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Publication numberUS2194011 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1940
Filing dateJan 24, 1939
Priority dateJan 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2194011 A, US 2194011A, US-A-2194011, US2194011 A, US2194011A
InventorsDavidson Thomas M
Original AssigneeDavidson Thomas M
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Beverage container
US 2194011 A
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March 19, 1940. 'r. M. DAvlDsoN 2,l94,011

BEVERAGE CONTINER' Filed Jan. 24, 1939 A ttorneys Patented Mar. 19, 1940 UNITED s'rA'rEs PATENT oFFic-E BEVERAGE CONTAINEB.

Thomas M. Davidson, Coalwood, W. Va.

Application January 24, 1939, Serial No. 252,849

3 Clalms. (Cl. 229-7) My invention relates generally to temporary containers for beverages, and particularly to a paper or other material beverage cup having a removable lid, in which cup is incorporated a drinking straw, and an important object of my invention is to provide a simple and eflicient and inexpensive arrangement of this character.

Another important object of my invention is to provide in a beverage cup of the character indicated above, means in connection with the drinkingvstraw to seal the container against the escape of liquid before the lid or cover is removed.

Other important objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent from a reading of the following description taken in connection with vthe drawing, wherein for purposes of illustration I have shown a preferred embodiment of my invention.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a general transverse Vertical sectional view taken through the embodiment and showing the drinking straw in the collapsed inoperative position in full lines, and showing the drlnking straw in extended operative position in dotted lines.

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the drinking straw assembly.

Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken through Figure 1.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 5 generally designates the cup or container which although primarily designed for manufacture in paper material, is suitableto be manufactured in any other' adaptable material, as is the drinking straw to be described. The walls 6 of the cup taperdownwardly so that the upper extremity indicated by the numeral 'I has a larger diameter than the bottom 8. Proceeding from the point 1 is the dome-like portion 9 which tapers inwardly and upwardly and has a right angular flange Ill on its upper end forming a seat for the beveled edged lid or cover I. An upstanding flange |2 projects upwardly from the part II. The cover or lid is to be held in place in the usual frictional or any other' suitable manner. w

The drinking straw assembly is generally designated |3 and this comprises an outer tube ll which has one side glued or otherwise suitably fastened to one side of the wall 6 with the lower open end IB adjacent the bottom 8 and with the upper end designated by the numeral IG located on a level below the point 1. An inwardly tapered portion l'l is connected to the lower end u of a reduced diameter portion IB on the upper end of the tube ll, the portion l'l defining a shoulder to be engaged by the angulated shoulder |9 on the enlarged portion 20 of the Hstraw 2|, the portion 20 being of an exterior diameter to slide snugly in the outer tube |4, and the 5 main part of the tube 2| being of a diameter to slide snugly in the reduced portion |8 of the tube |4. The frustro-conical part 9 on the container 5 has at one side an opening of a suitable size to pass the tubular mounting 22 which depends 10 from an acutely angulated disk 23. The tube 22 receives the upper part |8 of the tube H and is secured thereto by means of glueing or like attaching means, with the underside of the disk 23 similarly secured to the top of the wall portion 9. 15

The main part of the "straw" 2| is of a suflicient length to extend above the top of the container to a height suitable for use in the ordinary manner of a straw. On the upper end of the straw is a cap 24 which has secured to one 20 side an inwardly pressing spring-finger 25 which while engaged with the upper end of the ustraw" holds the cap securely in place and prevents escape of liquid through the straw from the interior of the container, the cap being readily re- 25 movable and replaceable for use on the straw.

Although I have shown and described herein a preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be deflnitely understood that I do not desire to limit the application of the invention thereto, 30 and any change or changes may be made in the materials, and in the structure and arrangement of the parts, within the spirit of the invention and thescope of the subjoined claims.

Having described the invention, claimed as new is:

1. A beverage container comprising a receptacle, a drinking straw assembly mounted through a wall of the receptacle, said assembly comprising a mounting including a stationary tube secured within the receptacle, a tubular element telescoped on and flxed to said stationary tube and to the wall of the receptacle, and a straw'I snugly slidable in said stationary tube.

2. A beverage container comprising a recep- 45 tacle, a drinking straw assembly mounted through a wall of the receptacle, said assembly comprising a mounting including a stationary tube secured within the receptacle, a tubular element telescoped on and fixed to said stationary tube and to the wall of the receptacle, and a "straw" snugly slidable in said stationary tube. said stationary tube and said "straw" having interengageable Shoulders to provide a liquid sea] 5,

what is 35 between them while the "stmw is in the extended operatlve pcsition.

3. A beverage contaner comprsing a recep-n tacle, a, tubular member located within the receptacle with its upper end mounted to e. well of the x-eceptecle and a stmw orming member slidable in said tubular member and said straw forming member and said tubular member havmg nter-engeeable :Shoulders to provide 8. liquid Seal between them when the straw is in extenderi operetive position.


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