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Publication numberUS2187312 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1940
Filing dateAug 9, 1938
Priority dateAug 9, 1938
Publication numberUS 2187312 A, US 2187312A, US-A-2187312, US2187312 A, US2187312A
InventorsClyde Goodlake
Original AssigneeClyde Goodlake
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Meat table
US 2187312 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 16, 1940.` c. GOODLAKE MEAT TABLE Filed Aug. 9, 1958 lzatenttedJan.16V,1940kk t t I t e t t v UNITED*` STATES PATENT OFFICE t A2,187,312' e ,I j, I

' s s MEAT TABLE s t Clyde Goodlake, Wenatchee,` Wash. Application `August 9, 1938, Serial No.` 223,928 `zolaims. (ci. 14s-1oz) This invention relates to' an improvement 'in adjustment in the member I6. `The other leg I9 attachments for slicing machines, and has for an of the U projects beneath the base I and carries object to `providea simple device which may be a clampfscrew 20 by means of which the entire affixed to standard slicing `machines for thepurdevice may be attached to aslicing machine platpose of slicing ilat` strips of meat, or `the like, form. bacon, for example, so as to obtain a slicewider From the construction described above, it will than the thickness of the material beingsliced.y be understood that by operating the handle II,

This is accomplishedfby presenting the product the nuts 9 and `I Il will travel in opposite directions `being sliced totheslicing blade at an acute angle, on thescrew 6, causing'the free ends of arms I2, I so that the product will be sliced `ons. bias; I3 to move about the pivot I4. VOperation of the 10 l For a more complete understanding of the inhandle Il in onedirection will cause the free ends vention, referenceis made to the accompanying of arms I2, I3 to pivot about Il and move away drawing, illustrating one `embodiment thereof, from each other, thereby lowering thevItable 2.

like reference characters referring to like parts Movement of the handle in the opposite direction throughoutthe several views. will cause a reversal of the operation just de- 15 Figurel is aperspective` viewof a slicing mascribed so as to raise the "table 2 and varyits chine with the attachment anixedthereto. angle of inclination with respect to base I. By

Figure 2 is a side elevationof the attachment. this means, it will be seen that I have provided Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view on line a novel device for slicing thin strips of meat and 3-3 of Figure 2f `I I I y the like in such amanner as to obtain a bias `cut 20 Figure 4 is a fragmentary transverse section on which will produce a slice widerI than the thickline 4--4 of Figure 2. ness of the material sliced. II

The invention includes a base I and atable 2 The invention is not to be construed as limited which is pivoted to the base-at one end by a hinge to the construction shown, but may be `modified r 3. The underside of `the `tabley 2 carries two and `changed Without departing frcmpthe Spirit spaced bars II which are secured thereto in of the invention as dened by the appended spaced relation `transversely of the longitudinal claims.I axis of the table, and whichform a channel or I claim: I I groove fora purpose hereinafter to be described. I 1 A11 attachment fol' Slicirlg machines ccm-` ,m The table also has,` a guide `or fence, 2, along onel prising a base, a table pivoted at one end to said gor longitudinal side; I I l base and angularly adjustable with respect there- The base also carriesa bearing `5`secured thereto, a bearing secured to said baseIand a screw to, and a screw 6 isjournalled therein.I Thescrew `journalled therein, Said ScleW being threaded in lis threaded in opposite vdirections on each side of opposite directions from the bearing outwardly, the bearing having a right hand thread on one a nut carried by said screw on each side of said side and a left hand thread on the othenas shown bearing, an armI pivoted to each nut, and supat I and 8, and cooperatingnuts 9 and I'0 respec-` porting said table,` the arms being crossed and tively, are mounted to travel on the screw, one on pivcted at their point 0f interSectOIl. l each side of the bearing. At one "end, the screw 2- An attachment fOl' slicing machines comcarriesan operating handle I'I. Each nut sand prising a base, a table pivotedat one end to said Ill has an upwardly extendingarm I2, `I3 respecbase and angularly adjustable with respect theretively, pivoted thereto and these arms are crossed t0, a chanel 011 the bcttcm Side 0f the table eX- and pivoted with respect to each other at their tending transversely thelecf, a bearing Secured intersection, as at I4.` Theextreme upper ends to said base and ascrew journalled therein, said of the arms extend into thechannel or groove Screw beingthreaded in opposite directions from s 45 I5 on the underside of the table; the bearing outwardly, a nut carried by said screw A clamp is mounted onv theIbase so that the on eachvsideof said bearing, an arm pivoted to entire unit can be secured to the platform A of a each nut, the arms being crossed and pivotably slicing machine. The clamp comprises a chanl connected attheir point of intersection, said arms nel-shaped guiding member I6: xed longitudiextending upwardlyand into said channelto sup` fm nally of the base by welding or otherwise, having port the table. s v I a U-shaped bar I1 with one leg I8 slidable for I GLYDE GOODLAKE.

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U.S. Classification108/7
International ClassificationB26D7/06
Cooperative ClassificationB26D7/0616
European ClassificationB26D7/06C