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Publication numberUS2192526 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1940
Filing dateJun 21, 1938
Priority dateJun 21, 1938
Publication numberUS 2192526 A, US 2192526A, US-A-2192526, US2192526 A, US2192526A
InventorsGeorge Rosenberger
Original AssigneeGeorge Rosenberger
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Paint brush support
US 2192526 A
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M r h 5,19 G. RSENBERGER 2,192,526

PAIN: BRUSH SUPPORT Filed June 21, 1958 FIG. 1 FIG. 5 4

DC l 1 T4 F G I l I B W", W Q

,TIG. 2

FIG. 6 v FIG. 7


Patented Mar. 5, 1940 I I h i UNlTEfi STATE FATENT -FFECE PAINT BRUSH snrron'r George Rosenberger, Muncie, Ind. Application June 21, 1938, Serial No. 215,046

4 Claims. (01. 248-410) In connection with the work of paper hang- My invention, in its present embodiment, and ing, wherein the liquid paste therefor is contained which is intended for use in connection with a in a sizable receptacle such as a bucket of convenbucket of conventional size, consists of a metal tional size, usually about twelve inches in diamplate, preferably of sheet steel or sheet iron of eter, there has long been inconvenience to the about number twenty-two gauge, and which is 5 worker, incident to the difficulty of the finding or about twelve and one-half inches in length and the providing of a suitable object upon which to is of width in proportion. At a location spaced dispose the paste brush from time to time during from each end of this plate A, is provided an its employment in the applying oi the paste to inclined slot B which extends from the'bottom 1o the'lengths, one after another, of the wall paper. edge of the plate to a point relatively near the It being desirable that the brush, during the top edge ofthe plate. I intervals when it is not actually in hand, should The portions of the ends of the plate made free be in a given and convenient location and as by said slots, are designated as tangs C and C. closely adjacent as possible to the paste supply, The widened upper end of each of said slots may l 1:, myinvention has proceeded upon the concept of be'designated as an eye D and in which is to be 5 providing a support device which is capable of received the rim R oi the bucket when the plate being attached to the bucket. In carrying out will have been placed in the installed position, my idea, the object-of the invention is to provide as shown in Figures 3, 4 and 5 of the drawing. a device which is adapted to be readily attached The upper part of the said plate, in the portion to, and as readily detached from the bucket, thereof intermediate the zone of said slots, is cut 20 and which said device in the attached position away to a plane which is below the plane of the will constitute a practicable support upon which eyes D and D of the said slots, there being thus 1 the paste laden portion of the brush may be constituted a resting surface or seat F and the l Such device b ng l ht i Weight, 6 0- opposed upright cheeks G and G. The corners s5 nomical of manufacture, durable, capable of be- H and the corners K of the bottom of the tangs 26 s i y cleaned, and w h Will py relaand the bottom of the body portion of the plate,

tively small space when not in use. respectively, at the bottom of the slots, are slight- My invention is illustrated in the accompanylyrounded. I 113g drawing, ail-Ci it is s ed in th ollow g The manufacturing of this article involves specification, and defined in the appended claims. simply the stamping of same by dies suitably pro- 30 In the drawingvided therefor, and the smoothing of the edges.

Figure l is a View of my improved support de- Being fiat, it lends itself to Xtreme economy vice for paste brushes and the like, such device and convenience in finishing, as. by painting, being f f n prop ion as applica le to a enameling or plating; and to economy and facilbucket of conventional size and shape. I ity in the handling thereof in merchandising. m Figure 2 is View taken in the rec of Its surfaces being unobstructed and regular there W 2 in Figure l is suitable area upon which instructive or adver- Figure 3 shows the appearance of the inventising matter may be applied. 7 fi installed, & POFiiOH 0f the Upp Da 0 the Obviously the device is capable of being cm; W bucket being bmken a ybodied in'modified forms, and for receptacles of 49 v Figure 4 is a n p View taken in the various sizes and having rims of plain or beaded tion of ar ow in Figure in this V the P formation. Accordingly it will be understood that tion of the b u in the Supported POSiiiOIl being the invention is not limited to the precise conindicated by brok linesstruction and conformation as illustrated in this 4 Figure 5 is a side View taken in the direction ty presentation,

of arrow 5 in Figure n this e the p s i Placing the invention in the attached position of the brush in the supported position being inconsists i 1 .1 t disposing of th plate it film- 6 y linesits corners K and K at engagement'with the inure 6 is a view illustrating a modification to nor face of the rim of the bucket, the corners 50 which it lends itself whereby it may be adapted H and H of the tangs being upon the outside of 50 to support an object other than and in addition said rim. In the act of pressing downwardly on I to the brush, such as for example, a cake of soap, the pie to, the tangs in their impingement against or cloth. or relatively small implement. the exterior surfaces of the bucket, come to re- Figure 7 is an end view taken in the direction pose in alignment offset from the alignment of 65 of arrow 1 in Figure 6. the body portion of the said plate upon the interior of the bucket, and in a direction toward the plane of the vertical axis of the bucket. At the same time, the body portion of the plate will have come to repose directly against the interior face of the bucket wall and is in position vertical or slightly inclined toward the: wall of the bucket. Thus the plate in its installed position, as shown in Figures 3, 4 and 5, is in firmly attached position, its body portion having assumed the curvate formation as shown in Figure 4. The resting seat F being at a plane below the plane of the top of the bucket, the brush, as indicated by the broken lines, is so retained, that such drip as there may be is within the confines of the bucket. Projecting of the brush beyond the rim of the bucket is prevented, and the cheeks G and G prevent the brush from being shifted sidewise. The resting seat and cheeks also constitute suitable edges against which the worker may impinge the brush when working the paste content out of it.

Detaching the device from its operative position, consists simply in grasping same and pulling it upwardly, the tangs yielding sufliciently that the plate is readily drawn clear from its attached position and whereupon it returns to the fiat status as illustrated in Figure 1. It is easy to clean, and it may readily be handled and utilized along with the implements generally forming part of the kit of the worker.

Whereas the invention is referred to as being especially desirable for the use of the artisan handling the brush wherein the use of paste is involved, it will be understood that the invention is equally useful to a person handling a brush laden with any kind of liquid material such as kalsornine or paint. Also the invention is useful where the work of washing is to be done and wherein a bar of soap, or a small brush, or cloths,

or other implement is needful. In this event there may be recommended a modification consisting of transverse slicing of the lower portion of the body of the plate, thereby providing tongues L and L which are adapted to be bent at a right angle position, and in which they constitute hori- Zontal rests, as shown by the broken lines in Figure 7.

What I claim as my invention, is:

1. A support device adapted to be attached to a receptacle of the kind described, consisting of a resilient plate, each end of which is provided with a slot which extends from the bottom edge of the plate diagonally to near the. top of the end portion of the plate, the said slots being divergent.

2. A support device adapted to be attached to a receptacle of the kind described, consisting of a resilient plate, each end of which is provided with a slot which extends from the bottom edge of the plate diagonally to near the top edge of the end of the plate, the said slots being divergent, and each being of increased width at its upper end.

3. An attachment for a bucket, consisting of a rectangular springy plate having spaced similar diverging slots extending from the bottom edge of the plate and to near the top edge thereof, and each being of increased width at its upper end.

4. An attachment of the kind described, consisting of a rectangular resilient metal plate having spaced diverging slots extending from the bottom edge of the plate to near the top edge thereof, and the upper part of the plate in the intermediate portion thereof being recessed to a plane below the plane of the top ends of the said slots.


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