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Publication numberUS2189574 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1940
Filing dateMar 29, 1939
Priority dateMar 29, 1939
Publication numberUS 2189574 A, US 2189574A, US-A-2189574, US2189574 A, US2189574A
InventorsAnderson Carl E
Original AssigneeEastern Tool & Mfg Co
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US 2189574 A
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Feb. 6, 1940. c. E. ANDERSON BUCKLE Filed March 29, 1939 ATTOR N EY.

Patented Feb. 6, 1940 v I I vUNITED STATES e'rsr orricr.

BUCKLE Carl E. Anderson, East Orange, N. J., assignor to Eastern Tool & Mfg. 00., Bloomfield, N. J.

' Application March 29, 1939, Serial No. 264,710

1 Claim. (01. 24-198) 1 This invention relates to an improved buckle the strap is bent at Ell. This form of fastening for adjusting the length of straps and is paris for the permanent or-fixed connection with ticularly adapted for adjusting the straps, usually the strap. The edge of the opening i is flanged of denim, on overalls. The adjustment is quickly as at 15a.

5 and easily made by this new buckle which is The adjustable strap 2! is preferably made 5 especially adapted for use on the sidestraps for by folding ever the material to overlap at the adjusting the waist part of the overalls. back, the whole being stitched down the center T e invention s d e to Provide a Simple as at 22 which not only forms a stiff sturdy buckle that is Without moving parts, that holds strap but the stitching, usually with colored l0 the goods firmly, and that will not be distorted th ad, provides a, better looking finish, The under strain, although the buckle is made of sheet t 2: passes from the ba k to the front metal. through opening i l and back to the rear through The characteristics of the structural features Opening t5 The upper edge of t i th t are designed to minimize the wear on the straps is the tt edge of the t part m i tamped and grasp the straps in tight Compact form to to form teeth 23 which teeth are bent toward the 15 make the Whe e s y as flat as Possiblerear but also given a triangular shape in cross- The inventionis illustrated in the accompanysection, that is the teeth are inclined as a ing drawing. Figure lis afront view of a buckle Whole e also provided with a bracing t and the straps. Figure 2 is a section on line 2-2 ture by having inclined ,Side Walls 24 merging go in Figure 1. Figure 3 is aback view of the buckle into the flang 25 which is around the edge f without the straps. Figure lis an enlarged detail the opening a This f f teeth is f u d of the tooth Structure- Figure 5 is m to resist bending under such strains as occur in On line 5 5 in Figure Figure 6 is a sectton clothing. The teeth 23 are spaced apart from on line in Figure Figure 7. is sectlon the centre leaving the central part 26 smooth.

on line 7 7in Figure 3 with the strap in place- This prevents any tearing or cutting of central Figure 8 is a cross section of the form of strap thread 22 of the strap which cutting would cause usually used in the iniproved'buckle. the thread to unraveL The.buck1e is stamped from Sheet metal 1 The flanges I5 and 25 form bracing means for comprises t part bottom part (men the central bar I 3 and this holds the strap 2!.

, 39 form bars, side parts. i2, and a central horlzonv th 30 tal bar It, whereby two openings l4 and I5 are m poslglon In close gnppmg Contact W1 9 provided for threading a strap. The whole forms teeth and the flange a frame which has a marginal flange It all I 91mm! around to giveedded strength against bending A buckle of sheet metal comprising a frame.

and also provides gripping edges where the strap hevmg a ra r, h rmin w ep engages the buckle on the back lngs, the margin of the bar and the margin of The opening it is formed by bending out a th p s av arwardly ext ndin flap I! which is provided with holes punched flanges, the t a 0 e W epenmg e through to form burrs I8 which are somewhat ing a flap en w on h fr me and provlde w rough due to being punched all the way through With burrs fermed y D O S in the p 40 and provide excellent holding means for one e ton d 0f h upper pe ng aving rearstrap IS. The strap 89 is placed under the flap W y p oj tin p e teeth sp ed from he i8 and thefiap is stamped down onto the strap centre of the buckle, the teeth having a tril9 and the burrs I8 penetrate or partly peneangular form both inthe longitudinal and latertrate the strap I9. The flap H is narrower than a1 direction, the triangular walls of the teeth the distance from the edge of the opening 15 merging into the marginal flange of the opening. and the flange I6 causing a gripping action where e CARL E. ANDERSON.

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U.S. Classification24/198, 24/265.0BC
International ClassificationA44B11/00, A44B11/04
Cooperative ClassificationA44B11/04
European ClassificationA44B11/04