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Publication numberUS2190661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1940
Filing dateMay 13, 1938
Priority dateMay 13, 1938
Publication numberUS 2190661 A, US 2190661A, US-A-2190661, US2190661 A, US2190661A
InventorsHauer Arthur
Original AssigneeHauer Arthur
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Cable lock
US 2190661 A
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A. HAUER CABLE LOCK Feh, 20, 1940.

Filed May 13, 1938 'W INVENTOR.


Patented Feb. 20, 1940' g L NilED STATS ENT F C 2 Claims. (Cl. 7.0+49) The object of my invention is to provide a locking unit adapted for securely attaching various movable objects together, or for attaching par cels such as luggage &c to some fixed object for preventing moving of same, and for many other similar purposes. Another'object is to provide a flexible cable locking unit that may be readily adjusted and adapted to various size or shape objects, and I where the cable may be lockedin any desired poferred form by the construction and arrangement I of parts more fully hereinafter set forth. Similar parts on the drawing are marked by similar numerals or letters.

Fig. 1 illustrates my invention in its assembled form, showing the general arrangement of its various operating parts. I

Fig. 2 is a sectional view through the cable,

taken on the line 22 of the Fig. 1, showing an elevation of the locking unit casing and the cable,

channels formed therethrough.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail view of the casing 90 and lock mechanism, with the cap plate removed, showing the general arrangement and position of the automatic lock operating elements and means for engaging the cable walls in any position.

I will now describe more fully the detail construction of my device, referring to the drawing and the marks thereon.

The lock casing A is made of any suitable metal, either formed or cast, and of any desired shape or design, but preferably of a thin, recessed, disc base I having a circular cap plate 2 fitted thererivets or screws 3. A cable anchor channel 4 .is formed within the base I, edgewise thereof, and receives the end of a flexible metal cable B'se- 4 curely mounted therein. The flexible cable B is securely attached within the recess 4 by rivets 5, or any other suitable means. An open cable channel 6 is formed through the opposite side of the base section I, also edgewise thereof, and preferably at an angle to the opposite anchor channel 4 as is illustrated in Figs. 1 and 3 of the drawing. The cable channel 6 is of a size to allow the free end of the cable B to pass freely therethrough which may be adjusted to any position 55 therein. The disc base recess a is extended to over and attached to the disc face by suitable,

open into the cablechannel Gbya receding wall section b, which provides internal. contact with the cable unites the same isjadjusted through the ,loclgcasing, Within (the base recessuis mounted an L-shaped cable locking cam ,1, hing- 5 edly attached thereon by a pivot pin 8 fixedly mounted, inthe base recess bottom, at'right angles thereto; The cable locking cam I is prefer ably formed with a concentric hinge bearing 1, and witha semi-recessed corrugated outerend c, 10 designed andpositioned to contact and fit over the exposed cable wall within the receding recess 12, and engage therewith whenever the free cable end is forced in the withdrawal direction within the open cable channel 6; Thehinge bearing 15 is supported ,by an adjacent circular segment shoulder g, positioned to receive the cam thrust caused by theconnecting cable load. The cam action will securely lock the cable B therein. To

insure a more effective locking surface, the cable 90 channel 6 is formed with a furtherrecess d, positioned opposite thecorrugatedcam end 0, allowing the cam I to slightly depress the cable therein when a pulling forceis applied 'to'the cable member. Thelocking earn 1 isfi also formedwith 5 a special operating arm e, positioned approxi-h mately at rightangles thereto, and is contacted by an operating cam spring 9 mounted within the base recess a. The cam spring 9 is designed and stressed to force the cam 1 against the cable B at 30 alltimes, and with sufficient force to engage and lock the cable on any movement thereof tending to withdraw said cable from the channel 6. A

special release key I0, designed to engage a guide B in either direction. Any suitable type of cable may be used, depending upon thepurpose and application to which the cable lock is torbe applied.

The Fig. 3 illustrates one'form of cable locking elements, although other types and kinds of cable locking units may be also substituted therefor, and might operate equally as well. y Y It is to be understood that my device is subject to various modifications in both design and mechanical construction without departing fromthe spirit of my invention, and I claim not only the ble, and a release key mountable rotatably within structure herein illustrated and described, but any other form or modification thereof in either cable or looking unit, that is substantially a substitution of parts and units herein disclosed.

Having fully described my cable look, what I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A cable lock comprising a flexible metal cable, a suitable thin metal lock casing fixedly attached to one cable end, said casing being formed said casing designed to engage the operating arm and release the cam from the cable walls.

2. A cable lock comprising a flexible metal cable, a thin disc metal lock casing fixedly attached to one cable end by suitable attaching means, said casing being formed with an open cable channel edgewise therethrough for receiving the free cable end therein, a toothed locking cam formed with a central bearing hub and a side operating arm, pivotally mounted within said casing with the outer cam end positioned to engage the free cable end within the cable channel, said casing alsobeing formed with a cylindrical bearing shoulder positioned opposite the locking cam arm and concentric with the cam bearing hub and engagable therewith, also formed with a cable recess along its cable channel opposite the outer cam end, a cam spring mounted within the casing positioned to engage the cam operating arm and force said cam against the cable walls, and a key mountable rotatably within the casing designed to'engage the cam operating arm and release the cam from the cable Wall.


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U.S. Classification70/49, 24/132.00R
International ClassificationF16G11/10, F16G11/14
Cooperative ClassificationE05B67/003, F16G11/10, F16G11/14
European ClassificationF16G11/10, F16G11/14, E05B67/00B