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Publication numberUS2196783 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1940
Filing dateSep 12, 1938
Priority dateSep 12, 1938
Publication numberUS 2196783 A, US 2196783A, US-A-2196783, US2196783 A, US2196783A
InventorsShook Jacob W
Original AssigneeTitan Metal Mfg Company
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Plumbing fixture
US 2196783 A
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April 9, 1940. I V J. w. sHooK I PLUMBING FIXTURE Filed Sept. 12, 1.938


Patented Apr. 9, 1940 UNITED "STATES PATIENT: OFFICE PLUMBING FIXTURE Jacob W. Shook, Bellefonte, Pa., as'signor to Titan Metal Manufacturing Company, Bellefonte,'Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application September 12, 1938, Serial 'Ne.229,'596

1 Claim. (x01; 299-141) which is easy to adjust and. wherein the parts arereadilyaccess'ible for cleaning, repairing and replacing purposes.

Another object is to provide a relatively inexpensive, light weight shower head having comparatively few parts and wherein the sealing means is so arranged that the movable parts of the head are firmly maintained in operative position and may be freely moved at all times.

Another object is the provision of a shower head having no joints at the back portion thereof 25 which will leak and spray the walls of the shower room.

These and other objectsand advantages will be apparent as the specification is considered in connection with the accompanying drawing,

30 wherein: Figure 1 is 'a sectional elevation of the shower head assembly;v

Figure 2 is a plan view of the adjustable discharge portion of the shower head assembly; 35 Figure 3 is a section through the stem of the shower head, along the line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a plan View of the packing gasket; Figure 5 is afront elevation of the gasket shown in Figure 4; 40 Figure 6 is a plan view of the lock ring; and

Figure 7 is a sectional elevation of a modified form of shower head assembly.

Referring more particularly to the drawing wherein like reference characters designate sim- 45 ilar parts throughout the several views, the numeral I indicates in general the improved shower head which is shaped, for purposes of illustration, in the form of a hollow spherical body 2 having its upper end reduced and formed with a 50 threaded nipple 3 for connection with any suitable source of fluid supply, not shown. The lower end of the body 2 is open to provide a socket 4 in which is received the open upper end of a hollow spherical cap or head 5, whereina plural- 5 ity of fluid outlets or apertures 6 are provided in "the bottom curved face thereof to permit the.

fluid flowing downwardly through the nipple 3, body portion 2 andcapB to be discharged therethrough. I

An annular groove or recess 1 is formed in the I! inner wall of the body 2, adjacent the lower edge thereof, in which is seated a suitable gasket or packing gland or the like 8. The inner face of Y the gasket engages with the curved side wall of the cap 5 and forms a fluid tight seal between 10 the cap and body 2 thereby permitting free angular adjustment of the cap without any danger of leakage between these parts. A split safety orlook ring 9, seated in an annular groove ill formed inthe inner wall of the body 2 below the groove I, serves to prevent the cap 5 from drop ping out of the Socket 4 of body 2 should the gasket 8 become worn or otherwise damaged. In some instances it is desirable to employ other means for maintaining the shower head assemblyin operative position. For example, in

Figure 7, the lower end of the body portion 2 is threaded, as at i l, and a threaded gland or collar I2 is screwed thereinto. The gland is formed with a knurled outer wall l3 which'affords a good gripping surface for an obvious purpose. This embodiment eliminates the use of the split safety ring 9, hereinbefore described.

A downwardly depending handle or knob I4, preferably centrally located on the cap 5, permits of angular adjustment of the cap with respect to the main body portion 2 of the shower head. The-inner face of the body portion 2 is preferably formed with any suitable means for limiting the angular'adjustment of the cap 4,

and in the preferred embodiment, four or more downwardly depending lugs or fins l5 are integrally formed on the inner face of the body 2 I and are provided with beveled lower edges 15 with which the upper edge or periphery of the 40 cap it engages when moved in the manner indicated by the dotted lines of Figure 1,

By virtue of this construction and assembly of the shower head, when it is desired to change the direction of flow of the fluid being discharged through the outlets 6, in the face of cap 5, it is only necessary for the user to grasp the handle or knob It and tofreely move or tilt the cap 5 until the fluid is being discharged in the desired direction. Due to the main body portion 2 being fixed or stationary with respect to the source of fluid supplyand the absence of any movable or universal joint therebetween, there is little if any possibility of the body portion 2 leaking, at the back or top section thereof,

and spraying the walls of the shower room. The relatively small area of the movable shower cap 5 and the absence of any binding parts permits of the cap being freely and easily moved thereby assuring a fine adjustment of the cap and fluid outlets.

In assembling the shower head, the shower cap 5 is inserted and pushed upwardly in the hollow body portion 2, the gasket 8 is positioned in the groove 1 in any suitable manner, and the split safety ring 9 is inserted in the groove Ill so that the parts are assembled and maintained in operative position. Where the threaded gland i2 is employed, the same is screwed into the threads H on the body 2 after the cap 5 and the gasket have been assembled. In dismantling or disassembling the shower head, the foregoing steps are of course reversed. Thus, to enable the shower head to be cleaned or to replace any of the parts, it is only necessary to pry or lift the split ring 9 out of its groove H] by any pointed or'sharp instrument, such as a knife, screw driver and the like. The cap 5 can then be lifted or drawn out of engagement with the body portion 2 thereby giving access to the gasket 8 so that this part maybe removed from its groove for cleaning, repairing or replacement thereof. It will also be seen that swelling of the gasket 8 will not bind and prevent the shower cap'5 from being freely moved and will not otherwise sink or render inaccessible the working parts of the shower head assembly, as the four parts thereof may be readily disassembled for replacement, cleaning or repair, in the manner hereinbefore described.

While I have shown, described and illustrated a preferred embodiment and modification of my improved shower head assembly, it is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made therein without departing from the scope and spirit of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

In a plumbing fixture of the character described a hollow fixed portion adapted to be attached to a source of fluid supply and through which fluid flows, a hollow adjustable cup shaped portion having an open inner end mounted for swivel movement in and withdrawable through the open outer end of said fixed portion, a plurality of fluid spray outlets in the outer end of said adjustable cup shaped portion, removable annular packing means engageable with said adjustable portion for sealing said portions and removable annular retaining means within said fixed portion adjacent the open outer end thereof for retaining said portions in assembled position, an extension on the outer end of said cup shaped adjustable portion centrally disposed with respect to said spray outlets for angularly adjusting the same with respect to said fixedu portion to change the direction of fluid being discharged therethrough, the inner end of said cup shaped portion having an annular rim, and a plurality of radially disposed inwardly projecting fins formed on said fixed portion, andABO said fins having beveled lower ends in the path of movement of the rim of said adjustable portion for limiting the swivel movement of said adjustable portion.


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U.S. Classification239/559, 239/587.4
International ClassificationB05B1/18, B05B15/06, B05B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationB05B15/067, B05B1/18
European ClassificationB05B15/06B1A, B05B1/18