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Publication numberUS2189175 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1940
Filing dateMay 20, 1938
Priority dateMay 20, 1938
Publication numberUS 2189175 A, US 2189175A, US-A-2189175, US2189175 A, US2189175A
InventorsJackson Charles Jose Frederick
Original AssigneeJackson Charles Jose Frederick
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Dental massaging, cleaning, and medicating device
US 2189175 A
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Feb. 6, 1940. v c. J. F. JACKSON 2,189,175



' lWEDICATING DEVICE Charles Joseph Frederick Jackson, Winnipeg, l Manitoba, Canada I Application m 20, 1938," Serial No. 209,094

1 Claim. (01. 128-62) The'invention relates to a dental massaging, cleaning, and medicating d'evice'and more, particularly to a device which'ca'n be used to'simultaneously clean the faces of theteeth andthe triangular interdental spaces between adjacent teeth, tomassage and stimulate the gum surfaces including those of the interdental gingivae and to carry and apply a medicinal agent for the treatment of the teeth and gums when the cleaning and massaging work is being done.

In the accomplishment of the above purposes the present device includes a rubber or other soft, resilient, cleaning and massaging cup, a rubher or other soft, resilient, gradually tapering and pointed, cleaning and massaging prod centrally within the cup and having the pointed end thereof terminating at some distance from the mouth of the cup and the butt thereof formed preferably integral with the base of the cup, and suitable means for conveniently attaching the base of the cup to a handle or other manipulating device or member, j

With the above foregoing features of the in-' vention in view, and others thereof, which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the invention as herein disclosed can be made within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

The invention will be readily understood from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a side view of the device mounted on ahandle.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view centrally through the device.

Fig. 3 is an inverted plan view of the device.

Fig. 4: is a top plan view of the device.

Fig. 5 is a sectional View at 5-5 Fig. 2.

Fig. 6 is a side view of the device.

Fig. '7 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but in the inverted position and showing the cup as containing a medicament or cleansing agent.

Fig. 8 is a side view of the device and showing a modified form of prod.

Fig. 8 is a sectional view at 8-8 Fig. 8. i

Fig. 9 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 2 and. showing a modified type of fastening.

I Fig. 10 is a front view of the gums and teeth and indicating the device in dotted outline.

Fig. 11 is a view showing the device in use, butv appearing in vertical section.

ried by the end of the handle.

"In'the drawing like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several figures. 'The device includes, as principal members, a cup I and a prod 2 both made from rubber or other soft, resilient material and preferably integrally formed The cup issubstantially bell shapedthe wall 3 thereof flaring outwardly from the base 4 to the mouth 5 andgradually dimin ishing in cross section, in a downward direction,

and terminating in a relatively thin or feathered edge 6. The prod 2 isof tapered form and has the butt 7. thereof within the cup and integral with the base 4 and the pointed end thereof terminatingas shown, at some distance from the mouth of the cup. The prod can vary in cross section depending upon whatever is found the In Fig. 3 it is shown as circular most efficient. in cross section and in Fig. 8 it appears angular in cross section.

Any desired meanscan be employed for releasably attaching the base of the cupto a handle 9 or other manipulating appliance. A screw I0 as trimay be employed having an enlarged head H In Fig, 9 I have shown a modified fastening,

wherein the base of the cup is provided with a hole l3 which is adapted to frictionally receive the extending end of a pin l4 permanently car- It will be observed that the handle shown, has the body part 9 thereof, extending angularly in relation to the cup and prod. This allows the cup and prod to be conveniently used to treat either the inner sides or the outer sides of the teeth and gums as desired. Such shaped handle has been long used for the above purpose, in dental work, and accordingly forms no part of the present invention.

In Fig. '7 the cup appears in an inverted position to show how readily it will receive and hold a medicament or cleansing agent [5, in either the liquid, semi-liquid or paste form.

It will be particularly noted that the tapered form of the prod permits it to enter any one of the interdental spaces, whether. large or small,


cleansing agent, if such be used, is first put in the cup, as explained, and the tooth cleaning and gum massaging and stimulating device is then placed against the teeth and gums, either from the buccal or from the lingual, and with prod entered in one or other of the interdental spaces l6 (see Fig. 10). At this time the parts appear as best shown in Fig. 11 and it will be observed that the featherlike edge 6 of the mouth of the cup is engaged with the teeth and gums and that the prod is engaged with the teeth and gum surfaces bordering the interdental space. By working the device by hand movement the teeth surfaces are effectively cleaned and treated and the contacted gum surfaces are massaged and stimulated and it will be particularly noted that the in and out movement of the cup feeds the medicament or cleansing agent to the teeth and gums and especially into the interdental space and pyorrhea pockets, such being due to the pumping action produced. The cup flexes in the latter in and out movement, but remains closely in contact with the teeth and gum surfaces and the natural outlet for the medicament or cleansing agent is into and through the small spaces surrounding the prod, so that the medicament or cleansing agent is' effectively applied to those tooth and gum parts surrounding and adjacent to the interdental space. The prod compresses or displaces the interdental gum tissue and insures that the medicament or cleansing agent is efiectively forced into the spaces and pockets bordering the interdental space,

The device is quite effective, of course, for cleaning and massage purposes, where no medicamentor cleansing agent is used, and whether such is employed or not is left entirely to the judgment of the operator and depending on the nature of the treatment desired.

What I claim as my invention is:

A tooth-cleaning and gum-massaging device comprising, a resilient suction cup having a relatively deep side wall gradually tapering to a relatively thin edge at the mouth, a gradually tapered, pointed, resilient prod, co-axial with the cup and extending from the base of the cup outwardly through the mouth thereof and having the pointed end terminating at some distance from the mouth of the cup and suitable means for attaching the base of the cup to a supporting member.


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