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Publication numberUS2191782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1940
Filing dateJul 19, 1937
Priority dateJul 19, 1937
Publication numberUS 2191782 A, US 2191782A, US-A-2191782, US2191782 A, US2191782A
InventorsOscar Valane Ernest
Original AssigneeG A Goff
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Thermometer holder
US 2191782 A
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Patented Feb. 27, 1940 Ernest Oscar Valane, Oak Terrace, Minn., assignor of one-half to G. A. Gofi, Hennepin County,


Application July 19, 1937, Serial No. 154,406

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a holding device and while the invention might have various applications to hold different kinds of articles, one specific article intended to be held is a thermometer such as used in hospitals.

It is the common practice in the modern hospital to have a thermometer in the patients room for taking the temperature of the patient at desired intervals. One common way of holding the thermometer has been to secure a receptacle for holding the thermometer to the bedpost by adhesive tape. This mars and disfigures the post and the application and removal of the tape objectionably jars the patient. It is desirable to have a simple and efiicient means which can be easily and quickly applied to and removed from the supporting means without shock. It is also desirable to have a. holder comprising-a container, which container can be readily removed.

It is an object of this invention therefore, to provide an extremely simple, eflicient and. easily operated holder for a thermometer or similar article.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a holder for a thermometer or similar article which can easily be placed upon a bed post to be supported thereby and which conveniently and removably holds a container.

It is more specifically an object of the invention to provide a holder for a thermometer or similar article comprising a tubular open-topped container and a bracket preferably made of one piece of sheet material having pairs of resilient arms adapted to clamp the bed post and resilient means embracing and holding said container.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully set forth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawing in which like reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views and in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a bed showing the invention applied to a part of said bed;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the holder; and

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section taken substantially on line 33 of Fig. 2 as indicated by the arrows.

Referring to the drawing, a device is shown comprising a container [0 having an open top and a closed bottom and an elongated chamber therein. While this holder might be made in various ways or of various forms, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, it is shown as made of a tube, preferably of glass, having a rounded lower end. Said container I0 has in the bottom thereof a small quantity of some yielding material H which may be of fabric material such as cotton or may be of sponge or sponge rubber. Said container I0 is supported in a bracket designated generally as l2. While bracket l2 might be variously formed, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated it is shown as made from one piece of sheet material. Said material is preferably metal and the device conveniently may be made of brass, sheet aluminum, or any sheet material suitably plated. Bracket l2 has at its top and bottom a pair of resilient arms l2a, the same being oppositely disposed and substantially semi-cylindrical in form, said pairs of arms having a common axis. Arms IZa may have secured to their concave sides a sheet of some soft yielding material l3 such as rubber or soft fabric. A narrow strip of material l2b extends between the arms lZa and said strip has extending therefrom intermediate said arms l2a. another pair of arms [20. Arms 12c extend substantially oppositely to arms In and are also of substantially semi-cylindrical form and oppositely disposed. Arms l2c are constructed and arranged to embrace and clamp the container I0. Bracket I2 also has at its lower end a small plate I211 which extends in the same direction as arms [20 and forms a support for the bottom of container l0.

In operation, the device may be supported upon the bed post Ilia of the bed l5 and it will be seen from Fig. 1 that arms I211. embrace the post 15a and said arms grip and clamp said post so that bracket I2 is supported securely thereon. There will be no marring of the post due to the lining l3 and the bracket can be placed on and removed from the post with little effort. Container 10 is firmly supported in the arms [20 and on the plate 12d. Container i0 is therefore supported in vertical position close to the post [5a. The thermometer will be placed in the container l0 and will have its lower end, preferably the mercury end resting on the material ll thermometer shown as [6 in Fig. 1, will protrude slightly from the top of container I 0 so that it may be very easily taken hold of for removal.

From the above description it is seen that applicant has provided an extremely simple, highly efficient and inexpensive device for supporting a thermometer. The device can be easily changed in position from one post to another and can thus be placed within reach of the patient when this is desired. It is obvious that the device may be supported at any height on the post and the same will remain in the position in which it is The placed. The device is small and compact and is not in the way of either the nurse, patient or other persons. The device has been amply demonstrated in actual practice and found to be very successful and eificient.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the parts, without departing from the scope of applicants invention, which generally stated, consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects above set forth in the parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A thermometer holder having in combination; a

tubular container having an open upper end, a

bracket formed of one piece of sheet material having at its top and bottom oppositely disposed resilient substantially semi cylindrical arms adapted to embrace and clamp a bed post, said 1 bracket having spaced resilient oppositely disposed substantially semi-cylindrical arms dis-'- ERNEST OSCAR VALANE.

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European ClassificationA61G7/05