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Publication numberUS2195042 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 26, 1940
Filing dateDec 20, 1939
Priority dateDec 20, 1939
Publication numberUS 2195042 A, US 2195042A, US-A-2195042, US2195042 A, US2195042A
InventorsWilliam Wishinsky
Original AssigneeWilliam Wishinsky
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License and number tab
US 2195042 A
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March 26, 1940. w. WISHINSKY LICENSE AND NUMBER TAB Filed Dec. 2b, 1.939

' NEW YORK I39 Patented Mar. 26, i 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,195,042 LICENSE AND NUMBER TAB William Wishinsky, New York, N. Y. Application December 20, 1939, Serial No. 310,135

3 Claims.

The present invention relates to tabs to be carried on key rings, chains or in pendantfashthe need of any skill whatever, and which is cheap to manufacture and handily for the purposes for whichit is intended. -In the accompanying drawing forming part of this'application, similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Fig. 1 is a pictorial view showing an embodiment of this invention as carried on a key chain. Fig. 2 is a section taken at line 22 in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 shows the assembly of the separate character or numeral cards, and if necessary, proper spacer cards, fitting in the opening of a frame member.

Fig.4 is an exploded view showing the various components which comprise said embodiment.

In the drawing, thejnumeral l shows a bezel or flanged rim ofrectangular shape, having an apertured reduced extension H at one end, and provided with a slot l2 through its flange portion, at its other end. Of course, said bezel and its window l3, may be of any desired shapes.

First set within the bezel Ill, is a transparent sheet member M, which serves as a pane for the window l3. Then against said pane, is placed a frame l5, which may be of cardboard, Celluloid or other suitable substance. The opening I6 of this interior frame i5, is preferably, but not necessarily rectangular, but such uni-width opening permits the use of cards ll of uniform width; said cards having printed or otherwise shown thereon, the numerals or characters comof these cards may be blank, so as to serve as spacers in order that the entire opening it shall A back be filled co-planar with its frame l5. plate 18, of metal, or of substantially stiff transparent substance, is now set with the bezel l0, against all the components therein. Said back plate [8, being provided with an eye! at one end to be positioned so, that an eyelet 20, passed through holes 2| and 22 and clinched, will maintain the assembly, and also provided with a stepped lug or tooth 23, which is first setinto slot l2, before assembly with the eyelet 20 as aforesaid. The surfaces about the holes 2! and 22, are dished, so that the assembled article presents a substantially flush job. It is apparent that the opening through the eyelet 20, serves to receive a key ring, key chain 24, or other means on which the article is to be carried. 7

For miniature reproductions of automobile license plates, theinterior frame member l5, has printed or otherwise shownthereon, the name of the State and the year, all arranged as is the format of the license plates'of such State. A

dealer in these tab devices need keep a stock of frame pieces l5, which show only the State of his'location, and perhaps also frame pieces for neighboring States. For purposes other than .miniature. automobile license plate represents tions, said frame pieces i5 may be blank,or have otherwise suitableinscription as the purpose of use will dictate. He also keeps on hand a font of cards [1, of'the various letters, numerals and charactersincident to license numbers generally, andblank cards to serve as spacers as aforesaid. An eyelet setting punch or plier is all the tools required. Convenience and ease of compopositionand assembly of-the article is evident.

This invention is capable of numerous forms and various applications without departing from the essential features herein disclosed. it is therefore intended that the embodiment describedv herein be deemed illustrative andnot restrictive, and that the patent shall cover all patentable novelty residing in. this invention; reference being had to'the following claims rather than to the specific description herein, to indicate the scope of this invention. l

I claim:

1.. In an article of the character flanged rim provided with a slot in its flanged portion and an aperture in its rim portion, a transparent sheet member framed in said rim, a frame positioned within the flanged rim substantially parallel with said transparent member, a series of removable cards adapted to have characters thereon, within, and coplanar with the frame, a back plate member positioned against the frame and cards, closing said rim; said back plate member being provided with a'tooth and an aperture; said tooth lying in the slot aforesaid, and a fastening means positioned through set forth, a

the apertures in the flanged rim and back plate,

plate respectively thereby providing eyes, and

wherein the fastening means comprises an eyelet to serve as the mounting means for the article.


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