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Publication numberUS2195437 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 2, 1940
Filing dateJul 24, 1939
Priority dateJul 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2195437 A, US 2195437A, US-A-2195437, US2195437 A, US2195437A
InventorsWilfred H West
Original AssigneeCrown Zellerbach Corp
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Interfolded tissue dispenser
US 2195437 A
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April 2, 1940- I w. H. wEsT 2,195,437

Patienten 'A'pa :ei iof? s f f V q f This invention 'relates-to fa eabinet; for,l the :dis-j pensing ofi interfolded sheets of- ;tissue. paper. The object oi. thepresent invjention is'toflgen- ;e ra1 1y improve and smpli-fy-the Constxuctionand 4-5 openation of dispensing-;Cabinets:Aotlthefeharaoter f described; to provide a dispensing; Cabinet :Which vmay be Vrefilled fromhti'me to 'tirneggwithaymini' of efiort .and whiph'lprovdes fii'ee access ".Ior

-7,p11acing stacks of ;tis s1ie ftherein.withoutdanger "4:10 ,Qfgwasteby Spiliinglytonlovide a dispensngeaoi- 1 n et;having a. slotted: bottom-zfojxltl'ie1suppoiitsofl .the-tissue, said bottom sloping up-wardiyitoward the front ofv the Cabinet 1,50y tha,t-: the -s1ot. =and:i1e s heetoft-issue projecting Ithereinem. are brought v' 1:15 vinto full view andare. eadily-.acoessihle 1forri'e- .f moval of the sheets of ;;t 1ssue;. .tdprovidea Camnet having a bottom;sioping .upward1y :and toward i vthe front together Withfaemeazfcurved plate which lcanses the,tloweitrporton-go,*the pstaek'of -tissue to' -220 c'urve i forward. and ,.a ssume the same plfaneV .as f the vinclined. bottom; .toiproyide afbottomrhaving -a' l'dispensing slot or :opening formed there-inzthe I. :Qends of vsaidslot being"extendedfvertically andv I fz'enlarged', to exposel the-endse 'the lo'wennost v' *1 #25 sheets of tissue Whereiofy;'saidv ende niayhe-grasped andpulled' out Vof (the siott'to; start :gfeedinga :the

i ;t issue; 'the purpose .being to eliminatewinterq :li-laying jofi a. stackI of .tissue when-wa new simply i S, placed in the Cabinet; and. furtherflto provide i 430.111,dispensing*bottom panelL-:lhavinga roughened area on af portion of 1 its innersuifaee,te f riov kf file, support; and

' Fig. 3 isa Cross' seCtion taken lrnemIiI- -III of1'ig,2.1 EP-4:: ,,.Referring to the d11awing inv detaii', Zaindicates wflthe back' wall of a Cabinet, :'.a-:pain of! side 7 walls; diapartiaitop, 5 a :bottom supporting panel vin WhichL is formed. a dispensing slot 6,5- and- T'inldicates a cover hinged at 8 toithetopl-section k'Lf''hey back portion 2,"together -nlr'ith the'jsides I50 -'3 %-31,the top 4, and'the bottom 5 are permanently lseci'ired or formedintegral' With reIatiOn'JtOeaOh othe r y Ths leaves the 'cover-fl' as the joni'y'moilabiebart, ftms being. f pssi'bie aey it: ie mnged to *theitop as at 8 andinay be swunglabout the. 'i :in thmges'fwihe elesfidlflf iiIIl-'Iiee-eesifiiee shown (curve the.L lower portion of a stackwo jbottoin, brings the sheet tobe dispensed into .fn-11 3115 Viewf and/.intov a position where itisuteadiiy during -humid -Weather or When static eleetnioity v fis in the ainthe projeetingxsheet fottenf-ghngsthe,

r interfolded'toilet-r tissue W-i'ienl .insented i is Cui'ved'as at 'Ib adjacentits npperenic for p'lacingrin the Cabinet a freshfisupoi 'The hands, hej? in Fig. 2 tof-the Vopen position: :.dotteci i The Cabinet iszintended-for .lthefire oeptionfand v der the tissue more .accessiblegand easiiy-frexnow" f' vf 'i By re-ferring to Figs; ll and Y2,: i'twil'l, v .n'oted that theyslotted bottom; siopes nnwardl-y-towatdf10 V 'see-w Ward thenser. I'his, togetherI-withthe .sloping- I grasped--- or awithdrawn. :v -In an :ordinary eabinet,

