencil P or the curved Walls 35 between which said pencil is gripped.

The openings 4G in the base portions 3i and 32 of the holder of Figure 4 correspond to the openings 22 in the frame structure A and enable movement of the rings attached to the snap plate elements 18.

By providing the base of the pencil clip with the openings it, which co-act with the ring halves, the pencil clip is secured in a fixed position on the top plate It of the bindermechanism and any longitudinal movement of the clip toward the center of the binder is prevented." This construction dispenses with the necessity of welding or otherwise fastening the clip to the top plate of the binder mechanism and materially lessens the cost of applying the clip to the binder mechanism.

In order that the pencil gripping means does not interfere with the free movement of the turning leaves of the filler when the binder is opened and closed, it is desirable to have the gripping means or pencil holder raised above the base plate of the clip. Accordingly, I have provided the support 33, which-elevates the pencil holder so that the leaves-in the filler do not abut against the gripping means but are free at all times to freely turn about the gripping means If the grippingmeanstfi were fiush against the base plate til, the leaves would jam beneath the curved An additional advantage of having the gripping means raised above the base plate of the clip is that the pencil,-when incorporated in the grip, is more accessible to the user and may be much moreseasily withdrawn and inserted. I

The holder F, as shown, is arrangedalong th axis. 43 of the ring structure E or concentrically in respect tothe ring structure E, and adjacent one end of the structure A and inside of the end split ring in the manner indicated over the element F in Figure 3.

It is thus apparent that the applicant has provided an inexpensive, compact arrangement to be applied to loose leaf books, preferably having a ring size greater than three-quarters of an inch diameter and desirably having a ring size of at least one inch diameter.

The pencil receiving element preferably has a diameter varying between one-quarter to one-half inch with an optimum of three-eighths of an inch.

It is apparent that the specific illustrations shown in the drawing have been given by way of example and not by way of limitation, and that the structure above described is subject to wide variation and modification without departing from the scope or intent of the invention, all of which variations and modifications'are to be included within the scope of the present invention.

What is claimed is: 1

1. A pencil clipfor a ring binder comprising a metallic member shaped to conform to the contour of the top plate of a binder mechanism, having its edges inturned for securing the same to the binder mechanism, said member having two openings therein for the ring halves of the binder ring to pass through to retain the clip in fixed position on the top plate of the binder mechanism, and gripping means on said metallic member to hold a pencil or the like.

2. A pencil clip for a ring binder comprising a metallic member shaped to conform to the contour of the top plate of a binder mechanism, having its edges inturned for securing the same to the binder mechanism and having two openings therein for the ring halves of the .binder ring to pass through to retain the clip in fixed position on the top plate of the binder mechanism, and grip- 2 ping means on said metallic member to hold a pencil or the like a suitable distance above said top plate so as to be concentrically arranged with the center of the ring halves of a binder ring when in closed position.


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