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Publication numberUS2186492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1940
Filing dateJan 16, 1936
Priority dateJan 16, 1936
Publication numberUS 2186492 A, US 2186492A, US-A-2186492, US2186492 A, US2186492A
InventorsPaget Win W
Original AssigneeSullivan Machinery Co
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Pumping apparatus
US 2186492 A
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Jan. 9, 1940. w. w. PAGET 2,185,492

' PUMP ING APPARATUS Filed Jan. 16, 1936 Y Patented Jan. 9A, l 1" I n* r n .e n

. f. -faissasz' Y( Y VPUMPING.V APPARATUS y l' YWin Paget, Michigan City,'lnd.,fassignor to SullivanMachinery Company, `il. corporation. of Massachusetts j n Q Application Januaryl, 1933,5sen1 No. $9,435.* v 11 Claims. `(ci. 23o-,211)

My invention relates to pumpingl machinery', 'mentioned is not shown.` It isl d emed unnecesand more particularly to cooling means for pump-y sary to illustrate the compressor driving motor ing machinery in which heat of vcor'npre'ssion is and much of the internal mechanism of the comdeveloped during the pumping operation. A pressor', sincegthe particular nature of the com- UNITED-'smrgs .A

l High pressure air is required'ior variouspurp ressor drive obviouslyjis immaterial from the I poses, such, for example, fasthe breaking down standpointof the present f invention, and since of coal and other materials by air shooting apthe cooling features are the important ones with paratus vembodying rcartridges filled withair respect to the compressor per se. Y at pressures ci from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds per Now referringto the drawing, it'will'be ob- 10 square inch.'y and arranged' to effect `a sudden served that a plural stageherein a four-stagerelease of their contained charge into the ma-r compressor isshown atY I, andv that it comprises terial to be fractured. .l a series of air-cooled cylinders, herein afnlow With such devices, apparatus of maximum simpressure air-cooledV cylinder 2, a rst-interm'e-l plicity and certainty of operation is highly necesdiate air-fcooled vcylinder 3 a second-interme- 16 sary as a source of supply of` thehighly com-` ,diateair-cooied cylinder 4, and a high pressure 1 pressed air or otherrgaseous medium used, for air-cooled cylinderfSX/It Vwill be observed that commonly the compressing plant moves 'around each of these' cylinders is provided Ywith appro-- the mine andl to points closely adjacent tothe priate cooling iins Landthatfthe cylinder head workingY faces of the mine. Because of the port- 'Land'valve chamber covers `Ii of ktheslow'presi0 ability and of the high pressures generated, an sure cylinder are likewise providedwith approair-cooled apparatus is Y, particularly desirable, priate cooling'ns, andthatr the head 8' of Vthe for it reduces the weight'and makes unnecessary first-intermediate cylinder is also provided with the constant availability and transport oa subcooling hns, It l will bev observed that the Vlow stantial quantity of water. Y Dressur? ynllder' and the'mst'ntrmediate 'n I5 It is accordingly one'object of my invention to cylinder r3 are arranged' at one side of the crank provide an improved air-cooled compressor to case I0 ofthe compressoryand that the secondmeet the conditions mentioned.` It isV 'another intermediate and high pressure'cylinders 4 and Y object of my invention to provide an improved y 5, respectively,rare arrangedat the oppositesides cooling system for air compressors of the sov of 'thejV crank case, the cylinder pairs mentioned $0 called air-cooled type. It is a further object of being arranged in VV relation as supported by the 30 my invention .to provide an improved cooling crank Vcase and providing l`asubstantial angle system for cooling the' several Vcylinders of a between them. It will be noted, moreover, that compound highr Vpressure compressor and ttor an intercooler I2 isarranged to receive, through cooling the intercoolers between the several a connectionv I3, compressed air from the low $5 stages of compression.v Other objects jand adpres'sure cylinder y2, and to deliver it, through a vantages ofthe invention 'will hereinafter more connection Il, 'to the inlet of the flrstinter'me# fully appear. Y diate cylinder 3. A second Intercooler I5 is pro-'- In the accompanying drawing, inwh'ch, for vided to receive air, through a connectionV I6, purposes of illustration, one illustrative embodifroinxrthe discharge ofl the ,v mst-intermediate 40 ment of the invention has beenshowncylinder, and to. deliver it'to' theinlet of the sec- 40 'Fig l is a view in plan, with parts removed to ond-intermediate cylinder, through a.r connecfacilitate clarity of illustration, showing the comtion I`|.-- From the second-intermediate cylinder presser and cooling Vportions of a compressor a connection IB leadsrto a further intercooler plant adapted for use with air-shooting appara- I9, from which the Vair is delivered Vthrough `a 4,5 tus and in which the illustrative embodiment oi l connection 20 to the-inletof the high-stage vcyl- 45 the invention is incorporated. f irider 5, and the air compressed by the cylinder Fig. 2 is' a perspective View rom the side, last'mentioned is delivered through a connection parts broken away, and on an enlarged scale, 2| for ultimate use.'y An air illter 22 delivers of `a portion of', the structureshown in Fig. l. Q cleanedairl through a'connection 23 to the inletV 59 Fig. 3 is another perspective view of'Y the opof the low pressure cylinder 2L i, n f 50 positc side ci the apparatus shown inFig. 1.1 Y kTheseveral'intercoolers'I2, I5 and ISYare ar- Since the present invention relates essentially ranged vertically and in a series transversely of to the compressor Yper se and to the cooling the compressor, near one end thereof, and they system therefor, a complete portable compressor Vare provided with asuitable housing, as. of sheet 55 outfit of the character which has previously been fmetal, as shown at 25, preferably rounded to pro- 55 mote air ow, and, if desired, provided centrally with an air dividing and directing projection 26. Means for delivering cooling air to these cylinders is provided in the form of a blower 30, actuated in any appropriate manner, herein through a separate motor 3 I ,and delivering,througha blast guiding passage 32, a large volume of cooling air. This fan is arranged at the end of the compressor opposite the intercoolers, and the blast is discharged longitudinally of the compressor and between the two cylinder banks directly in the direction of the intercooler I9. It will be noted that thev intercoolers are of the coiled type, and that they are appropriately supported within the housing 25. It may now be observed that the air blast passing longitudinally 4between the cylinder banks after striking the intercooler I9, is divided and deected laterally, the device 25 facilitating the division of the air blast and diminishing loss of velocity through eddying. The split masses of air pass respectively through and around the intercooler I2 and over the cooling tins carried by therst-intermediate cylinder '3 and itshead 9 and by the low pressure cylinder 2, its head 'I and valve compartment covers 8, and through and around the intercooler I 5 and across l the cooling ns carried by the third-stage (second-intermediate) cylinder 4 and the high pressure cylinder 5. The compressor is provided with a cover 35 which may be raised about an axis extending transversely near the back wall of the casing 25, and thereby a portion of theair may be allowed to pass upwardly and out at the top of the compressor. By reason of the provision of a transverse baie 36, a portion of the air passing over the low and mst-intermediate cylinders will ,be caused to undergo a lateral discharge.

