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Publication numberUS2188692 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1940
Filing dateFeb 5, 1938
Priority dateFeb 5, 1938
Publication numberUS 2188692 A, US 2188692A, US-A-2188692, US2188692 A, US2188692A
InventorsSchultz Carl A
Original AssigneeSilver City Glass Co Inc
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Combined container and ashtray
US 2188692 A
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COMBINED CONTAINER AND ASHTRAY I can. A. Schultz, Meriden, 001111., assignor to The 'Silver .City Glass 00., Inc., Meriden,.0onn.

Application February 5,1938, Serial N0.'-188,861

' 3 Claims. (01. 206-1) The present invention has relation more particularly to containers useful for holding playing cards and the chief object of the invention I is to construct the sections of; the container so 5 that they will be servicable as an ashtray set.

The container is composed of two sections,

identically alike so as to be interchangeable whereby either section may operate as the cover and the other section as the tray or body. The

in sections are preferably made of glass having a metal covering deposited or secured thereon to bind the edges and corners and'to provide desired ornamentation, but it will be understood any other suitable material may be employed.

13 such, for example, as wood or a-composition.

The invention will be more fully described hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawing illustrating one embodiment of the invention, and wherein:

20 Fig. l is a perspective view showing thetwosections in the closed position, I

Fig. 2 is a perspective viewof one section forming the tray or body section and so designated because it contains the pack of cards.

35 Fig. 3 is a similarview showing the coversection, I

Fig. l is a longitudinal section taken on line 5-4 of Fig. 3, and I 4 Fig. 5 is across section takenon line. 55 of 30 Fig. 3. I Y

Referring to said drawing Aand B indicate the two container sections which are precisely the same each having side walls Lend Walls 2, a

' bottom 3 and an open top 4. The sections A and 43 2 and the latter means, it will be noted, are of service particularly when the container is closed without contents being therein.

The end walls 2 are comparatively thick so that the recess 9 formed in each end wall may in be extended to provide sufficient base for a cigarette or cigar to rest thereon.

In such instances where a binding or cover-v ing it is desired for reinforcement or ornamentation a metallic coating or covering is deposited or secured on the outer surfaces of the ing out the details of the inventionhereinbefore' described, and it is to be understood that any modification coming fairly within the terms of the appended claims shall be covered thereby.

I claim: I

y 1. A combined container and ashtray composed of a pair of, disconnectible members, formed to be superposed and havingconfrontingfaces each formed with acentralwell, the members having boundingwalls devoid ofprojectionswher'eby the vertical faces of the walls are substantiallyflushwith each other'in superposed relation of the members,'one of said members having one of the wallsthereof formed with a' s'ubstantially IU-shaped recess which extends from the humor face'of the wall to substantially the outer face of the wall, the said wall being of such thickness to provide supportsof a length to hold cigarettes in a horizontal plane, the con fronting faces of the members having registering complementary projections and depressions, said projections and depressions being spaced from and independent of the U-shaped recesses and formed to hold themembers when superposed against all'horizo'ntal movements relative to each other while permitting bodily separation thereof, the projections and depressions being withbounding walls. v I

2. A combined container and ashtray in accordance with claim 1, wherein the members are ot substantially rectangular form and wherein there is a U-shaped recess in each end wall of,

in the confines of the outer side faces of the each member, wherein said end walls are each of such thickness to provide supports of a length to hold cigarettesina horizontal plane, and the projections and depressions are formed on said end walls and located on opposite sides of the U-shaped recesses. t T

. 3. A combined container and ashtray in accordance with claim 1, wherein each of said meme CARL A. SCHULTZ,

, 50 bers has one of the walls thereof formed witha I substantially U-shaped recess.

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U.S. Classification206/216, 206/246, 131/238, 131/240.1, 273/148.00A, 206/38
International ClassificationA24F19/00, A24F19/10
Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/10
European ClassificationA24F19/10