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Publication numberUS2189187 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1940
Filing dateApr 24, 1939
Priority dateApr 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2189187 A, US 2189187A, US-A-2189187, US2189187 A, US2189187A
InventorsThomas Turunen
Original AssigneeThomas Turunen
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Double-breasted garment
US 2189187 A
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Feb. 6, 1940. TURUNEN 2,189,187




THOMAS TURUNEN ATTORNE S Patented Feb.6{, 1940 i 2,189,187 DOUBLE-BREASTED GARMENT Thomas Turunen, DetroitQMich.

Application April 24,1939, Serial No. 269304 I 3 Claims. (01. z-hos) This invention relates generally to improveposition on the vertical center line ofthe garments in wearing apparel and refers more parment in juxtarelation to each other. In other ticularly to a novel double-breasted garment, such words, when the garment is buttoned in the mane as a coat. i ner shown in Figure 1 a slit is formed at the cen- 5 It is one of the principal objects of this inven ter of the garment, with the result that a freedom 5 tion to provide a double-breasted garment affordof movement is-provided comparable to a singleingagreater freedom of movement of the wearer breasted garment. i

and having a distinctive pleasing appearance, Upon reference to Figure 2, itwill be notedthat Another advantageous feature of this inventhe flaps IE! are also slit, as at I 3, in substantial tion resides in the provision ofa double-breasted alignment with the edges I2, and the edges of garment rendering it possible to contour'the front the slits 13 are sewed together. The purpose of portion of the garment to fit a variety of shapes this arrangement is to permit cutting and fitting and to compensate for pecularities that often the garment opposite the stomach of the wearer times prohibit proper tailoring of the garment. so as to compensate for protrusions or irregulari- The foregoing, as well as other objects, will be ties inthis regionof the wearer's body.

UNITED STATES j PATENT OFFICE t made more apparent as this description proceeds, What I claim as "my invention is: especially when considered in connection with l. A double-breasted garment with overlapping the accompanying drawing, whereinr flaps at the front side having portions adapted Figure 1 is a fragmentary front elevational view to be buttonedin overlapping relation and having of a coat embodying my invention; and edges extending below the buttoned portions of 20 Figure 2 is an elevational view showing the the flaps offset from the free edges of the butcoat in another position. toned portions of said flaps a distance predeter- Double-breasted coats have been one accepted mined to provide a slit on the vertical center line style of coat for many years and are distinguished of the garment at the front side of the latter. H

25, principally from single-breasted coats in that i 2. A double-breasted garment having overlapa the free edge portions overlap each other for a ping flaps at the front side of the garment and substantial distance at the front of the wearer having the lower portions of the fiapscut away forming double thickness of material in this to such an extent that the free vertical edges of region. Th s part yD 'O C a ntn said portions meet substantially on the vertical only hinders freedom of movement of the wearer, e t 'li of the garment. v t 30 but is not conducive t t iloring the garm nt 0 '3, A-double-breasted garment with overlapping that it will ha g P p ly on all of the Vario flaps at the front side having portions adapted to different Shapes of individualsbe buttoned in overlapping relation and having According to this invention; the aboveobjew edges extending below the buttoned portions of tions are overcome without appreciably altering t flaps ofi et, from th f edges of t t; 35

the appearance of the double-breasted Style toned portions of said flaps a distance predeterforming the gar e the manner Clearly illuS- mined to provide a slit on the vertical center line trated in t e d w In d a it W behoted of the garment at the front side of thelatter, and

that the lowe e ons of the ppi g flaps seams extending upwardly from the offset edges 40 of the coat are cut away, as a H, to such an aforesaid a sufficient distance to provide forfit- 40 extent that when the flaps are buttoned in overting the front portions of the garment.

lapping relationship, the free edges I2 assume a a p THOMAS TURUNEN.

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U.S. Classification2/96, D02/853, 2/102
International ClassificationA41D1/00, A41D1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/02
European ClassificationA41D1/02