Wall., vIn this Cabinet thesioping :bottomfindings' 5211 I the.v slot away from the -Wallandfinto fnli yiew. 'HenCe x the) proj eoting sheet 'is4 not ;-on1y in :full

view; and read-ily,reaChabie-vbut isffar v.enough V- -a-way from thewailitoobviate one tonehing-am? -v 4: thing-j but the tissue sheets .that-are lte.-,be';\ ,vi(:h

drawn. fnebottoxn of the-.packaga-or stackf i Cabinet assunfiesa wedge shape at the-ima round .or- :Curvedportionv at: the...back, vso. asato .Conforin :to the p-iane presented'y by -thes1oping,- 3 0 .bottom Fito-m, that position; the f p-ull'lon the-gpro'- S' i jectingl 'sheet is-npand towards the useinstead of ;down an'dyl'away. This, makes: foregizeaterjoon; fveniencelinwithdltawng? the:

aimorepositive and even pull 'lferring to 2, it-.Wiil be -notedvthat thet-npper portion of the, bottomfseCtion. roughenedorf Corrugated 'as-indioatedat-l'. v'I'neaCoop-enating tionsin front of thekslot -,.-preyent"anuxnberof sheets inom being puiiedontatone-time; Frici tion in the slotfi is Compensatednvhen the sahinet is fully loaded and at thesame -tirn the supply: dinflnishesffthe 'mc-tion mama hane Coifrugations diminishes .the tendenc y for: seveijal* 45L 'sheets to .be pulied outiwhenone is.being=--Withdrawn.j.- In-Eigsl and 2-it Will be noted'thattheeove'r 'I permitsthe cover VWhen opened; as' shovmfin dot ted. linesfsee' Fig.2) to rest .fiatag-ainst the .Wall Withont-f'strainingfthe' hingesL-I-Aizso it; i eijeas'es v the .size of' .the opening; and permits ordinary cabinets. d v i Ordinary cabinets require theV interleaving of| the last sheet of :the remainingsupplywith the' first sheet of ainew supply. This cabinet elimidispensiingurpanel in fan arctha'tj maintains the,

approximate dimension iof the folded sheets.

Thus the lower portion 'of the stack assumesla wedge shape and curves forwardto the same plane I i as the sloping bottom or dispensing4 panel. 'The-' tissue then easily ldispenses upl and towards the user instead of down andaway asis comgnonzi'in nates this awkward and inefiicient operation. This is due to'the fact that the lateral extremities of the dispensing slot 6 are Wideriedy :and

extended upwardly into the sides 3 vto formopen portions such as indicated at Sa. With this additionfor extension' of the dispensing slot yit becomes unnecessary to interleave the new supply because whena break in interleaving occurs, the

'lower endsof the interfolded tissue will be exposed and uncovered by the enlarged extensions of the slot indicated: at Ga, thus permitting, them tobe 'grasped wby the fingernails or some suitable instrument to start a' newy supply4 of. inte'rleaved f sheets., This is a decided advantage to the jantitor whofills these cabinets and a great convenv i ience to-the' user when breaks in 'interleaving of tissue occur.l The corrugated or roughened surface N previously referred to does not only frictionally resist Withdrawal of? all sheets except the sheet to be V'dispensed but it also prevents the first few sheets from dropping down-the inner face of the sloping bottom, as Hthecorrugations en'gage such sheets and act as a retarderl for them. TheL ridges also offset the friction between sheets when a sheet is being withdrawn. lff

Summarizing statements heretofore lmade, it

, maybe said that the cabinet is'pa'rticula'rlyde- "signed to permit easy 'access in filling. Also-it 'gives greater capacity when the door is open, as

:it is out of the way and allows complete accessl to the-cabinet interior. Thetissue is' placed'inklthle lbody of the cabinetrather than in an open frame.V

. This minin'iizesspilling and permits' use 'of the :entire cabinet for filling. VThis last' feature ifsr not -cominon in conventional cabinets as' spacemustbe afforded to permit entrance of-the hand or hands to permit interleaving of sheets'of the old and-the new supply. The inner face of-the cover vv-is--provided'with ribsextending from'the top to the bottom thereof as shown at l'c. l''Iflfiesew'ri-bs areplacedi on the opposite sides (see Figs. 2 and 3) and form guides or trackways to guide astack .of

Ltissue from the top to the bottom 'of the cabinet, thereby lessening v'friction on the i ends of 'the *tissuestackfi The cabinet as constructed'lends itself to molding from any one'of a vnumber-of different types of plastic material. This' permits 'Udifferent color effects to be used andsurfac'e' ornamentation of different character. V'I'he*curved top presented by' the cabinet minimiz'esfits'use as a parking place for burning cigar's* and cigarettes- Wiping the cabinet with a'soft'cloth is s all that is' necessary to keep it cleanll With lthe use of plastic'fmaterial in 4its construction' the luster is permanenttasl :such a finis'hjis'inherent in most of the m'olded plastic compounds'." 'Clean- 2,11%,437 lI 'i 'or person filling the cabinet are at the same timeV liness, sanitation, and a permanent pleasing apinet besides the many other advantages specifled. The back wall of the cabinet is perforated or slotted vto receive screws for similar4 fastening means, thereby simplifying the Ioperation of securing the cabinet vas Va ywhole to a wall surface Hoi; ,any,other:suitable support. .3 .e t

