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Publication numberUS2186191 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1940
Filing dateAug 3, 1937
Priority dateAug 3, 1937
Publication numberUS 2186191 A, US 2186191A, US-A-2186191, US2186191 A, US2186191A
InventorsPaul Beckwith
Original AssigneePaul Beckwith
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Article carrying device
US 2186191 A
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Jan. 9, 1940. P. BECKWITH ARTICLE CARRYING DEVICE Filed Aug. 3, 1937 INVIENTOR. Paul fieclawd-k/ Patented Jan. 9, 1940 f umT-so STATES PATENT o-FFics This invention relates to article carrying devices and comprehends a carrier for articles such as cigarettes whereby the same may be directly supported from the leg or arm of the wearer.

Broadly the invention comprehends an article carrierwhich includes a limb encircling band and cooperative means associated therewith to support a limited supply of cigarettes or analogous articles whereby the same may .be separately withdrawn without affecting the support of those remaining in the carrier. More particularly the invention is directed t a cigarette carrier embodying an elastic band adapted to surround the limb of the wearer and contractively retained in place thereon with a rigid element associated therewith which is so constructed and arranged as to dispose a length of the elastic band in a spanning relation and. parallel'to a portion thereof so as to clamp the articles therebetween and to space the same from the limb of the wearer.

Other objects of the invention reside in the provision of a device of the indicated character which is extremely simple in its construction and mode of use, and which is highly efficient for its intended purpose.

With the above enumerated and other objects in view, reference is now made to the following specification and accompanying drawing in which there is disclosed, byway of example, a

preferred embodiment of the invention, while the appended claims cover variations and modi.

Referring to the drawing by'characters of ref-.

erence, l designates an elastic band which is of a size to contractively fit around the leg or arm of the wearer and which may be provided with clasp means H for connectinglthe ends thereof to facilitate the application to and removal .of the same from the limb of the wearer.

The device also includes a rigid substantially U-shaped element 12 which may be constructed from sheet metal, Celluloid or any equivalent material and which element consists of a bridge or bight portion it having angularly disposed leg "portions M at the opposite ends which taper towards the free terminals thereof and are formed with outwardly directed angularly disposed feet IS.

The leg portions [4 are provided with parallel 5 transverse slots l6 and I! through whichthe elastic band I0 is trained so that the length thereof, indicated at A, is disposed in spanning relation to the legs 14 andis arranged parallel to and normally spaced from the bridge or bight' portion l3 a distance less than the diameter of the articles or cigarettes B as indicated in broken lines in Fig. 3. It will be understood that the spanning length A is stretched and placed under tension when the cigarettes or articles B are in- 15 serted as shown in full lines in Fig. 3 so as to clamp and retain said articles between said length A and the bridge or bight portion I3. It will also be apparent that the removal" of one or more of the articles B from their clamped position between the length A and night portion l3 will not affect the retention of those remaining in the carrier as the elasticity of the spanning length A is 'sufiicient to retain'one or more articles in position. I

It will also be observed'that the elastic band It is trained around and under the terminal portions or feet l5 of the legs l4 so as to avoid contact of the element I2 with the skin of the limb C while the legs are of a suficient length to space the articles B and the spanning length A from the surfaceof the limb C. The terminals or feet 15 provide adequate bearing surfaces to "insure the stable support of the article on the limb and to avoid any discomfort to the wearer. The device is ideally adapted for use 'in carry- 7 ing a limited supply of I cigarettes on the person of the wearer when in a bathing suit, on the beach or on other occasions.

What'is claimed'is: v

.1. An article carrier including an elastic band adapted to surround the limb of the wearer, and y a rigid U-shaped element comprising a bridge portion and angularly disposed legportions extending from said bridge portion towards the limb, each leg portion having a pair of parallel slots spaced from the bridge portion and said band extending through the slots adjacent the bridge portion to dispose a length thereof in spanning relation to the leg portions and parallel to the bridge portion to clamp the articles between said band and bridge portion'with the opposite ends of the band extending respectively through the remaining slots and outwardly around the free ends of the leg portions respecaround which means the band extends to dispose a length thereof in spanning relation to the leg portions and spaced from the limb of the wearer and parallel to the bridge portion for clamping articles between said spanning portion of the band and the bridge portion with the opposite ends of the band extending outwardly around the inner ends of the leg portions respectively and between the inner ends thereof and the limb.


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