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Publication numberUS2187387 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1940
Filing dateOct 29, 1937
Priority dateOct 29, 1937
Publication numberUS 2187387 A, US 2187387A, US-A-2187387, US2187387 A, US2187387A
InventorsSchweller Edmund F, Trigg Chester S
Original AssigneeGen Motors Corp
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Refrigerating apparatus
US 2187387 A
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Jam 16, 1940. c. s. TRIGG Er Al.






Ni'reo STATES PATENT GFFICE 2,181,387 REFRIGERATNG APP/ATU@ Ware Application Dctober 29, 19d?, Serial No. iiiiidd t iliaims.

This invention relates to refrigerating apparatus and more particularly to portable refrigeratlng machines for carrying frozen or perishable articles.

in selling refrigerators, one of the methods commonly used is house-to-house canvassing. in this type of selling, it is desirable toI be able to show some things which have been frozen in the refrigerator, and also to demonstrate the ease with which ice cubes may be removed from ice trays. it is necessary that such a means be rather light so that it may be carried without fatigue and it is, of course, necessary that the products carried be kept in a proper state of preservation.

it is an object of our invention to provide a portable refrigerator carrying case capable of keeping trays of ice in. a frozen condition, or keeping other articles, such as ice cream or fruits, meats and vegetables in a proper state of preservation.

it is a further object of ourinvention to provide a carrying case with a refrigerating means which can be readily removed and regenerated in an ordinary household refrigerator.

lit is a further object of our invention to provide a light-Weight, convenient carrying means forbice trays containing ice cubes or frozen desse s.

lliurther obiects and advantages of the present invention will be apparent from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein a preferred form of the present invention is clearly shown.

in the drawing:

ilig. i is a perspective view of one embodiment of our invention;

iiig. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line ini of iilg. il; and

Fig. d is a sectional view taken along the line i-t of il'lg. 2.

Briefly, we have shown a boit-shaped carrying case having a removable end serving as a closure means and provided with a handle for carrying the case, while a second handle is provided upon one side of the case for use when the end is removed. The case has a metal inner liner and upon one wall of the interior of the case a hollow flat member is provided containing a congealing solution which will melt at substantiaily the temperature desired to be maintained within the interior of the case. The carrying case also may contain ice trays or other receptacles for receiving the products desired to be carried in the case.

(till. dil-b9) Referring now to the drawing, there is shown a box-shaped carrying case til having a main portion 22 and a removable end portion it, provided with a handle it, and fastened to the main portion by a trunk-type clasp it. "lhe main portion i2 is provided with a handle tt upon one flat side for use whenever itis more convenient than the handle it.

'The outside of the case is formed of a wooden bon if which may be covered with leather or imitation leather' and lined with insulation til. "ihe removable end it is also formed of wood and lined with the same insulation.- vi'he compartment within the case it is provided with a sheet metal inner liner it provided with a flange at its outer end which entends over the wooden inner molding strips dit `which entend around the interior of the case at the end provided with the closure iii. 'The closure iii is provided with a rubber surface t which covers the insulation and maires sealing engagement with the flange provided upon the inner' liner dit.

fledged against the bottom side of the inner liner tt is a'iiat hollow container dil provided with a nller opening and plug dit for nlllng the container with some suitable congealing solution. The container itis slidably mounted within the bottom portion of the casing in a slide-way provided by the beads it which are provided upon the wall of the inner liner til.

Any desired articles may be carried in the case, but for purposes of illustration, we have shown. two ice trays designated by the reference character it which are shown resting upon the hollow container di. which duiclrly and efficiently elect the cubes from the tray and serve as an encellent inducement for the purchase of household refrigerators. wilhese ice trays are held in place when the case is stood on end by a pair of wide leaf springs bt which bear upon a lever provided upon the top of the grid of the ice tray. These springs are riveted to the top wall of the inner liner. Wli'his and other types of means may be used for holding other articles in place.

duch a case is relatively iight in weight, easy 'Ihese ice trays are of the type iii iid


to carry and provides a means of carrying two l leonor and water" amen-maybe mixed in varyiing proportions .andffrozenl toV provide -melting temperatures'between 32 F. and'+60 F.; like- `wise, different proportionsof glycerine and water may be mixed to provide melting temperatures between 32. F. and -36 F.; also ethylene glycol land water may be mixed in differentpro'portions Where it is desired that 'a melting temperatureV above 32 F. be provided, .one of the following substances maybeemplqye'd: dioxan, benzene, nitrobenzene, -bromoform ethylenediamine, ethylenediamine hydrate, dimethyl anilene or hyldrates of the following saltsz.


LiCLZHnO NaWO4.10H2O MNSOL'HaO or a mixture of butyl stearate with 5% C014.

In using the case, thehollow container, filled with the desired congealing or hold-over solution, is placed within the evaporator of an ordinary household refrigerator and the water in the ice trayslor other frozen article may be frozen separately in the same orfl another evaporator either directly upon the hollow container or preferably in another compartment of the'evaporator. After the water in the andrafter the congealing solution is frozen, they Imay be removed from the evaporator and placed in the carrying caseas Ashown in the drawing. 'I'he closure 24 is then fastened to the case and it is then possible to carry the case wherever desired so that demonstrations'may vbe made.

It is quite obvious that the case is not limited in its use to demonstrating purposes, but may be used wherever 1t is desired to carrya limited amount of articles required to be preserved at a temperature below the existing outside temperature for a reasonable period of time, For example, it may be used to carry foodstuffs to picnics or may be used in the delivery oi frozen'products.

While the form of embodiment of the invention as herein disclosed, constitutes a preferred form, it is to be understood that other forms might be adopted, all coming within the scope of the claims which follow.

What is claimed is as follows:

1. A carrying case comprising an insulated box containing a compartment therein, a sheet metal inner liner member lining said compartment, a refrigerating member upon the bottom of said compartment resting directly upon said sheet metal liner, and spring means fastened to the Vtop of said inner liner member for holding articles in place upon saidrefrigerating member.

2. A carrying case comprising an insulated box containing 'a compartment therein, a refrigerating member upon the bottom of said compartment, and spring means fastened to the top of said insulated box for holding an article in place upon said refrigerating member.

ice trays is frozen

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