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Publication numberUS2185536 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1940
Filing dateMar 18, 1938
Priority dateMar 18, 1938
Publication numberUS 2185536 A, US 2185536A, US-A-2185536, US2185536 A, US2185536A
InventorsAlexander Borland, Elroy Hymers Cuthbert, Spencer Arthur W
Original AssigneeAlexander Borland, Elroy Hymers Cuthbert, Spencer Arthur W
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US 2185536 A
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Jan. 2, 1940. A. BQRLAND Er AL 2,185,536

SYRINGE 2 Sheets-Sheet l Filed March 18, A1938 l In venar Alexa nder .Bvrrwl Wi/bender GE'. 3727er.;

torneus Jan. 2, 19.40. A. BORLAND Er A1.

SYRINGE Filed March 18, 1938 2' Sheets-Sheet 2 n ven for.' Zexa/nderarlana A WSpewc'er C. Ef Hymer.; By hun wen iorneys Patented Jan. 2, 1940 e sYmNGE Alexander Harland-and Cuthbert Elroy iHymers,

Mich. if

Para@ and, W1' Seme, when,

.Application Marchv 158, 1938, Ser ial-.No. 196,{7851 `1 Claim.l y(Cl. 12S-261) prehended'.byiour'iniention allvof which together with the 'exactin'ature of our improvement will be Tr'ea'dilyv 'fundersto'od xwhen th'el succeeding description and claims are read with reference to the drawings accompanying and forming part of the specication.

In said drawings:

Figure 1 is a View in elevation illustrating our improved syringe with the wrapper imposed thereon.

Figure 2 is a similarview drawnto an enlarged scale with the wrapper removed and the manipulative section retracted,

Figure 3 is a fragmentary View in longitudinal section of the inner end of the barrel and the cap closing the same,

Figure 4 is a view in longitudinal section showing the plunger contractedand telescoped in the l further enlarged scale, with the manipulative '40 section of the plunger turned 90.

Figure 7 is a view in side elevation of the manipulative section detached,

Figure 8 is a view in bottom plan thereof drawn to an enlarged scale,

Figure 9 is a view in side eleva-non 'of the ejector section,

Figure l0 is an end View of the outer end of f said ejector section, and

Figure 11 is a fragmentary view in longitudinal section taken on the line II-I I of Figure 4 and drawn to an enlarged scale, with the manipulative section of the plunger removed.

Referring to the drawings by numerals, th

vsyringe of our invention comprises an elongated pencil-like barrel I of any suitable inexpensive .ment'of` said s ectiony 5. In this position of the4 material, such as Celluloid, rubber` composition, 'or the like, zhaving a nozzle-like. front end -2 and open fat its rear yend. A cap S3 is provided for closing thegend 1,2-, ithe cap fitting over .said .end .in a manner.. .t0 seal .the Same. Contains a sectienalrQd-likeplunger Comprising afront ejector section@ and ra rearmanipulative Settim eietorseetion 4 comprises. e h ead -S at the `front .end thereof s lidably fitting snugly Lin lthe barrel and preferably havinga 1o rounded. freut edge Elt'ztnd' a reduced Shank E8 provided 'adjacent the. .rear end 'thereofv With a' pair of :lues d extending laterally from .opposite sides thereof respectively. The manipulative sectien vz5 fits@ looselyfinthenberrel f l 'for Gridwe; and 15 rotarymorenientrelati .t etc, with the exception of the outer end whichisystepped-tdprof vide an enlarged part Il) adaptedto llt snugly in the outer end of the barrel and close the same land a further enlarged finger grip part l I adapt- 20 ed to abut the outer end lof said barrel. Extending into the section 5, from the inner end thereof, is an axial bore I2 into which the shank 8 has a sliding t and whereby said sections' i vand 5v are telescopically and rotatably related and the plunger adapted for extension and contraction. Manipulative section 5 is provided at opposite sides `thereof with a pair of diametrically opposite longitudinal slots vI3 extending from the inner end thereof andadapted to receive the lugs 9 and form together therewith a spliney con# nection between'the section 5 and shank 8. The inner end of the section 5 has a diametrical notch I4 therein extending at an angle of 90 to the plane of the slots t3. The head I has ern-e 35 bedded therein yan annular` member I5 of re. silient Wire provided with rearwardlyjextending prongs "I6 for biting into the innerface'cf the 'f barrel l to prevent retraction of the section d. In the normal position of the parts the plunger 40 ris contracted and shoved into thebarrel 1E, `that isto say, the section 4 is telescoped.' into the section 5 with its head 6 engaging the inner end of said sectionand its lugs 9 in the slot l2,.a nd'y the section 5j is telescoped into barrel I with 45 y its part Ill fitting into and closing the outer end v y f of the barrel andthe part II` abutting said end of the barrel and thereby limiting inward moveparts the head t is spaced inwardly from the inner end 2 'of the barrel I to form togetherwith said endi.I a loading chamber I'I in the frontend The vbarrel -I Vg5 -wrapper 20 and cap 3 are removed, the section 5 retracted out of the barrel I by means of the partA II'until it may be rotated relative to the section 4, it being understood that the section 4 is held against retraction by the section 5 through the medium of the prongs IB functioning in the manner previously described. The section 5 is then rotated against the outer end of the shank 8 to approximately a quarter turn with pressure inwardly against said end and until the notch I4 aligns With lugs 9 at which point the section 5 is shoved inwardly to seat the lugs 9 in said notch whereby a one-way connection is formed between the sections 4 and 5 such that under further inward movement of section 5 the section l may be moved to the inner end of the 'barrel to eject the compound I8 from the chamber I1. At the end of ejecting movement of the section 8, said section is locked against retraction by the prongs I6 in a manner which will now be clear, and consequently thechamber I1 cannot be filled.

AThe foregoing will, it is believed, suiiice to impart a clear understanding of our invention with out further explanation. i

Manifestimheinventionissusceptible of'modication without departing from the inventive concept and right is herein reserved to all such modifications falling within the scope of the sub-v joined claim.

What we claim is:

In a syringe of the class described, an elongated barrel having an open rear end, aplunger in said barrel comprising la front ejector section and a rear manipulating section telescoping over the front section for movement relative thereto inwardly and outwardly of saidbarrel` and rotatable relative to the front section in the outwardly moved position thereof into diierent positions, and means to establish a one-way driving connection between said sections under rotation of said rear section into one position whereby inward movement of the rear section will correspondingly move the front section,v said means including a pair of lugs extending laterally from opposite sides of the front section, respec' 20` tively, said rear section having apair of longi tudinally extending slots thereinv open at` the inner end. of the section and registeringwith said lugs under rotation of the rearv section into another position to slidably `receive the lugs j whereby in said other position thereof said rear` section may be moved inwardly and idly relative to the front section and means on the front sec.-

tion coacting withthe inner face of the barrel to prevent outward movementof said front section comprising a split resilient. ring counter-.sunk in said front section and having prongs thereon.



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