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Publication numberUS2196544 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1940
Filing dateJun 23, 1939
Priority dateJun 23, 1939
Publication numberUS 2196544 A, US 2196544A, US-A-2196544, US2196544 A, US2196544A
InventorsFrancis H Bagley
Original AssigneeFrancis H Bagley
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Cabana tent
US 2196544 A
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F. H. BAGLEY' CABANA TENT led June 23,

1939 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 B alley,

dll'o: nung April 9, 1940. I F. H. BAGLEY 2,196,544

CABANA' TENT Filed June 23, 1959 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Apr. 9, 1940 UNITED/STATES YPKA'I'EN'VI"y OFFICE CABAN.;v TENT 'Francis H. Bagley, Norfolk, Va. :Application June 23, 1939, serial No. zsasvi 5 claims.l (c1. 13s- 5) ing the' sections A1, A2, A3 and A4. 'I'his cov- This invention relates to a portable cabana, particularly adaptedv for use initially as an enclosure for permitting change to bathing attire, and which may be subsequently set up on the beach asa sun shade or tent after it has' fulfilled its original purpose.

A primary object of the invention is to provideA a portable device which requires a minimum of space in its knocked down condition, thereby vmaking it readily transportable and stored, and which may be easily and quickly set up to provide an enclosure, so that an individual may have privacy while changing from street clothes `to a bathing suit, and Which can then be rearranged to utilize the canvas which has formed' `the enclosure to provide in effect ran awning or umbrella to protect against direct exposure to the sun. In that connection, the invention contemplates a construction which can be readily set up by embedding portions thereof in the sand or earth to provide a full height enclosure accessible through one wall of the canvas, and then by removing parts of the device from the ground and lining` them up, the portions which carry the canvas can be turned to a more or less horizontal position and form the sun shade.

With the above and other objects in View which .will more readily appear, as theY nature of the invention is better understood, thesame consists in the novel construction, combination, and varrangements ofparts, hereinafter more fully described, illustrated, and claimed.

YA preferred and practical embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings inwhich:

Figure l is a perspective View of the device se upas an enclosure or bath. house.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the invention shown in Figure 1, suitably altered rto provide a sun shade.

Figure 3 is a side elevation, similar to Figure.2.

Figure fl is a detail elevation of the brace means. for holding the canvas `carrying struts covering designated generally as A and includposition, the oanvaswill provide acomplete shield for the average grown person. By reason of the covering ybeing carried by the struts it will be observed "that the structure can be readily con- -verted from one use to the other, as the mere vturning of the struts brings the covering into either the upright position, as shown in Fig. '1,

or into the horizontal position, as* shown in Fig. 2.`

The struts B are each lpivotally connected subt'.

pivots l with a plurality of stake members C.

'These stake members are intended to be driven Yor pushed into the ground, so as to firmly an- -stantially `at their medial portions by suitable ,2:0 an enclosure orv bath house, it is set up as shown in Figure y1. AThat is to say, the stake devices C are -set in the ground in rectangular'or equivalent enclosure y forming relation, and the vstruts* B are parallel;v

therewith. In `order to maintainthe struts in proper relation at the top, one of the inner sides vof each strut carries 1an eye 2 adapted to receive f thehook portion of an elongated hook member 3 carried by an eye on the adjacent face of theA opposite strut member. `As will be apparent, from Figure l, when` all of the hook members 3 are properly positioned, the upper end of the` enclosure will be adequately braced'. l Of course, the'lower ends of the struts B will be properly braced because they are anchored in the ground by the stake .members C'.

The section A4 of the canvas is used as a door.

`free edge to engage with fasteners 6, .carried by the outer face of the strut B.

Whenthe device has served its' purpose as'an enclosure or bath house, two of the stake members C may be withdrawn from the earth or intended to be In other words, the fourth sec. vtion of canvas' has one edge or extremity free,

sand and lined up with the tvvo stake members which are left remaining in the earth. ,'Ihus,

when all of the stake members are alined, the

strut members B may be turned on their pivots' l to a horizontal position, or to any desired angular position, thereby causing the oanvasto assume a corresponding position, andserve as a sun shade. o

Ihe pivots I may be of the headed bolt type with wing nuts thereon, or any equivalent form of fastening. However, in order to` hold the struts in desired angular positionit is proposed to provide any suitable form of brace, such for example as shown in Figure 4, or any equivalent means. These braces may consist of the arms l' and 8 respectively connected as at la with the stake members, and as at 8a with the strut members B. The arms are pivoted medially as indicated at 9 and have the stop members ID to make the arms rigid when they are in alinement. For the purpose of accommodating the brace members, including the arms 1 and El, the stake members C and strut members B are provided at the location of the pivot I with" a spacing washer Il, as will be seen .from Figure 5, which shows the strut and brace members in the position they assume when the device is used as an enclosure.