been more or less Tspecific'a'l'ly described and illustrated, I wish it understood that various changes i' may be resorted-sto within the scope of the ap- Yper'n'fled. claimsgtand that the materials and finish may be such as the experience of the manufacturer may' fdictate and:4 other i conditions demand. f, :fl-laying] thu's described myinvention, what I pearance'are therefore characteristics of the cabi While certain-.features Nof Lmy'inventioyn have .s

claimand desire' to secure by, Letters Patent is- -1. A 'device of the-character described comprising a lcabinet vfor the reception of avertically disposed stack of-interfolded sheets of tissue,l paper, a bottom section -in the cabinet to support the-stack of tissue; 4a sheet dispensing slot formed inrthe'bottom :and extencling from side to side 'ofthe cabinet, said bottom slopingupwardly towards the frontlof thefcabinet to bring-therdis'- pensing slot and sheets, dispensed therethrough' vinto full viewfan' venlarged slot formed in each Hside: of the. cabinet and in communication with the bottom slot, saidrenlarged slots'exposingv the opposite. ends. of the lowermost'4 layers 4of inter- -folded-sheets to permit saidsheets to be grasped and pulled down through the bottom slot to lstart' feedingof the interfolded sheets through the bot,-

tom slotfand a curved; plate at the rear of the cabinetvand at the lower end vthereof to curve and direct the lowerpo-rtionof the tissue stackl .forwardly intothe plane ofrthe bottom section and the dispensing slot formed therein.

2.1Adevice of thecharacter. described comprising-:a cabinetfor ythe reception'of a vertically wdisposed stack ofinterfolded sheets of tissue paper, a bottom sectioninthe .cabinet tosupport the in the 'bottom and'extevnding from side tov side -of the cabinet, said bottom sloping upwardlyto- 3115 wards the front of the cabinet 'to bring the dislat 4 stack of tissue, fa sheetwdispensingslot formed.

pensing's'lot' and sheets dispensed'therethroughi linto full view, an'enlarged slot formed in each side of the cabinet and in communication with the bottom slot, said enlarged slots exposing the opposite ends, of 'the lowermost layers of interi 'folded sheets to permit said sheetsto Vbe grasped and pulled down through the bottom slot to start feeding of the interfolded sheets through the botv tomslot, "and" means adjacent' the slot and in-front thereof forfrictionally engagin'gv the lowerA surface of the lowermost sheet in the tissue stack to retain it against removal when an interleaved sheet is beingwithdrawn throughxthe slot.

V3. A device of the character described compris-' ing acabinet for the reception of a vertically disposedstack of interfolded'sheets of tissue paper, a bottom section in the cabinet to supportflthe the front of the cabinet to bring the dispensing d slot and ysheets dispensed-therethrough. into; full ..view, an enlarged slot formed in each side ofthe cabinet and Vin communication with the bottom slot, said enlargedL slots exposing'the opposite ends ofthe lowermost layers of interfolded sheets to stack of tissue, a' sheetv dispensing slot' formed., 'in the bottomand extending from sideto side of the cabinet, said bottom sloping upwardly towards permit said sheets 'to be graspedand pulleddown through Ithe vbottom slotr to start feeding ofV the interfolded sheetsv through the bottom slot, and


4. A deviceaof the character described cofrnpris-- ing a Cabinet for the reception of .a vertically disposed stack of interfolded sheets oftissue m paper, a bottom section'in thev cabinet to support the stack of tissue, a sheet dispensing' slot formed in the bottom and extending. i'rom side to side of the Cabinet, said bottom sloping up- Wardly towards the front of the Cabinet to bring the dispensing slot and sheets dispensed there-' through into full view, an enlarged slot formed in each side of 'the Cabinet and in communication with the bottom slot, said enlarged slots exposplaced within the cabinet.

ing fthe opposite ends. of the lowermost layers of interfolded sheets to permitsaid sheets to be grasped and pulled down through the bottom slot Yto start feeding of the interfolded sheets through the bottomy slot, a curved' plate at the I 'I lrear of. the cabinet and at .the lower end thereof to curve and direct the lower portion of the tis- 'suestack forwardly into the pl'ane of the bottom section and the dispensing slot 'formed therein, a

* cover member hingedto the top of the cabinet, said cover closing a portion of the upper end of vthe cabinet and thefront of the cabinet; and

extendingdownwardlysubstantiallyto the sloping bottom section, and a pairv of ribs on the inner face of the cover, one Lon each side thereof, to form a. vertical guideway for the stack of tissue WILFRED H. WEST.

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U.S. Classification221/48, 221/154
International ClassificationA47K10/20
Cooperative ClassificationA47K10/20
European ClassificationA47K10/20