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Publication numberUS2193177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1940
Filing dateJan 3, 1938
Priority dateJan 8, 1937
Publication numberUS 2193177 A, US 2193177A, US-A-2193177, US2193177 A, US2193177A
InventorsEllen Laytherpe Annie
Original AssigneeL V B Compressors Ltd
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Pump, compressor, and similar machines
US 2193177 A
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PUMP, COMPRESSOR, vAND SIMILAR MACHINES Filed Jan.. s; 1938 2 sheets-sheet 1 N 1 u la @f1 l. Q

QN N "1 1Q n @l N 1Q 5N March 12, 1940.

F. A. LAYTHORPE PUMIS, COMPRESSOR, AND S'IMILAR MACHINES '2 sheets-'sheet 2 Fil'ed Jan. 5. 1938 ELM.


0710 .a @MSM j /YEO Hmm Patented Mar. `I2, 1940 Frank Albert laythorpe. deceased, late .of Bomf ford, England, by Annie Ellen Laythorpe, ad-

ministratrix, Romford, England, assignor to i L. B. kib'mnpressoril Limited, Romford, Englan Application January 3. 1938, Serial No.\183,1'iil- In Great Britain January 8. 1937 z claims. '(cl. 10s-13s) 'I'his .invention relates to pumps, compressors and similar m'achines of the type employing a crescent-shaped working space provided between the periphery of a rotating drum eccentrically/ provements in the constructionofxthis type oft` machine, the objects' ot 1 which are to enables machi'rl'ie, hitherto almost entirely t0 15. asaflo'w pressure pump or `exliausteror blower;

to be 'employed for high pressure duty or asa` vacuum pump.1 V

The improvements, `inl sliding-vane `machines` provided in accordance with this invention lresult I in a `pump or compressorconstruction oi high andwnich `has the advantage or dispensing with a packed gland when dealingwith liquids.:`

The invention provides a pump, compressor org like machine of the `sliding-vanetype comprising a sectional casing having a` working chamber of;

circular form inl` elevation and loflsubstantially` l fiat-sided rounded peripheraliorm` in cross-sec tion, a drum eccentricallymounted within the,`

3o casing and having a. shape similar to that o! the casing (i. e. circular and substantially hat-sided with rounded periphery in cross-section) a plurality of transverse vane slots in the periphery of the drum,each slot accommodating one or more vanes having a contour complementary to the inner curved peripheral wall of the casing, curved packing members carried on the side walls of the drum between the adjacent vanes or sets of vanes and adapted to maintain contact with the casing interior.

, Preferably, a two-part casing is employed which is constituted by a pair of fiat-bottom cup members provided at their meeting edges or rims with a spigot or tongue-and-groove joint. In

a pump or compressor for handling light liquids, air or other gases it is preferred to provide an even number of vane slots arranged in diametrical pairs so that the vane or vanes in one slot of the pair can be mechanically connected to the vane or vanes in the other slot of the pair. In machines for handling sludge or like dense liquids, this coupling together of diametrically The present invention also provides for a novel vane assembly, the rounded peripheral .portions of the vanes carrying curved packing members of half-ring form. These packing members are oatingly mounted on the vane peripheries and '5 spring-pressed into contact with the casing wall. Each vane may be equipped with one or more packing rings.

One embodiment of this invention primarily intended for use as a luid pump is illustrated m' diagrammatically in the drawings. `'ll'hese drawingsalso` illustrate some modications applicable tomachlnes ,@handling liquids 'andl also details of the wel `van#la1f1f`lrvlf=1#\=n`111arf1 1 i i e the, accompanyingfdrawingsz! l Figures land 2 are longitudinal and transverse l sectionalele "tions ofthe water-cooled compres-` `1igures-3 and 4] are part-sectionaltront and ,"'sideviewsota pairof interconnected vanes.

displacement` efficiency, eiective `at 1 all `speeds n l enlarged scale showing particularly the` compen- I Figure 5 isa fragmentary sectional view to an sated` mounting y employed for three packing v `Figure 6`is `a modiilcation hereinafter more `555 particularly desinibed.` y

The compressor casingshown inlFigures 1 and 2 is constituted bya pair of double-walled cupl shapedQhaIfCastingl, 2,` having aspigot joint 3 betweenthe meeting or abutting edges of the `30 castings. The castings I, 2 are clamped together' by bolts d and mounted on a hollow base or pedestal t forming an oil sump. The spaces t between the double walls of the castings l, 2 form a water-jacket having inlet and outlet 35 openings l, t respectively, the water spaces of the castings i, 2 intercommunicatng by way of aligned openings 9 provided in the meeting faces of said castings.

Within the casing is concentrically mounted 40 a drum or rotor i@ which is xed to a. powerdriven shaft li journalled in ball bearings l2. The drum l@ has flat sides and a semi-circular periphery (in cross-section) and the working chamber it of the casing is oi complementary 5 'shape Four equidistantly spaced transverse slots it are provided in the drum it, each housing a sliding vane assembly. The members of oppositely disposed pairs of vanes l5 are connected together by pairs of tie rods i6 pinned to the vanes. Each vane le (see Figures 3 and 4) is of anged form and accommodates between its nges ll one or more packing 0l

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U.S. Classification418/92, 418/146, 418/127, 418/87, 418/255
International ClassificationF04C2/00, F04C2/344
Cooperative ClassificationF04C2/3442
European ClassificationF04C2/344B2