Now it will be evident that the intercooler I9 will be cooled oy a rush of largely unwarmed air; that the air passing between the two banks of cylinders will be divided and .pass overV these after passing over, in each case, one intercooler coil; that the blast fan and the associated arrangements cause the air to pass over and cool the cylinders, largely with air owing in a direction opposite to that in which the blast fan discharges; that each cylinder bank" has its own definite air stream for cooling purposes; that a very large volume of air'may be delivered for cooling purposes by the ,arrangement shown, and that exceedingly eiiicient temperature control during the compression may be secured by the apparatus illustrated.

While I have in this application specifically described one fcrm which my invention may assume in practice, it will be understood that this form is shown for purposes of illustration only and that the invention may be modified and embodied in various other forms without departing yfrom its spirit or the scope of the appendedclaims.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. In combination, in a compressor, cylinder structures arranged in V relation, cooling means for the compressed uid including intercoolers at one end of said compressor in the same vertical planes extending longitudinally of the compressor with said cylinder structures respectively, a cooling fan arranged at the end of said compressor opposite said intercoolers, and means for dis` tributing substantially opposite to fan discharge the air therefrom in distinct streams to the cylinder structures and intercoolers at the opposite sides of the V.

2. In a compressor, in combination, a series of cooling coils, a series of compressor cylinders, certain of said cylinders and one of said coils being in one series of vertical planes, another of said coils andiothers ,oi-,said 'cylinders in a spaced series of parallel planes, ,a-third coil in an intermediate series of1 vertical,planes,and means including a cooling fari and flow directing means for causing a flow v-of air in one direction in said last mentioned series of planes and over said third coil'and in the opposite directionin said first and second mentidned serifsof` planes and over said other coils andsaid cylinders.

3,-In a compressor, in combination, a series of cooling coils, a series of compressor cylinders, certain of said cylinders and one of said coils being in one series of vertical planes, another of said coils andother'sbf said cylinders in a spaced series of parallel planes, a` third coil in an intermediateseries of `vertical/planes, and means for delivering air first in one direction in said last mentioned series of planes and over said third coil and `thereafter in divided streams reversely in each of the rst and second mentioned series of planes and over the coils and cylinders therein.

