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Publication numberUS2192256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1940
Filing dateMay 21, 1938
Priority dateMay 21, 1938
Publication numberUS 2192256 A, US 2192256A, US-A-2192256, US2192256 A, US2192256A
InventorsHenry E Brandt
Original AssigneeHenry E Brandt
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Sprayer with agitator
US 2192256 A
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March 5, 1940. H, E BRANDT 2,192,256

sPRAYER WITH AGITATOR Filed May 21, 19:58 s sheets-sheet 1 March 5, 1940. l H E BRANDT v2,192,256

SPRAYER WITH AGITATOR Filed May 21, 193s c, sheets-.sheet 2 March 5, 1940. H. E. BRANDT SPRAYER WITH AGITATOR Filed May 2l, 1938 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 filer/745A Patented Mar. 5, 1.940 y l Y.

UNITED vSTATES PATENT CFFICE 1 SPRAYER WITH AGITATOR Henry E. Brandt, North St. Paul, Minn. t Application May 21, 193s, `serial Nc. 209,302

" 5 claims. (ci. 299-97) This invention relates to a spraying device and Referring tothe drawings a sprayer device vis While the features of the invention might be apshown comprising a container IIJ. While lthis plied to sprayers of different types, the invention container might take various forms, in the emis illustrated in a sprayer known as-the knapsack bodiment of the invention -illustratedit is shown 5 type. Such a sprayer comprises a container as of elongated substantially elliptical formin 5 adapted to be carried on the back of the operator horizontal cross section having a rear side Illa of and supported by straps so that the hands of convex form curved about a vertical axis anda the operator are free for operating said sprayer. front side Ib which has a concave surface curved It is an object of` this invention to provide abouta vertical axis. The ends of said container such a. sprayer having an agitating means for are shown as curved so that in cross section the 10 the liquid of simple and eicient construction. container might be said to be of bean or kidney Itis a further object ofthe invention to proshape. It is thus seen that the container is of vide a sprayer of the knapsack type having a con; greater width than thickness. A bottom member tainer of greater width than `thickness andan Ilextends acrosssaid container having an upagitating means for the liquid comprising spaced turned flange I In, secured to the walls thereof in 1U oscillatable blades mounted in said container. any 4Suitable manner es by Welding 0r Soldering- Itis another object of the invention to provide A casing i2 shown as of cylindrical form is sea sprayer having a simple and efficient construccured at its `bottom to the bottom l I substantially i tion of screening means for the liquid to be centrally thereof, Casing l2 having a'closed t0nA sprayed. and a chamber therein forming aliquid pressure 26? It is also an object of the invention to provide Chamber. A Small upstanding casing I3 is .diS-

v a sprayer comprising a container of elongated DOSed et the bOttOrn 0f Casing l2 having an einer` form in horizontal cross section having a hinge` ture I300 in its top adapted et times t0 be GlOSed `cover at its top and 'a novel handle means for by a bell Valve member I4 normally resting Ori e said cover. i v valve plug I5 secured in casing I3 and having an 25.

It is still another object of the invention to proaperture therethrough normally closed by the vide a sprayer comprising a container adapted ballI4 which rests on member I5. The bottom to be carried on the back of the operator having member l5 0f Casing l2 eXtendS beyond Seid` a, plate secured to its rear side and spaced from Casing-end downwardly, the Seme having a flange said rear side, said plate having depressions i560 Secured t0 a flange lla 0f a member l1. 30'" therein for accommodating portions of the op- Flanges |661 and Haare Secured together by a erators body. plurality of headed screws i9, the outer edgeof These and other objects and advantages of the a diaphragm 20 being diSpOSed and SeCuredbeinvention will be fully set forth in the following tween said flanges. Seid diaphragm will be description made in connection with the accom- InaJde 0f any Suitable ileXible material and a 35 panying drawings in which like reference char- Chamber iS thus formed beneath the bOttOrn acters 4refer to similar parts throughout the sevmember l5 and ebOVe Seid diaphragm An inlet eralv views and in which; means is provided comprising an apertured plate I Fig. 1 is a View in frontelevation of the device; 2| on which rests aball valve 22 normally Aclosing 4.0` Fig. 2isahorizontal section taken substantially the aperture therein- A plug 23 is Secured in 40 on line 2 2 of rig. s as indicated Vby the arrow; lbottom member Il above plete 2l having an Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken substantially eleertilre diSpOSed Centrally therein Vand extendon line 3 3 of Fig, 6 as indicated by the HOV/5;. ing therethrough adapted to be closed at .times Fig. 4 is a view in side elevation of the device by ball member' 22- Ari Operating Ineens iS prO- 'as seen vfrom the right of Fig. 1; vided for diaphragm 2u comprising a member 45:1

Fig. 5 is a perspective View of portions of the` 24 having a reduced upwardly extending central agitator mechanism, said portions being shown in Dertien eXtendIig thrOugh e D12-te member 25 disassembled position; of inverted cup formation having a `curved por- Fig. 6 is a vertical section taken substantially tiOn engaging the 10Wer Side 0f Seid diaphragm-y on une 5 6 of Fig, 3 as indicated by the arrows; A washer 21 engages the upper side of said dia-f 5o' Fig. 7 is a bottom plan View of the device; phragm and is held in place by a nut 28 threaded f Fig.` 8 is a view in elevation showing a modionto the reduced portion of member 24. Member iication; and 24 has a Cylindrical recess in its lower end, the

v Fig. `9 is a horizontal section on line 9--9 of upper closed portionof which is semi-spherical llili Fig. 8. and in which is disposed a ball 29 carriedon a 56- Y'with the other.

