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Publication numberUS2190544 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1940
Filing dateApr 28, 1938
Priority dateApr 28, 1938
Publication numberUS 2190544 A, US 2190544A, US-A-2190544, US2190544 A, US2190544A
InventorsJarnagin Kossuth W
Original AssigneeJarnagin Kossuth W
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Christmas tree base ornament and support
US 2190544 A
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S Feb. 13, 1940. K. w. JARNAGIN I CHRISTMAS TRE BASE ORNAMENT AND SUPPORT Filed April 28, l98 3 Sheets-Sheet l IN VEN TOR.


Feb. 13, 1940. K, W, JARNAGIN 2,190,544


Feb. 13, 1940. l K. w..1AR1\\Aca|N` 2,190,544

` CHRISTMAS TREE BAsE ORNAMENT AND SUPPORT Filed April 28, 1938 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 /1/0 554/77/ /44 g//s'P/V//V INVENTOR.


Patented Feb. 13, 1940 l 1 I e i I* STATES, rArsN'l 7 OFFICE A CHRISTMASTREE BASE ORNAMENT' AND i SUPPORT Kossuth W. Jarnagin, Kirkwood, Mo. Application April 2s, 193s, serial No. 204,867

This invention relates to a combined Christmas Secured `to the bar S-is a post l2 preferably tree base ornament and Christmas tree stand, circular in cross section, so that the socket memthe primary object of the invention being to prober I3, and which provides a support for the vide a deviceof this character which will be light Christmas tree, may fit over the upper end there- 5 in construction, and one which will be of such of, where it is securedby means of the bolt Ill. rigid nature as to insure the supporting of the To further support the post I2, a transverse Christmas tree in an upright position. f ybar` I5 is secured to the post l2, as by means of An important .object ofthe invention is to prothe screws Iii, the lower edge of the bar resting on vide a device of this character including a frame the central bar 8. A winged screw I'I extends l0 and a covering for the frame constructed of mathrough the socket member I3, and is adaptedito 10 terial which may be readily bent to provide an `bite into the tree positioned in the socket member irregular surface, simulating the roughened sur- I3, securing the tree against movement with face of a mountain, lending an exceptionally` respect to the socket member. pleasing appearance to the ornamental base. Blocks indicated by the reference character I8 With the foregoing and other objects in View are secured on the bars 'l and 8, and provide sup- 15 which will appear as the description proceeds, the ports for the track section I 9, over which a miniinvention resides in the `combination and arature railway train may operate, rendering the rangement of parts and in the details of conscene exceptionally realistic. struction hereinafter described and claimed, it Rising from the bar 6 at the rear of the frame,

being'understood that changes in the precise emand spaced apart, are bars 20 that extend an 20 bodiment of the invention herein described, may appreciable distance above the frame, providing be made within the scope of what is claimed, a support for the wire mesh material indicated without departing from the spirit of the invenby the reference character 2|. y

tion. This length of wire mesh material has its 'forf Referring to the drawings: ward edge secured along the bars Ii and Ill, and 25 Figure l is a perspective View vof `a base conis bent to provide an irregular surface, the bendstructed in accordance with the invention. ing of the wire mesh material being accomplished Figure 2 is a plan view of the frame section of to provide a design to meet the requirements, and the base. to simulate a` roughened mountain surface. Figure 3 is a transverse sectional View through As clearly shown by Figure 3 of the drawings, 30 the base. the wire mesh material extends over the upper Figure 4 is a fragmental sectional view through ends of the bars 2li and passes downwardly, where the lower portion of the base. it is secured along the outer edges .of the bars Referring to the drawings in detail, the frame 6 and II. l of the base is indicated generally by the refer- A covering indicated by the reference charac- 35 ence character 5, and as shown, comprises side ter 22 is positioned over the wire mesh material, bars i5 connected at their ends, by means of the and pressed against the wire mesh material to bars l, there being provided a bar 8 connected conform to the shape thereof. The covering 2li, with the side bars 6, at points intermediate the is preferably constructed of canvas material and ends thereof, is held in position by the wire 23 which extends 40 Extending longitudinally through the central aroundthe outer edge-of the base, and which ais portion of the frame 5, is a substantially long Secured in D0sit0r1,by means 0f the Staples 24. bar Si, that has connection with the bars 1, the Openings 25 .may be formed in the surface, ends of the bar 9 extending appreciable distances simulating tunnels, @lid a l'flOllgh SllChl as indicatbeyond the bars l, as clearly shown by Figure 2 ed at 26 may be piOVided, l'lhlOugh which water 45 u of the drawings; may pass. Bars i0, which connect the forward ends of Miniature houses may be supported on the surthe bars 'l with the bar 9, are substantially wide, face of the device, such as indicated at 21, renderproviding a wide supporting surface. These bars ing the base exceptionally realistic.

Ill extend at oblique angles with respect to the It is contemplated to color the covering 22 to 50` bar 9, the outer edges of the bars Iii being curved. simulate mountain scenery, rendering the base f Bars II connect the opposite ends of the bars 1, attractive. with the ends of the bar 9, providing a rigid sup- From the foregoing it will be seen that due to port for the frame, and at the same time insuring the construction shown and described, I have proagainst the base tilting rearwardly. vided a base which will be exceptionally strong 55 and durable, and one which will be comparatively light and easily moved from place to place, to the end that the combined base and tree stand may be readily positioned or removed and stored.

I claim:

1. A combined tree base ornament and tree stand, comprising a frame, bars rising from the frame, a length of Wire mesh material covering the frame and extending over the upper ends of said bars, saidA wire mesh material being bent to provide irregularities simulating a mountain surface, an ornamental covering stretched over the Wire mesh material conforming to the contour of the wire mesh material, and a tree socket mounted on the frame.

2. A combined tree base ornament and tree stand, comprising a frame, a length of wire mesh material positioned over the frame and bent to simulate a roughened mountain surface, a fabric ornamental cover stretched over the Wire mesh material closely engaging the Wire mesh material, and a tree socket rising from the central portion of the frame.

3. A combined tree base ornament and tree stand comprisingy a flat frame, said frame being higher at the rear than at the front thereof, a wire mesh member positioned over the frame and formed with depressions simulating rough ground surface, and an ornamental fabric covering for the Wire mesh member, said fabric member conforming to the shape of the wire mesh, and a tree socket rising from the frame.

4. A combined tree base ornament and tree stand, comprising a flat frame, said frame being high at the rear and low at the front, bars rising from the frame, a length of material positioned over the frame and bars, and shaped to simulate irregularities in a mountain surface, an ornamental cover of fabric material positioned over y the length of material placed over the frame and secured in position over the frame.

5. A combined tree base ornament and tree stand, comprising a fiat frame constructed of spaced parallel side bars, transverse bars connecting said side bars, a central bar extending longitudinally of the frame, the ends thereof eX- tending appreciable distances beyond the transverse bars, obliquely disposed bars connecting the ends of the central bars and side bars, a covering of Wire mesh material stretched over the frame, and formed with depressions simulating the roughened ground surface, an ornamental fabric covering stretched over the Wire mesh material and conforming with the depressions thereof, and a tree socket rising from the frame.


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