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Publication numberUS2196566 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1940
Filing dateApr 11, 1938
Priority dateApr 11, 1938
Publication numberUS 2196566 A, US 2196566A, US-A-2196566, US2196566 A, US2196566A
InventorsEthel Sabattis
Original AssigneeEthel Sabattis
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Dental plate case
US 2196566 A
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Filed April ll, 1938 f6 EZ/Z sa@ m5 ATTO R N EYS 1liA - modate upper and lower .sists of companion sections 2 y as i. v walls 7 of `the' sections 2 and 3 of the other section for Athe sections incase closing position. Formed on.

- struction, combination f uNlrEo STATES PATENT y OFFICE DENTAL PLATE cAsE e Ethel Sabattis, Broadalbin, N. Y. e Application April 11, 193s,` serial No. 201,429

1 claim. .(or 20s- 1) f This invention relates to dental plate cases-and has for the primary object theprovis'ion of kan ecient and inexpensive device of this character in vwhich a person lmay plates thereof when removed from the mouth'to protect the teethagainst lforeign mattei' and `from being lost and misplaced and which maybe carried about without damaging the teeth or the plate.

to be hereinafter claimed. ,l

For a complete understanding of my invention, reference'is to be had to the following description and accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is` a. top plan'view showing a dental case constructed in accordance with my` inven tion and occupying an open position.

Figure 2`is a vertical sectional vewshowing the case in a closed position.

Figure 3 is a sectional view'taken on line 3-3 y i of Figure 2.

Figure l is a top plan view'illustrating'a rnodied form of Vmy invention and illustrating thel saine in an open position.' i Y Figure 5-is a vertical sectional View illustrating a modified form "of the invention.` l

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 'i indicates a case especially designed to accomdental plates and conincludes a bottom Wall '4 and upstanding side walls 5 arranged in parallelism and a curved end Wall 6 and a straight end wall 1. e The straight end 1 are connected by a hinge 8 land one of theicurved end walls of oney of the sections has a spring catch 9 thereon yto engage With a keeper IB on the curved end wall` the curved end walls of said which may be positioned dental plates. The

keep'false teeth and the dicated by the character l2. lments Il may be coveredwith lThis lining maybe of a material capable of being l Washed to keep the device in tion.

With these and other objectsin View, this in-` vention consists in certain novely features of con-Ay Y and arrangementof parts f. more fullyv described and and l3. Each section therein substantially sections forming inl Y the latter. substantially U-shaped seats, A inv a ,sections from each @then curved end wallsv of the sections of the case thereplates against excessive The inner Walls of the a suitable-lining, in- Also the enlargea suitable'lining.

by retaining'the dental movements on the seats. case may be covered with a sanitaryr condi-k The hinge r8 supports a partition I3l for 1nove` ment relative to either of the sections 2 and 3.

When thesections 2 and 3 are closed, the partitionA I3 separates said sections from each other. Referring to my modied form of the invention a case I4 is provided `for the .accomodation of a single dental plate, The case I4 is of a shape and construction corresponding to. one'of the sections of the form, of the invention shown in Figure 1 and has hinged thereto a cover I5 by a spring inuencedhinge i6 acting always to urge the cover in closed position. K

The types of cases described and shown in the drawing may be constructed from any material suitable for the purpose and will provide elhcient protection to dental plates `'against damage and being contacted `by foreign matter when dental plates are removed from the mouth.- `Also to a great extent the misplacement of dental plates Willbe prevented through the use of this invention.

' What isclaimed is:

A dental case comprising companion case lsections each including a bottomwall, parallel may be folded onto each other,1 a separable fastener connected to the case sections, enlarge- `mentsi formed on the bottom Walls and the Y straight end Walls "of the case sections to dene U-shaped seats for the ac-y commodation of dental plates, and a lining applied tothe interior faces of the Walls of the v case sections and the enlargements, and a partition carried by thehinge` :for closing theL case ETHEL sABA'rTIs.

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U.S. Classification206/83
International ClassificationA61C19/00, A61C19/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61C19/10
European ClassificationA61C19/10