In order to steady the device when it is set up as a sun shade, the canvas section A4, which normally constitutes the door for the enclosure,

may be tied by a suitable ilexible connection l2 to a tent pin I 3. Also the stake C opposite the canvas section A4 may be likewise connected by a suitable exible connection with a tent pin i4.

, Eachof the stake members C may be provided with a driving lug I5 for the purpose of assisting the emplacement of the stakes in the earth or sand.

From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the present invention provides a construction which may be easily carried in an automobile and readily set up at a beach for the two-fold purpose of providing a bath house and a sun shade, thereby providing an economical device which adequately meets the essential needs of families, or parties visiting bathing beaches, or making excursions to similar outing fields.

I claim: i 1. A device adapted to be used as a bath house and a sun shade, comprising a plurality of strut members, a flexible sheet carried by Vand connecting saidstrut members and having a free edge portion adapted to be detachably connected vwith one of the strut members when said strut members are arranged in rectangular formation to provide a bath house, a plurality of stake members pivotally connected at'their upper ends with the medial portions of the strut members, whereby the strut members may be moved into angular relation to the stake members when said stake `members are alined in a Vertical plane, means connecting thestake members and the strut members substantially in the zone of the pivots for holding the same 4in position to provide an enclosure or sun shade, and means for connecting the free end of the exible sheet with the ground when the struts are angularly disposed relatively tothe stake members.

2. A dev-ice of the class described including four stake members, four strut members having `their medial portions pivotally connected with the stake members, a flexible covering carried by the outer sides of the four stake members, one edge of said fabric covering being permanently connected to one of said strut members, and the other end of vsaid covering adapted for detachable connection with said strut member having -the covering permanently attached thereto,

, horizontal position.

wherebywhen the stake and strut members are assembled in rectangular formation the fleidble covering forms an enclosure with a flexible door, said stake members and strut members being adapted to be moved out of rectangular relation into rectilinear alinement, whereby the strut members may be moved to an angular position relative to the stake members thereby to support the exible covering in a relatively horizontal position, hook and eye means carried by the `strut members for connecting the same when the stake and strut members are in rectangular formation, and means for connecting the ends of the fabric coveringwith the ground when the slaid 'covering is disposed in its substantially 3L A portable cabana convertible for use as a bathhouse and as `a tent, comprisinga plurality of stakes adapted `for embedment in the ground in enclosure-forming arrangement or progressively in series, a strut member associated with each stake and having a pivotal connection therewith whereby the strut member may be turned into either a position substantially in line with the stake or into a position substantially at right angles thereto, and a exible covering .sheet carried by the struts and adapted to be Wrapped around the stakes and struts when used in the form of an enclosure, and also adapted to be stretched out lengthwise in a substantially horizontal position to form a tent whenthe vstruts are `turned to the aforesaid horizontal thereto, whereby the strut member may be turned into a position substantially in line with the stake and constituting an upper extension thereof, or into a position substantially at right angles thereto, and a flexible covering sheet carried by the struts and adapted to be wrapped around the' stakes and struts when used in the form of -an enclosure, and also adapted to be stretched out lengthwise in a substantially horizontal position to form a tent when the struts are turned Vto the aforesaid horizontal position.

-5. A vportable cabana convertible for use as a bath house andas a tent, comprising a plurality f of stakes adapted for embedment in the ground in enclosure-forming arrangement or progressively in series, and a strut member `associated with each stake `and having a` pivotal connection therewith whereby the strut member may be turned either in a position substantially in line with the stakeor in a position substantially at right angles thereto, a flexible covering sheet carried by the strut members and adapted to be Wrapped around the stakes and strut members when the lat-ter are arranged in the form of anenclosure and also adapted to be stretched 'lengthwise in a substantially horizontal position to form a tent when the struts are turned to a horizontal position, said exiblecovering sheet --having an extension at one end adapted to be held into position asa shade at one end of the ,structure when used as a tent.


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