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Publication numberUS2189945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1940
Filing dateApr 12, 1937
Priority dateJul 28, 1936
Publication numberUS 2189945 A, US 2189945A, US-A-2189945, US2189945 A, US2189945A
InventorsBenjamin F Fitch
Original AssigneeMotor Terminals Inc
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Demountable tank body
US 2189945 A
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Fen 13, 1940. H H 2,189,945

DEMOUNTABLE TANK BODY Original Filed July 28, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 chi 994 7 a 'j gifwd ATTORNEYqS Fb.13, 1940. i T R 2,189,945

' DEMOUNTA-BLE TANK BODY Original Filed July 28, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. Qu. MM v5? Jdzf ATTORNEY Patented Feb. 13, 1940 UNITED STAT-ES DEMOUNTABLE TANK BODY njamin F. FitchyGreenwich Conn assignor to Motor Terminalalna, Cleveland, Ohio, a .cor-

poration of Ohio zflriginal application .July :28, 1936, Serial No. r 92,984. --Divided-and this application =April I2,

1937, Serial No. 136,349

4 claims. (01. 220-1) 1 03 This invention is particularly concerned with the provision of an improved valve and drain structure ,for a idemountable .tank body. This, therefore, is the general object of thepresent invention. I

l 16 One of the features of this invention is concerned with-theprovisionaof a pocket in the end portion of the tank body, in which the discharge valve is mounted, ,wheieby a simple form of valve may be used and the same readily protect 20 ed from dirt, cold or direct rays of the sun.

Other objects and features of this invention v will become more apparent from the following description, reference being had to accompanying drawings which illustrate a preferred embodi- 5 ment of the invention. 'I'he essential features of the invention will be set forth in the claims. In the drawings, Fig. l is an end elevation of a demountable tank provided with the valve and drain construction of this invention; Fig. 2 is 30' a side elevation of the tank body, certain parts being broken away to more clearly illustrate the valve and drain construction; Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical section through the body, as indi-.v

cated by the lines 3-3 of Fig.2; Fig. 4 is a fragmentary vertical section, on an enlarged scale, taken through one of a pair of doors for the valve pocket, the plane of the section being indicated by the lines t4 on Fig. l.

The tank body is provided with a base frame comprising end sills l0; longitudinal side sills H;

a series of transverse bolsters I2; and a pair of longitudinal intermediate beams M, which are inverted channels setinto notches in the bolsters. Eeneath the longitudinal beams M are suitable is longitudinal skid rails I5 in the form of upwardly facing channels. These skid rails [5 are arranged and adapted to support the tank, while enabling it to be slid from place to place or from one vehicle to another in suitable Ways or uide chan- 50 nels a which are provided in the vehicle or platform A onto or from which the body is to he slid.

The tank is generally indicated at 2!) and comprises an inner shell 2| and an outer shell 22, and issupported by the upper surface of the 55 bolsters l2. The space between the two shells is filled with an insulating material generally 1111-. dicated at 23 in Fig. 3. The tank is providedwith a suitable opening at its top, iorminga manholewhich is shown as covered with awcap 25, -(Figs. l and 2).. The lower portion of the 5 body is enclosed by skirting 26 which extends over the ends .of the bolsters and reaches from the base to approximately .the mid-region ofcthe tank. This skirting enables the exterior of the l tank to be readily cleaned,andifdesired may be 1.0- .removable. i

.The tank construction above set forth .isbmore, a

fully described and claimed in my .copending application heretofore referred to. (Therefore,.-i:eferencezmay beihad to such application :for a-com-' 1'5 plete descriptiontof the tank.andfirame construction per-se. R j l The present invention is particularly concerned with the valve anddrain construction Ashereto-fore mentioned, the discharge valve of the tank is contained Within a pocket formed in the tank, asillustrated in Figs. 2 and 3. At one end of the tank, adjacent the bottom, I divert the shells and the housed insulation to extend inwardly and slightly downwardly as shown at, 3B, to form the top of the pocket and then downwardly, as at 3!, to form the. vertical back wall of the pocket. The sides of the pocket are composed of similar metal shells with intermediate insulation forming walls 32. 1

The valve 40, preferably of the vertical plug type, occupies the pocket described, and has a flange ll which is welded orotherwise secured to the backwall 3| of the pocket so that the opening in'. the valve aligns with an opening 42 in such wall. The opening 42. in turn, aligns with the longitudinal depression 43 in the inner shell of the tank. This is an aid in draining, as near the finish of the draining operation all of the,

liquid flows into this groove, thus passing direct- 1y to the valve. This is particularly desirable when cleaning or rinsing the tank.'

I have provided a pair of doors which are hinged at their outer edges to the side walls of the pocket, as indicated at 5!. The upper edges of these doors have inwardly extending flanges 52 which extend across the projecting undersheet 50 of the pocket top 30, as shown in Fig. 4. One of the doors has a vertical batten 53 overlapping the edge of the other door. This batten, at its lower end, has an outward flange 54 adapted to stand above a bracket 55 of the end frame sill H A 5 anything and becoming displaced or injured dur- 10' ing the transfer of the tank body from one vehicle to another.

The doors 5!! which cover the pocket to protect the valve 40 from dirt, etc., form a part of and complete the skirting 26 at the ends of the tank body. Such doors, when closed are in substantially the same vertical plane as the skirting and the top line of the doors forms acontinuation I of the top line of the skirting.

While I have specifically described and illustrated the discharge pocket and valve, as located at one end of the tank, I contemplate the provision of a discharge pocket and valve at both ends of the tank tofacilitate discharge of the contents from either end thereof, as indicated by the door construction shown at 56a in Fig. 2.

'It may be noted that the particular construction of the skid rails and their surmounting brace beams is not claimed per se herein, but in my copending application, Serial No. 39,726, filed December 9, 1935, now matured into Patent No. 2,166,134. i

- I claim:

1. A tank body having a pocket formed therein adjacent the bottom of the tank, discharge means located within said pocket and communicating a with the interior'of the tank, a supporting frame for said body, and side and end skirts extending .upwardly from the frame in an embracing relation to the side and end walls of the tank, said skirts including a movable skirt section forming a closure for said pocket.

2. A tank body having a pocket formed therein adjacent the bottom at one end of the tank, said pocket having a top and an end wall together with side. walls all comprising parts of the tank wall, a discharge valve located within said pocket and communicating with the interior of the tank,

a supporting frame for said body, side and end skirts extending upwardly from the frame in an embracing relation with the walls of the tank, the side and top walls of the pocket extending outwardly from the tank to the plane of said skirt and a pair of doors hinged adjacent the intersection of the side walls of the pocket with said skirt and foldable toward each other to close the pocket and form a continuation of said skirt. -3. A horizontal tank having inner and outer walls both diverted inwardly to provide a recess in one end wall and the adjacent bottom wall of the tank, a valve in-said recess communicating with the'interior of the tank, said valve being located entirely within the general contour of the tank, and a longitudinal groove in the bottom wall of the tank extending a considerable distance along it and registering with the opening to the valve. 4. A tank body having a pocket formed therein adjacent the bottom at one end thereof, a discharge passage in the tank wall communicating with the interior of the tank and said pocket, the side walls of said tank curving downwardly and inwardly to join the bottom of the tank, a supporting frame for said body, side and end skirts extending upwardly from the frame to the side and end walls of the tank and including movable skirt sections which form a closure for said pocket. I Y BENJAMIN F. FITCH.

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