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Publication numberUS2190438 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1940
Filing dateNov 10, 1936
Priority dateNov 25, 1935
Publication numberUS 2190438 A, US 2190438A, US-A-2190438, US2190438 A, US2190438A
InventorsEmil Vogt Ludwig
Original AssigneeKenneth Lydecker
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Mounting for maps and the like
US 2190438 A
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Feb. 13, 1940. 1.. E. VOGT 2,190,438

MOUNTING FOR MAPS AND THE LIKE Filed Nov. 10, 1936 I INVENTOR. Luow/a [M/L V067 v 4 2,190,438 MOUNTING FOR MAPS AND THE. LIKE Ludwig EmilVogt, Freiburg in Breisgau aden,

Germany, assignor to Kenneth Lydecker, New

ESTATES. PATENT; orr cg York, N. Y.

I Application November 10, 1936, Serial No. 110,070

. t In Germany November 25, 1935 2 Claims.

Theinvention relates to the mounting of maps such as geographical andmunicipal maps, also of charts, picture books and similar pictorial repre sentations'as well as musical works.

'It has for an object the provision of a novel mounting for matter as aforesaid whereby, when the sheet upon which the matteris displayed is folded according to the novel arrangement, the

same will be presented in' book form of small and convenient size, and will allow in its use the opening of the book to present a large survey similar to that of an unfolded map, etc.

f In carrying. out the invention, the map or like chart to be mounted is cutinto any desired number of longitudinal strips (viewed from the upper to the lower edge of the map and of the desired width). These longitudinal strips are subdivided into various sections by transverse folding thereof to secure the desired reduction in the longitudinal dimension. Thestrips thus prepared are mounted upon rocking supports constituting a portion of or attached to leaves constituting a book, which leaves are in effect of a width of substantially half of the width of a strip and maybe mounted between suitable covers. By this expedient, a single map strip may be displaced laterally to either side of the,

middle of the book or may be arranged even for further displacement laterally as byf hinging the end strips to the respective covers, the various leaves being held normally in the usual manner between the covers. The folding of the longitudinal strips, moreover, enables a desired section of the strip to be brought into view for juxtaposition to a corresponding section of, the adjacent strip or strips; Thus, by the corresponding elongation and longitudinal folding of the adjacently disposed strips, which are displaced either vto the right or to the left, a substantially complete map picture maybe spread out or placed together substantially in its'original or undivided.

state. a

To afford a predetermined size of the completed book without eliminating parts of the original copy, compensating sections may be added at one end or at both ends of a strip; and, if desired, such portionsmaybe utilized, for ex ample, for advertising or descriptive matter,

and/or instructions as to the useof thebook.

' The nature of the invention, however, will best be understood when described in connection with i exposed to View as two adjacently positioned strips embodying a plurality of sections.

Fig. 2 is a perspe'ctiveview illustrating the manner of manipulating stripsboth to fold the same and to displace them laterally. 5

Fig. 3 illustrates in perspective the material exposed to view as four adjacently positioned strips.

Referring to the drawing, the invention is illustrated as comprising a holder member or back constituted as covers [0 and II opening as 'a book and within which are bound or hinged a plurality of leaves, for example four leaves l2, l3, l4, and IS, the covers in the case of the end leaves l2 and i5 preferably constituting "a portion of such leaf. Each leaf carries a strip folded transversely into a plurality of sections. Thus, the end leaf I2 supports a strip Hi; the two intermediate leaves l3 and I4, respective strips [1 and I8; and the other leaf 15, a strip l9-.-all stripsbeing folded transversely into sections substantially the height. of the covers, as indicated clearly in Fig. 2 of the drawing. A strip is mount ed upon its leaf substantially along its median line,' this being conveniently accomplished by constructing a leaf (equal to the width of a-strip) i of twice the required height and scoring the leaf mid-way and then bending the same over at right angles along the scored line to afford a hinge or rocking edge, one half of the end sections of each strip, for example the'sections 20' and M of strip I1, being then secured to the upper surface of the bent-over portion as by means of a suitable adhesive. The width of a leaf-is thus substantially one-half the width of the supported strip which rocks thereon as about its upper edge. This will also permit an attached strip to rock about the junction of the bent-over portion and the leaf as an axis, in addition'to' its angular movementjas an integral partof the leaf itselfnBy manipulating the strips transversely, any desired 40 section thereof may bebrought into view.

In order to provide for the bringing of more than' two strips into position adjacently with their leaf l3; and as indicated is made up'of the cover portion 10 which is the equivalent of two leaf Widths andthe additional portion lza, which is a I continuation thereof. In the case of still further strips, the height thereof would be equivalent to five leaf widths, etc.

By this expedient, more than two strips may be folded vinto a common plane for simultaneous viewing with their respective sections registering properly, this being accomplished by displacing the respective-leaves laterally into .the plane of the covers 19 and II. Thus, any desired portion of the mounted map may be brought rapidly and conveniently into view. A map or the like may thus be prepared in easily handled size and the usual annoyance of unfolding and refolding of a relatively large sheet is obviated. v

I claim: i

1. A mounting for displaying matter of the nature set forth, comprising a holder having a plurality of hinged supporting leaves, and a pinrality of strips folded transversely into a plu'-: rality of sections, the and sections of each folded f strip being mounted upon its leaf support to rock thereon substantially about the median line of said strip, and adjoining leaves difiering in their height by an integer of a leaf'width whereby more than two strips may be. moved intoa mon plane for simultaneous viewing.

2. A mounting for displaying matter of the nature set forth, comprising a holder having a plurality of hinged supporting leaves, and a plural-' ity of strips folded transversely into a plurality of sections, the endsections of each folded strip being mounted upon its leaf support to rock thereon substantially about the median line of said strip, the end leaves being of a width three times that of the intermediate leaves.


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