l0 with cover 12 swung open'.- Saidv cover can convenientlyy be-lifted and swung to open positionby moving clasp 13 a short distance and lifting the cover with the ngers by engaging sup- 'iplementary handle '16; The liquid to be sprayed will'pass through screen 'I8 so that no large particles will enter container I0. In the spraying operation the operator holds the spray pipe and nozzle with one hand and oscillates handle 38 Handlev 38 can be disposed in either of the openings Sla. in shaft 3l and the discharge conduit 42 can be connected to either of the outlets 4I. opposite the outlet. The device is thus adapted to right or left handed operators and any operator can change the handle for rest or variation. The oscillation of handle 38 oscillates shaft 3l and diaphragm 2U is reciprocated by member 24. Liquid is drawn through vscreen 44 which will be of quite ne mesh through the inlet valve 23 and this liquid will be forced upwardly past valve I4` into the chamber of casing l2. Said chamber forms a liquid pressure chamber with air in the top thereof and when the pressure becomes sufficient, liquid will be forced out through the conduit 39 to which conduit 42 is connected. The other outlet 4I will be closed by a suitable plug. As shaft 3l is oscillated rod 60 forming a crank arm is oscillated and the crank arm on rod 53 is thus oscillated by link 58.r This oscillates shaft 41 so that blades 49 are oscillated in the container and the liquid therein is stirred up and agitated. It will be seen that shaft 41 and plates 49 may be removed by withdrawing key 54 and then removing rod 53 by moving the same outwardly through member 55. The escape of any liquid around rod 3i) is prevented by the packing in member 58. Screen 44 can readily be removed by lifting member 45. Said screen can. be easily replaced by placing its lower end over plug 23 between the same and container I0. The liquid in said container is often cold and the container being of metal is thus also cold and this produces a discomfort when directly against the back of the operator. Plate t34 being spaced from container I0 for most of its Width provides for an insulating layer of air between the same and container ID so that the cold effect of the container is eliminated. The auxiliary handle 16 for lifting the lid is quite useful and convenient.

In Figs. 8 and 9 a modified structure is shown for holding screen 44 in place. Instead of having the screen open at its top and engaged by the clip 45, said screen is closed at its upper end and is held by the arms 82 which are resilient and curved to embrace said screen. Said arms are secured to the casing I2. It will be seen that screen 44 can merely be pushed in between arms 82 to be held rmly in place thereby. Said screen is then easily and quickly removable by merely withdrawing the same from arms 82.

From the'above description it will be seen that I have produced a sprayer with some very advantageous features or improvements. The construction is comparatively simple and the parts have been arranged for convenient assembly and efficient operation. The device has been amply demonstrated in actual practice, found to be very successful and efficient and is being commercially made.

This application discloses improvements upon the structure disclosed and claimed in my copending application S. N. 157,942, filed `August The handle will be on the sidev 7, 1937. This application has now matured into Patent No. 2,162,057, granted June 13, 1939.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions ofthe parts, without departing from the scope of applicants invention, `which generally stated, consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects above set forth, in the parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A sprayer ofthe knapsack type having in combination, a container of greater Width than thickness, a pump cylinder upstanding adjacent the center of said container, an agitator for the liquid in said container having spaced agitating members at either side of said cylinder, a shaft carrying'said members and extending horizontally across said containerparallel to the long dimension thereof and journalled at the sides thereof and means for actuating said shaft.

2. A sprayer of the knapsack type having in combination, a container of greater width than thickness, a pump cylinder in said container upstanding substantially centrally thereof, a shaft extending horizontally across said container and journalled at the sides thereof extending along the long dimension of said container, spaced blades secured adjacent each end of said shaft at each side of said pump cylinder and extending ydownwardly therefrom in diverging planes parallel to said shaft, and means for oscillating said shaft and blades for agitating the liquid in said container.

3. A sprayer of the knapsack type having in combination, a container of greater width than thickness, a pump cylinder upstanding substantially centrally of said container, a shaft extending across the long dimension of said container and journalled at the sides thereof said shaft extending about said cylinder, agitating means within said container carried by said shaft comprising spaced pairs of blades diverging downwardly from said shaft, means for discharging liquid from said container including a second shaft extendingparallel to said first mentioned shaft and projecting at one side of said container, the same having means for connection of an operating handle at the outside of said container,`

an arm secured to said first mentioned shaft outside of said container, a second arm secured to said second shaft between said means and the side of said container and means connecting said arms for oscillating said first mentioned shaft.

4. A sprayer having in combination, a container, a pump cylinder disposed centrally in said container, a shaft extending transversely of said container and journalled at the sides thereof, spaced pairs of agitator blades depending from said shaft and disposed respectively at each side of said pump cylinder, the blades of `said pairs diverging toward the bottom of said container.

5. A sprayer of the knapsack type having in combination, a container of greater width than thickness, a pump cylinder disposed substantially centrally-of said container, a shaft extending across the long dimension of said container and about said pump cylinder, a bearing at one inner side of said container in which one end of said shaft is journaled, agitating means Within said container carried by and depending from said shaft, means for discharging liquid from said container including a second shaft extending parallel to said first mentioned shaft and projecting at one side of said container, the same having 10` container and means connecting said arms for oscillating saidv firstmentioned shaft from saidv second shaft, saidY last mentioned means beingJ movable With said rst mentioned 'arm away' from said container so that when saidv coupling is disconnected said arm maybe moved from said'` coupling and said first mentioned` shaft, and agitatingmeans may be removed from said con. tainer.


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