4. In a compressor, in combination, a low pressure cylinder, a high pressure cylinder, an intercooler through which flow takes place in passing from the low pressure cylinder to the high pressure cylinder, said 10W and high pressure cylinders being laterally spaced and said intercooler lying intermediate but spaced longitudinally of the compressor with respect to said cylinders, means larranged at the far side of said cylinders from said intercooler for directing a flow of air over said intercooler in a unitary stream, and means adjacent said intercooler for dividing said unitary stream and directing the divided streams over said cylinders.

5. In a compressor, in combination, low pressure and first-intermediate cylinders, second-intermediate and high pressure cylinders, three intercoolers, one connected between each pair of consecutive cylinders, one of said intercoolers being in the same set of longitudinally extending vertical planes with the rst mentioned pair of cylinders, another in the same set of vertical longitudinally, extending planes with the second mentioned pair of cylinders, and the third in an intermediate series of planes, said intercoolers arrangedat .one end of said compressor, a cooling fan arranged at the opposite end of the compressor and discharging longitudinally of said compressor in said last mentioned series of planes and upon said third intercooler, and flow dividing Y and guiding means for redirecting the air reversely longitudinally of the compressor in spaced streams respectively cooling the rst mentioned pair of cylinders and the intercooler in the same vertical planes therewith, and the second mentioned pair of cylinders and the intercooler in the same vertical planes with the latter.

6. In combination, in an apparatus for effecting the multi-stage compression of air, a cylinder at one side of a vertical plane, a higher stage cylinder at the opposite side of said plane, associated means for cooling compressed uid arranged at one side of a zone to which said plane is perpendicular and containing said cylinders, means for creating a stream of air arranged at the other side of such Zone and discharging towards said associated cooling means, .and nowdirecting means for reversing said air and directing it uponsaid cylinders, after its action on said cooling means, in separate streams moving 'S20 means, and means in a ldirection vopposite said nrst mentioned stream. y I '7. In combination, a compound `fluid-com- -v'pressing apparatus having stages at opposite sides H' stings; flow of cooling iluid along said planes and A,nj'teansior dividing such flow and directing it ilrst over said devices and then over said stages.

8. Inv combination, a compound uid-compressing apparatus having stages at opposite sides 1,5 of aseries of parallel vertical planes, intercooling means also arranged at opposite sides`of said planes, intercooling'means ingsaid planes, means .for creating Vallow of cooling fluid along said planes and over said last mentioned intercoolng for thereafter dividing, such ilow and directing it first over said first mentioned intercooling means and then Y stages. 1

9. In combination, in a multi-stage com- 25 pressing apparatus, means for creating a directed flow of cooling fluid, air-cooled cylinders constituting different stages of such apparatus ar-v ranged with their\axes in a plane parallel to the direction of ow of such cooling fluid, an inter- 30 cooler for saidcylinders arranged at the far side of said cylinders from said ilrst mentioned means 'Y y flow' directionpast the outery sidesgof said cylinders, the divided streams of cooling fluid flowingv and directly to receive the flow of cooling fluid,

and means for reversing the flow arranged beyond directing the flow upon said 3cylinders i'n\a path substantially the reverse in said intercooler and direction of the original directionofflow.

10. In combination, in a compressing apparaover said said 4plane between-said cylinders and then viding'it and directing it across said heat exchange devices,` and'then, in substantially oppositedirection's'tozits'dlrtion of original flow, over said cylinders;

ll. In combination, anVl air compressor of the air cooled type having cylinders for providing different stages of compression and arranged iny laterally-spaced'relation to provide an open space therebetween; an intercooler having cooling 'elements for cooling the compressed air as it flows from one 'cylinder to another during the differ- .ent stages of compression, and cooling means forsaid cylinders and said vintercooler cooling'elements comprising a blower discharging ina unitary 'stream longitudinally intoy said space bei tus. air-cooled cylinders arranger! at, ,opposite l sides of a plane. fluidcoolingvu'ieansY inclusilinln heatexchange devices also arranged at oppositel sides oi' such plane, and cooling `means includingr` means for. creating a flow of cooling iiuid along dit tween said cylinders along the inner sides of the 1 having the cooling fluid pass over it as said fluid latter, one of said intercooler coolingelementsV arranged in the path. of the blower discharge andv flows through said space between saidv cylinders, f

and means against which said iluid stream im# pinges for dividing the uid stream into separate cooling-fluid streams andl directing the latter laterally past othersof said cooling elements of said intercooler and then longitudinally'in a reverse the' blower discharge.-


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